Here's What You Need To Know To Pull Off Green Eyeshadow

Green is often associated with nature and gives off a calming, peaceful appearance, so it can't hurt to wear this color if you want to exude gentle, calm, and non-threatening energy. Plus, everyone tuned into the fashion industry knows that wearing green garments is a significant trend in the 2020s. During such stressful and uncertain times, people often seek out soothing forces, and since green is a calming color, wearing garments in a green hue might make them feel a bit more relaxed when getting ready in the morning. On top of that, "Shrek" fans and rave-goers have been joining forces as they attend the surprisingly popular "Shrek" raves — yes, you read that right, "Shrek"-themed raves are somehow a thing now — giving people yet another reason to buy more green clothes and makeup.

Additionally, there are many shades and variations of green, such as the understated olive green, rich emerald green, and playful lime green. Wearing green eyeshadow is an excellent way to flaunt the green trend whether you plan to make a statement at a "Shrek" rave or give off calming energy at a family get-together.

Green eyeshadow looks gorgeous with various eye colors

One excellent aspect of green eyeshadow is that you don't need a specific eye color to pull it off. Anyone can rock green eye makeup, as you'll see people will all eye colors wearing green shadow when you search #greeneyeshadow on Instagram. For instance, green eyeshadow can enhance brown eyes for a nature-inspired, flattering look. On the other hand, green shadow with green eyes is a great monochromatic look, and green eyeshadow can bring out the natural green in hazel eyes. Meanwhile, green shadows can add some cute contrast to blue eyes.

A green smokey eye is super edgy

Yes, green is typically perceived as a calming, gentle color, but that doesn't mean green can never be edgy. If you want to rock a darker spin on green eyeshadow, you should consider working it into a smokey eye, which is a famously mysterious and sexy look. So, a smokey eye with a pop of green will still exude an intense, sultry vibe but with a more unique and trendy twist. Thus, anyone whose favorite color is green but who wants to explore an edgier look should experiment with green smokey eyes.

Don't be afraid of some sparkle

If you're doing your makeup for a night out, a concert, or any other exciting or glamorous event, you should consider a sparkly look. Sparkly eyeshadow is significantly bolder and more glamorous than more traditional shadows, making shiny or glittery options ideal for special occasions. Just think of all the celebrities who love flaunting shiny eyeshadows! So, why not rock a metallic green eyeshadow or add a coat of eye glitter to your green shadow for your next girls' night out look?

Neon green is excellent for bold vibes

The fashion world has been all about dopamine dressing and the dopamine nail trend, and these ultra-bright looks will likely continue to grow in popularity rather than fade out any time soon. So why not combine two trends in one by flaunting neon green eyeshadow? This way, you'll be rocking the green trend and the lively dopamine fashion and beauty trend in one look. Anyone who goes to an oddly trendy "Shrek" rave — or any other rave, music festival, or party — should flaunt a neon green shadow to command attention at the event.

Go monochromatic with green eyeliner

Although eyeshadow can look stunning by itself, many makeup enthusiasts prefer to complete the look with mascara or false lashes and eyeliner. When you're wearing green eyeshadow — or any shadow — it's probably your instinct to reach for your trusted black or brown eyeliner to finish off the look. However, you should consider using a green liner instead. Whether you line your waterline with a subtle green eyeliner to enhance your overall look or add a dark green liner over a light green shadow, green eyeliner is lots of fun.

Try a two-toned look

Who says your green eyeshadow look can't feature pops of other hues for some contrast? For instance, grounding the green with a soft brown shadow will lead to a balanced look that's trendy without being too over the top. Meanwhile, blending some blue or yellow shadows into the green eyeshadow will pair well with the green hue, as green already consists of those two hues. Or, for a more daring appearance, try adding some pops of orange shadow for extreme contrast.