8 Ways To Style A Swimsuit Coverup On Your Next Warm Weather Vacation

There's little that's as exciting and rewarding as a warm tropical vacation. Whether you are still in the planning stages or a few days away, there's much to look forward to when going on a tropical vacation. Perhaps the best part of a warm vacation is getting to spend plenty of time at the beach. It doesn't matter if you love spending time in the water or the sand, a beach vacation is a time well spent. However, before jetting off to your next beach vacation, there are a few pieces you need to have packed. One piece that's crucial is a swimsuit coverup. 

More than just another outfit piece, a swimsuit coverup can help keep you protected in more ways than one. Bare Necessities explains that a swimsuit coverup can help protect your skin against harmful UV rays. Swimsuit coverups also help keep you comfortable as you transition from the beach to the rest of your day. Knowing how to style a swimsuit coverup can help make your luggage lighter and your trip better.


No matter where you go, the less you can have in your luggage, the better. A romper is a great way to save space and time, as you don't have to style any outfits. One simple romper can get you from the beach and to your dinner in a flash. Fashion influencer Mary Katherine shows via Instagram how a sweet and flirty white romper is perfect for covering up your swimsuit without losing style. 

Oversized Shirts

We all know that oversized is trendy. Whether it's beachwear or street style, an oversized shirt can save the day. Fashion content creator Amelia Taylor took to Instagram to showcase how an oversized button-up top is perfect for your swimsuit coverup. Being a basic item that most will already have, an oversized shirt is affordable and easy to style. Pair it with your favorite bottoms, like denim shorts or a crochet skirt, and you're ready for lunch on the beach.


If you want to keep your coverup light and airy, reach for a sarong. A sarong can be made of any fabric, meaning it's easy to create at a moment's notice. Whether you make one out of a scarf or buy a sarong, it's always a popular beach choice. Fashion influencer Nina Sandbech showcased her white sarong on Instagram, which matched perfectly with her white one-piece bathing suit. Sarongs are ideal if you want to show off your swim top. However, you can also style it with a crop top or tank top for more coverage. 


Kimonos have always been an easy way to cover up your swimsuit while on vacation. It's easy wear makes it the best option to take off and put on at the beach. Iland Co shows how a longer kimono is a chic way to cover up your swimsuit once you leave the beach. There are also shorter kimonos that you can pair with shorts if you want something more casual. Depending on your print, you can make as much of a statement as you would like. 

Loose pants

If you want to maximize coverage, a pair of loose-fitting pants is a must-have for the beach. Fashion influencer Catherine Gauthier showed off on her Instagram how a white pair of loose linen pants can be a comfortable and cozy choice for the beach. There are plenty of options you can choose from when picking loose pants, from linen trousers to palazzo pants. Pair your pants with a white tank top, and you are ready for the rest of the day.

Crochet clothing

Crochet and warm weather will always go hand in hand. For this reason, crochet clothing will always be a superb way to cover up your swimsuit. Jess Sheppard, a fashion content creator, used Instagram to display her oversized crochet piece as the perfect way to cover up during a warm evening. Light and airy, crocheted pieces will keep you cool even in the hottest months of the year. Crochet clothing will keep your outfit tropical but stylish no matter where your vacation takes you.


One of the most comfortable swimsuit cover-up options is the caftan. Caftans are a fun and simple way to take your swimsuit off the beach without worrying about tan lines. Fashion influencer Grayson Lybrand DiFonzo used a printed caftan as a chic way to add some color and brightness to her hot-weather look. With many options for a caftan, you can use this piece to help display your style. While a longer caftan will help keep you covered all around, you can style shorter caftan tops with denim shorts for a casual day.


If you're an avid beach lover, you'll likely want to be outside all day. While you'll likely be comfortable in just your swimsuit during the day, you'll want to cover up once it gets chilly. An oversized sweatshirt is a chic and ideal way to keep warm, even while wearing your swimsuit. Fashion influencer Delaney Childs showcases on Instagram how you can use an oversized hoodie while taking in the sunset during your vacation. Whether you need warmth or something to throw on for a snack run, you can't go wrong with an oversized sweatshirt.