15 Text Ideas You Could Tell Someone Who's Leaving You On Read

Communication is key in any relationship. If you feel like the communication dynamics between you and someone you love are starting to fall apart, then you have every reason to be concerned. One of the worst scenarios to happen between people who care about each other is when one decides to give the other the silent treatment. There shouldn't be any rules in place when communicating with a romantic partner, friend, or family member. 


You should always feel comfortable enough to be yourself and discuss topics that matter to you the most. Sticking to small talk and lighter subject matter is something you do when you're talking to acquaintances, colleagues, or distant relatives you aren't very close with. When talking to someone you're supposed to be comfortable with, nothing should necessarily be off-limits, and communicating back and forth should feel natural. If you realize that you're on the receiving end of the silent treatment, there are several things to evaluate before moving forward. 

Your partner potentially has poor communication skills they need to work on, they're struggling with control issues, or they're not self-aware enough to understand the seriousness of giving someone else the silent treatment. The silent treatment comes from people who repress their emotions, those who are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, and those who have an avoidant attachment style. If this is their primary coping mechanism, here are a few texts you might think about sending their way in order to generate a response.


I'll still be here whenever you're ready to talk

There is nothing wrong with letting your loved one know that you'll still be there for them whenever they're ready to talk. When you send that statement to them in a text, you're letting them know that it's fine for them to take their time and get back to you when they see fit. This takes all the pressure off of their shoulders because they don't have to worry about subscribing to any stressful timelines they might think you have. 


Telling someone they must respond to you within an hour or else you're going to get angry might push them into a corner that makes them want to run the other way even more. Instead of scaring them off, show them that you're willing to be as patient with them as possible. Whatever timeline works best for them is a timeline that also works for you. In your own mind, you might feel incredibly eager to hear back from them. It's still in your best interest to let them respond when they're ready instead of forcing them to reply in a way that comes across as threatening, impatient, or insensitive.

I'm sorry about...

If the reason you're on the receiving end of the silent treatment is that you've done something wrong, the best thing you can do is reach out with an apology. Your apology should start with you saying "I'm sorry about..." and end with whatever you've done wrong. Call out your bad behaviors and actions without trying to sugarcoat anything or gloss over the nitty-gritty details. 


The person you're reaching out to will appreciate the fact that you're comfortable owning up to your mistakes instead of trying to make excuses for yourself. Apologizing to others when you've done something wrong isn't the easiest thing in the world to do. It can feel very uncomfortable and cringeworthy to go over the details of things you regret when you'd rather forget and move on. In the end, it'll be easier for the other person to move on if you're willing to take this step.

I really miss you

There's nothing basic or boring about revealing to your loved one that you're missing them. Sending a brief "I really miss you" text reveals your vulnerable side and shows them that you're willing to open up about an emotion that isn't super easy to face. Missing someone you love is never enjoyable because it usually means you'd rather be in their presence instead of dealing with any form of distance. 


The vulnerability that goes into sending a text about how much you miss someone can go a very long way. Your loved one might not understand the severity of their actions when it comes to giving you the silent treatment. After revealing to them that you genuinely miss them, it's possible that they'll feel softened up enough to respond to you and cut the silent treatment short. If missing your loved one is starting to weigh on you emotionally, there's nothing wrong with telling them the truth about that.

I hope you're doing well

The simplicity in sending a text that says "I hope you're doing well" goes a very long way when dealing with someone who hasn't been very responsive. You're not poking or prodding into their life by asking questions about what's been going on with them. Instead, you're letting them know that you hope everything in their life is running smoothly. They won't feel like you're being aggressive or pushy to know your innermost secrets. 


They'll understand that you genuinely want the best for them, even if you're still in the dark about what their life currently looks like. The reason this is a great text to send to someone who hasn't been responding to you is that it gently opens the door if they want to update you about what's actually happening. They might even feel inclined to let you know about some of the things you've been curious about since your last conversation.

Is everything okay?

It's clear that things aren't exactly okay if the person you love hasn't been responding to you. Nevertheless, sending a text to ask them if everything's okay can still be helpful depending on the circumstances. Sending a text like this lets your loved one know that you're thinking about them, you're worried about them, and you want to know how they are doing. You're not somewhere living life without taking a second of your time to consider their well-being. 


You're showing them that even though they haven't been responding to you, you still genuinely care about whether or not they are okay in life. It's smart to send a text like this if you don't exactly know why you're being ignored in the first place. It's possible that something completely unrelated to you or your relationship is the culprit behind this person's silence. They might be dealing with something entirely separate that hasn't been easy for them to open up about.

Your unresponsiveness makes me feel...

If the silent treatment has been driving you mad and you feel like you're ready to explode, one of the best things you can do is draft a text message that starts with the words "Your unresponsiveness makes me feel..." It's important not to go overboard pointing the finger or stirring up drama when you send a text like this. It's also vital to express your feelings and let the other person know exactly how you feel about being ignored. 


It's incredibly frustrating to reach out to someone who doesn't take the time to respond to you. There is no need to send an angry text that highlights your frustrations, though. Instead, formulate a few sentences that break down the way you've been negatively impacted by their unresponsiveness so they can better understand how their actions are affecting you. Closed mouths don't get fed, which means it's always necessary to open up about what we are feeling.

I know you have things going on, but I just wanted to reach out

Acknowledging the fact that your loved one might be really busy with tons of things going on can be super helpful when trying to generate a response from them. If you shoot them a text that says "I know you have things going on, but I just wanted to reach out," it lets them know that you're thinking about them while also grasping the concept that they have a busy schedule. 


In this day and age, people are juggling tons of responsibilities and obligations all the time. Some people work multiple jobs, some people are still in school, and some people have a child or two to raise. No matter what is keeping someone busy, it's still a bummer to feel like you're being ignored. For this reason, letting them know that you recognize how grueling their schedule is while also proving that you're interested in chatting can work in your favor when getting a conversation started.

I'm here to listen without judgment

The person you love might not be responding because they're scared of dealing with repercussions that'll come into play once they open up. If they fear judgment, it's possible they won't ever be ready to open up at all. If this is the case, it's your job to let them know that you'll be there for them to listen without any judgment whatsoever. Remove any sense of judgment from your spirit when reaching out to the person you care about most. 


Sending them a simple text that says "I'm here to listen without judgment" will potentially soften up their heart and help them trust you a little more. Someone who struggles to open up is typically someone who's been burned in the past after sharing a secret with someone they trusted. Even if that person wasn't you, it will take time to break down that barrier and show them that you're someone they can depend on.

What's on your mind?

There's something very sweet and simple about a text that says "What's on your mind?" Despite how straightforward and uncomplicated it might be though, it can take you very far with an unresponsive loved one who has a lot floating through their head at any given time. They might not be responding to you for a multitude of reasons, but that doesn't mean they aren't thinking about a million different things that could be bothering them. 


It's possible they really need a listening ear from someone they can trust so they'll feel comfortable unloading whatever they are thinking about. When you send a text asking what's on their mind, it lets them know that you're someone they can open up to about the thoughts they might be struggling with. It's such an open-ended question, and that's what makes it so beneficial. This text gives them the chance to get everything off their chest.

Do you remember when we...

One of the easiest ways to spark a response from your loved one is by attempting to reminisce with them. Send them a text that starts with "Do you remember when we..." and finishes with a heartfelt or thoughtful anecdote about a memory you shared together. The person you care about might not be very happy with you at this moment, but if you bring up a memory when the two of you were feeling blissful and peaceful together, it can change their perspective almost instantly. 


Maybe they aren't upset with you about anything at all, yet they're feeling sad about other unrelated things. If that's the case, bringing up the loving details of cheerful and carefree moments from the past can help raise their vibration and get them excited about talking to you again. You might consider telling them an unforgettable story while purposely getting one of the minor details wrong because they'll want to respond with a correction for you about how the memory truly played out.

I'll always respect your space and boundaries

it's important to remind your loved one that their boundaries are a priority to you. You might feel eager to regain access to them as soon as possible, but if they aren't ready, that's something you need to honor. Sending a text that says, "I'll always respect your space and boundaries" reminds them that you're a person who can be trusted. You aren't going to force them to talk to you through the use of threats or harsh words. 


If they've made it clear that they're not ready to talk to you by giving you a blatant reason or falling completely silent, the best thing you can do is prove that you can be considerate of their wishes. People who don't have any regard for their loved ones' boundaries end up losing out on solid, long-term relationships and friendships. The thoughtfulness and courtesy that goes into respecting the boundaries of others will get you back on the path of back-and-forth communication soon enough.

If there's anything I can do for you, let me know

Sending a text that says "If there's anything I can do for you, let me know" is more thoughtful than you might think. The person you love might be in a situation where they don't feel comfortable asking anyone for help. If they feel totally stuck, emotionally trapped, or unable to move forward from where they are in life, they might not believe there's any way out. Letting them know that you're willing to do anything for them shows them that it's alright to ask for help. 


Asking for help doesn't make them weak, even if they might secretly believe that. Instead of waiting for them to reach out to you with a specific request, you can also think about offering different solutions that will help their case based on their circumstances. If they're feeling overwhelmed about school work, for example, you can offer to study with them. If they are feeling frustrated with themselves about failing at their diet, you can offer to meal prep with them. There are several different angles to take based on what they're going through.

I have an important update to share with you

If something life-changing and important is happening in your life, you can still reach out to your loved one with the update. Sharing big news, whether the news is exciting or devastating, is always better to do with someone who you have been consistently communicating with. If your loved one simply hasn't been responsive, though, it doesn't mean you have to refrain from sharing information with them that matters to you. 


If you just got a new job, just found out that you're pregnant, just got engaged, just signed the paperwork to move to a new home, or something else, you should feel good about sending such exciting updates to your loved one. By that same token, if someone close to you has passed away, you've just received a diagnosis, or there's been an immediate accident, you should send that information to everyone who needs to hear it, including your unresponsive loved one. When it comes to major news announcements, it's possible they'll finally have something to say in response.

You've been on my mind

You're not overstepping any boundaries by sending a text to your loved one that says "You've been on my mind." You don't have to explain how you've been thinking about them in great detail because all they need to know is that you've thought of them. When an individual gives another person the silent treatment, they might try to convince themselves that if they're out of sight then they are also out of mind for you. 


They might believe that if they're refraining from communicating with you, then you aren't thinking about them or their well-being at all. Instead of letting them fall into the trap of a lie, you can debunk it immediately by reminding them that you still think about them, despite their lack of communication. If your loved one hears from you that they're still on your mind even though they haven't responded in a while, it might prompt them to finally send something back.

I hope to hear from you soon

There's no pressure that goes into sending a text like "I hope to hear from you soon." You're not being threatening or overly aggressive when you send thoughtful words like this. Instead, you're letting them know that you're being hopeful and patient about the prospect of eventually getting a response from them in the near future. Don't put any deadlines or dates on a text like this. 


Leave it totally open-ended so they understand they can respond to you whenever they want. You aren't being clingy or needy by sending a text like this, either. Communication only succeeds when it works both ways, which means you've done your part by reaching out to them and letting them know you hope to hear from them. By sending a message like this, you're leaving the ball in their court to get back to you when they feel the time is right.