Tips For Styling A Preppy Rugby Shirt

The rugby style made its way onto college campuses during the 1950s and continued to grow in popularity through the next several decades, particularly in the '90s. Thanks to brands like Ralph Lauren and J. Crew, this preppy fashion trend is still wildly trendy today. However, this time around, it isn't just for prep school students and college campuses; the classic rugby shirt is available for men and women of all ages and is easily adaptable to practically any personal style. It's a classic staple everyone should own. Trust on this one.

Wearing the shirt on its own is a look in itself, but why not jazz it up when you have the opportunity? As we said, they have come a long way since the '50s, and there are a million and one ways to make it your own. If you need some help getting started, don't worry, as we have all the tips you need for styling the preppy rugby shirt to fit your aesthetic.

Mom jeans make everything better

It might seem like a basic fit, but a long-sleeved rugby shirt paired with your favorite mom jeans is super versatile. You can really elevate the rest of the look with preppy loafers, cute socks, and a tote bag, or go the sporty route with a baseball cap and chunky sneakers.

It's okay to be distressed

Who said rugby shirts aren't appropriate festival attire? By adding a distressed pair of denim shorts, you instantly transform the outfit from preppy to boho chic. Creating the bohemian style is all about choosing the right accessories, so grab your rancher hat and ankle boots, and you're ready to hit Coachella.

Try out a two-piece

This is every athleisure-lover's dream. A preppy rugby two-piece set like the one in this photo is totally comfortable, and it looks like you really put some thought into the look, even when it took you literally two seconds to toss it on. The greatest thing about any two-piece set is you can wear the top on its own, so it's really like you're getting several outfits in one.

Don't be afraid of overalls

It's giving art-teacher-meets-bookstore-clerk, and we're totally here for it. If you don't already own a pair of overalls, this is your sign to get yourself some ASAP. Even though overalls and rugby shirts seem like a casual fit, you can absolutely dress it up. Chuck on a pair of Converse for the daytime, and swap them out for a closed- or open-toed heel for drinks after work.

Take it to the skate park

Just because it's a preppy rugby shirt doesn't mean the look has to be preppy. To pull off this sk8r girl vibe, you'll need your skinniest jeans — sorry, Gen Z — and your high tops. Another quick tip: to avoid looking too preppy, skip the stripes, and stick with solid colors instead.

Be the prep schooler you want to be

Blair Waldorf, who? Unleash your inner "Gossip Girl" by adding a plaid tweed skirt to the fit, and make sure to tuck it in. You can get creative with the shoes, but we personally love a thigh-high boot or Mary Jane moment. Finish off the look with a teeny backpack, and don't forget the iconic headband!

Opt for a rugby dress instead

Rugby dresses are for those days when you really can't bother to put on pants. Style them with a good pair of Adidas or Nike sneakers to stay in casual mode, and to keep warm during the colder months, add some leggings underneath and a puffer coat to top it all off.