Is An Air Cut The Key To Giving Flat Hair Volume?

Hairstyle trends come and go, but some actual traits are a mainstay for many of us — volume, texture, and shininess are often at the top of the list. To achieve luscious locks and maintain them over time, several styling products now on the market can help. That being said, nothing beats a good haircut by a skilled stylist. This could explain why the "air cut" has recently exploded in popularity

As you may already know, volume is something that many of us strive for when it comes to our tresses. Just creating the illusion of volume can turn anyone's hair from dull and flat to voluptuous. While a hairdryer is a common go-to tool for those looking for volume, it turns out that a certain type of haircut may now be able to create the same appearance — with less effort and heat damage.

Enter the air cut. This style of haircut was developed in Korea and quickly went viral on social media. The air cut gives hair an "airy" look (hence the name) with multiple layers that frame the face. The ultimate goal is to give tresses more movement, creating the illusion of that volume we all desire. The air cut is especially ideal for those with thick hair who want volume as well as weightlessness. That being said, is it the solution that those of us with flat hair have been waiting for all our lives?

Can the air cut give your flat hair the volume of your dreams?

There's no question that the air cut can do wonders for your hair if you want to give your locks the appearance of more volume. This is actually true of any haircut that incorporates layers, which give tresses more body. However, the air cut (and any layering) is only effective at giving you the volume you seek if you maintain it. Even skipping just one maintenance appointment to keep your layers trimmed and in check can result in your hair falling flat — literally.

Before you opt for any type of layered haircut (air cut included), it's worth weighing the pros and cons of incorporating layers into your tresses in general. As noted by The Hair Styler, adding layers to your hair can potentially make it look flatter, especially if you already have thin hair. Layers can also be problematic if you have wiry, dry, or frizzy hair, making your tresses appear wilder and more uncontrollable than they really are. Don't forget that it's harder to tackle updos once you have layers as well — shorter pieces of hair are more difficult to tie back.

Ahead of your next haircut appointment, take the time to discuss the look you want to create with your stylist before they reach for the scissors. A professional will give you a better idea of how to create your ideal appearance, whether it's with or without layers.

Key tips for avoiding flat, dull hair

Whether you've always struggled to add volume to your tresses or you only recently ran into this issue, flat hair can be a downer. Many people feel limited when it comes to wearing their hair down due to a lack of volume, and it can ruin any attempts at creating large, head-turning updos. However, there are a few ways you can give your locks a more airy appearance, and they go beyond getting a trendy haircut.

L'Oréal Paris notes that everything from oil to hair product residue can weigh down your tresses, creating a flatter appearance. While you don't necessarily need to shampoo your hair every day, giving it a wash once it starts to fall flat might help if you're seeking volume. Be sure to opt for shampoo and conditioner that specifies it's for volume — these formulations can work wonders.

Finally, don't forget about the impact conditioner can have on your hair. While its hydrating benefits can't be negated, conditioners are often thick. When they are applied in excess to the roots of your hair (rather than only the tips), you can unintentionally weigh down your locks. If you regularly use this product, make sure to only use a couple of dollops and avoid your roots.