Could A Common Household Item Be The Key To Taming Flyaways?

No one can deny that flyaways are annoying. After all, there's nothing more frustrating than getting ready to leave your house, only for your hair to become a static mess. Flyaways can ruin the look of long, flowing locks or sleek buns and ponytails, so people are always searching for new ways to get rid of them. Some strategies that people use to lessen flyaways include haircuts or trims, investing in specific shampoos or conditioners, trying various hair tools, and buying silk pillowcases (via All Things Hair).


Moreover, many people rely on products made for taming flyaways, such as the Bondi Boost Flyaway Finishing Serum, which is available for $23.95 at Ulta Beauty, where it has 4.6 out of five stars. Hair tools, pillowcases, and serums are helpful, trusted ways to deal with flyaways. However, TikTok has a significantly more affordable suggestion for dealing with flyaways — and the hack might surprise you.

TikTok users are using tin foil to tame flyaways

We never would've expected to hear the phrases "tin foil" and "tame flyaways" in the same sentence, but TikTok surprised us with another one of many hair hacks involving an everyday item. Believe it or not, many TikTok users have been rubbing tin foil on their locks to eliminate flyaways — and claiming that it works. For instance, a TikTok user named Lauren seemed frustrated about having "staticky" hair and received a comment suggesting she soothe it with tin foil, and she tried it in a video. The TikToker rubbed a piece of tin foil over her hair and was amazed by how much smoother it made her hair, and the results were impressive. It seemed like there were no more flyaways!


Furthermore, a TikTok user with the username @queencitytrends shared a video of herself trying the trend. It seemed like she hadn't done this before, and after trying the strategy, she was blown away by the smooth, sleek, frizz-free results. Meanwhile, another user, Bryanna, tried the trend with half of her hair straight and the other half wavy/curly, and she felt like it worked overall on the straight side of her hair. On the curlier side, she thought it sort of worked, too, but not quite so well. She also noted that she doesn't know whether or not the results will last all day.

Does it truly work?

Of course, TikTok hacks can be very hit or miss. Some TikTok ideas are genuinely helpful and safe, while others aren't great and can lead to unpleasant results. But the tin foil for taming flyaways hack seems safe and beneficial, according to a hair expert. "Simply grab a small piece of tin foil, wrap it around your hair in small to medium sections, one piece at a time, and gently rub downwards. ... Tin foil effectively defends against static because the metal is a conductor, meaning it gathers and transfers away the electric charges from your hair. Rubbing strands with tin foil stops static in its tracks, smooths strands, keeps flyaways at bay, and restores shine, so hair doesn't look brittle or damaged," Sharon Dorram, a master hair colorist, told Well + Good.


However, this hack's results aren't long-lasting for everyone. A TikToker in hot, humid Florida with the username @butwhy was skeptical of the idea, but decided to try it in a TikTok. The hack worked for her at first, smoothing some of the frizziness in her hair, but she explained that within only around 10 minutes, the frizz and flyaways returned. One viewer commented, "They're not taming frizz from humidity (moisture+heat). They're taming flyaways from static (dryness+electrons). Humidity is much harder to beat." So, if you have dry hair, it's still worth trying the hack.