How To Perfect The Soft Glam Look

We love a full glam moment. Dramatic smokey eye, intense contour, false lashes, bold lip — sign us up! Whether headed on a date or to the local supermarket, some (ahem, we) would argue that a full glam makeup look is suitable for any time and place. But others, on the other hand, prefer a more subtle look, and that's where natural, no-makeup makeup comes in.

But what about those who want something in the middle? To look done-up without being overly glammed to perfection? Cue: soft glam. "It's kind of like an elevated version of yourself, but it still looks like makeup, in my opinion," makeup artist Katie Mellinger told Today. You still get that dolled-up glam effect with soft glam, but the theatrics are toned down for a softer look.

Thanks to social media influencers and celebrities who have mastered the soft glam look, the makeup style is rising in popularity, with #SoftGlamMakeup collecting over 130 million views and counting on TikTok and over 450,000 posts on Instagram. And when it comes to perfecting the soft glam look, your wish is our command — we have all the tips to help you achieve it.

Soft glam for the face

Finding the perfect balance is key when perfecting a soft glam makeup look. You'll want to tone it down when compared to your full glam routine, and conversely, if you are used to a more natural makeup look, you'll want to kick it up a notch. When applying your foundation and concealer, err on the side of delicacy (via Maybelline New York). If you prefer a heavier base, make sure you blend it well and use a soft dusting of powder to avoid any cakey buildup.

Beauty influencer @gabxxrielle on TikTok shared a video of her multi-step soft glam base routine with all the works, including contour, blush, highlight, and foundation. It's not necessarily how much product you use, but how well you blend it since the goal isn't to look too overdone. Also, you'll want to reach for illuminating products that give a glow rather than heavy matte formulas to avoid that full glam appearance. 

Bring color and dimension into the look with a soft blend of blush and bronzer, ensuring that you use a fluffy brush to avoid harsh lines. For those who adore a bold contour, you can still give your face a chiseled appearance. But, instead of a dark and intense contour shade, reach for something lighter. And, of course, blend, blend, and blend some more! Give your face a spritz of dewy setting spray and pop some highlight on the bridge of the nose and cheekbones for an ethereal finish.

Soft glam for eyes and lips

When it comes to soft glam, you'll want to focus on neutral shades instead of eye-popping colors of the rainbow. The amount of eyeshadow is up to you, depending on your preferred level of glam. However, there is one thing you should consider: ditching the eyeliner. According to makeup artist Katie Mellinger, you'll want to avoid the liner and reach for a volumizing mascara instead (per Today). If you want to add dimension along the lash line, grab a dark brown shadow and precision brush for that extra oomph.

Sticking to the theme of neutrals, pick a lip shade that is reminiscent of soft glam — think natural nude pinks and light browns. This TikTok video depicting a soft glam lip combo by creator @iheartsarahyy is chef's kiss. Brown lip liner, matching liquid lippie, and a topcoat of muted matte lipstick is a winning combination, especially on her golden brown skin tone. Soften the edges of your lips with your fingertip or a blending brush for a seamless look. Top it off with a swipe of shiny gloss, which is the cherry on top of a gorgeous soft glam look.