What Amount Of Cleanser Should You Be Using?

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Cleansers come in many different forms. The type you use in your skincare routine should be based on your skin type and any underlying conditions, like acne or eczema. If your skin is dry, cream cleansers are effective for hydration, according to Dermstore. They have a luscious texture that is also ideal for sensitive skin. In contrast, gel cleansers are better for deep cleaning oily skin types and acne-prone skin. This type cleans excess oil from the face and kills acne-causing bacteria.


Foam cleansers are perfect for combination skin because they typically include a mixture of cream and gel. First, they remove oil similar to gel, but once you lather up, they hydrate your skin like cream. Then, there are oil cleansers, which are best at clearing pores and removing waterproof makeup without drying the skin. Micellar water is similar but consists of water with tiny oil molecules. These molecules are what remove dirt and makeup. Once you know what type of cleanser to use, you can add it as the first step of your skincare routine.

How much cleanser do you need?

You need way less cleanser than you think. How you determine the amount to use depends on the type of bottle your product is in. If it has a pump, you will only need to push it down once to get enough cleanser. Otherwise, you can measure the correct amount by envisioning the size of a dime, according to The Klog. At the most, you should use a nickel-sized amount of cleanser. Using any more than that may not only result in waste but also harm your skin.


Cleansers are meant to wash your face, but using too much can potentially dry out your skin. A sign that your skin has been stripped of its natural oils is if it feels tight. When this happens, all of your natural oils are gone, and your face may even become greasier than it was before. This is because your sebaceous glands begin making more oil to replace what you washed away. By overproducing natural oils, you'll also have a higher chance of developing breakouts.

How to use cleanser properly

Aside from using the proper amount of cleanser, it's important to avoid overwashing your face during the day. Ideally, you should only wash twice daily — in the morning and at night. That being said, you should also use your cleanser if you've been exercising and sweating. The longer you let sweat sit on your skin, the more irritated it may become.


The American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends using just your fingertips to wash your face. Items like sponges or washcloths can potentially irritate your skin. To properly wash your face, begin by wetting it with lukewarm water. Then, use your hands to apply your cleanser in a circular motion. Rinse the suds away with more water and pat your face dry with a towel. Cleansing is just the first step of a skincare routine, so follow up with any toners, serums, or spot treatments you have. If you prefer a simple routine, make sure to at least use moisturizer to hydrate your skin.