Why You Should Be Layering Your Lip Colors For Longevity

There's nothing more frustrating than having to retouch your lipstick all night, especially when there's fun to be had. When you're eating, drinking, and gabbing, the perfect pout you left the house with is naturally going to fade. While excusing yourself to reapply your lipstick once or twice is fine, more than that may mean you need to up your lip game.


There are many products out there that promise long-lasting lip color that stay on for up to 24 hours. However, many of them look harsh and overly matte. There are also risks associated with using long-lasting lipstick. According to House of Makeup, many of them contain harmful metals, such as chromium and cadmium. Some brands even use formaldehyde in their lipsticks, which may preserve their longevity, but is toxic to the body.

That doesn't mean you should ditch lipsticks altogether. There are many safe alternatives to long-lasting lipsticks and this one helpful trick is sure to keep your puckers looking fresh for hours.

Apply your lip color in multiple coats

To make your lip color have staying power, why not apply it in several thin coats? To apply lipstick like a professional makeup artist, you can use a lip brush for precision or apply the lipstick directly from the tube, but the trick is to use a light hand for each layer. After the first application, blot with a tissue and apply one or two more thin layers. As the lipstick gradually fades, you'll have several coats to protect your base color.


For even more longevity, apply translucent powder through a tissue after blotting, then reapply the lipstick. The powder will soak up any oils and give the color something to hold onto, which will keep it from fading. When you're done applying your final coat, give it another light blot to remove excess color.

Finally, using concealer and a thin brush, clean up the edges of your lips. This will create a nice, smooth line and get rid of any smudges. Finish up with translucent powder around your mouth to set the concealer and your lips will be fresh for hours. While these tips will help your lipstick last all day, it's essential to ensure your pout is prepped beforehand.

Smooth lips will help your lip color stay on longer

Before you start layering on color, be sure to have a smooth base as a starting point. Chapped lips are hard for lipstick to adhere to and it also makes your color look blotchy. Just like with skin, exfoliating your lips ia an important regimen. The good news is that there are many easy DIY home recipes that are safe to use on your lips.


Healthline suggests using an exfoliating ingredient such as sugar or cinnamon mixed with an emollient like honey or coconut oil. Sounds good enough to eat! Mix your choice of ingredient and emollient into a small bowl. Moisten your lips with water and gently rub the mixture onto them, using a toothbrush or a hand towel. When finished, wipe or wash the excess off and your lips will be ready for color.

Don't have time to exfoliate? Lip primers are a fast hack to smooth out your puckers. Not only does it help keep lipstick on longer, but it also prevents it from bleeding around the edges. If you don't have time to run to the store and get a lip primer, foundation or concealer works just as well. Just be sure to blot before applying your lipstick. With these makeup hacks, you can forget about your lipstick all day and into the night.