Why You'll Want To Upgrade Your Sleeping Arrangement To Include Silk Sheets

Sorry, Egyptian cotton, but there's a new fabric in town. Have you looked at your bedroom lately and thought it was time for an upgrade? Well, look no further, as we have just what any sleeping arrangement needs: silk sheets. You may have heard some of the buzz going around on the internet about this luxury item, and they deserve every bit of it. Not only do they make your room look and feel more regal, but there are also multiple benefits of incorporating silk sheets into your space. 


No matter your bedroom aesthetic, there's an option for everyone, from bohemian chic all the way to minimalism. Unfortunately, these sheets don't come cheap. Some brands will run you more than $500, per Good Housekeeping, but, to be honest, we think they're totally worth the investment. (Come on, who wouldn't love sleeping in silk every night?) Now's your chance to feel like the queen that you are.

Silk sheets are hypoallergenic

For those of you who have trouble with other fabrics because they irritate your allergies, you will really appreciate having silk sheets. They're naturally hypoallergenic, as they're made from a protein-based natural fiber that repels mold and dust mites — two things that can provoke allergy symptoms, according to Mulberry Park Silks. Additionally, because genuine silk sheets are breathable, they help maintain your body's natural temperature, so you don't have to worry about overheating in the summertime or freezing your butt off during the winter. 


We highly recommend you consider these sheets to ensure you have the best night's sleep. They're guaranteed to keep you comfortable throughout the night, which isn't something you can say for all fabrics (again, we apologize to Egyptian cotton). As we mentioned earlier, silk sheets are on the pricey side, but you'll realize what a great investment they were for your sleep. 

They're great for your skin and hair

If you don't have allergies and aren't interested in their hypoallergenic properties, then maybe you'll be impressed by what silk sheets can do for your hair and skin. According to The Washington Post, the fabric decreases the amount of friction created between your hair and a normal pillowcase, which can create frizz, tangles, and breakage (ugh!). Silk holds onto the moisture you get from hair products, as well as the natural oils your scalp produces. If you look up ways to improve your hair, don't be surprised when silk sheets make the list.


As an added bonus, these linens won't bother or irritate your skin, even if it's on the more sensitive side, Wirecutter states. This is because it sucks up less moisture than other fabrics, such as cotton, meaning your skin holds in hydration. Silk linens are especially beneficial to those who live in drier climates and have issues with dehydrated and flaky skin.