When You Should Put On Your Jewelry During Dressing

Jewelry is one of the simplest and easiest ways to add an extra flair to your outfits. Whether you like a statement necklace or a dainty tennis bracelet, adding jewelry to your look is always a good idea. Recently, jewelry has had its renaissance in terms of trends and style; it has become more personal and closer to an art piece rather than just another piece of metal sitting in a drawer. Azlee Jewelry founder Baylee Zwart shares with Harper's Bazaar, "[Clients are looking for] something that speaks to them to purchase for themselves, rather than waiting for someone else to gift them a piece without their input. Fine jewelry has become something you wear and enjoy every day, not something that sits in a safe for years to come."


Finding the right piece of jewelry to fit your style is one aspect of the problem, but knowing how to wear it is also important. The application of jewelry is significant as this will help your pieces last even longer. Whether or not you invest large sums in your jewelry, proper care is essential for building a timeless collection. The first part of taking care of your jewelry is putting it on at the right time.

Proper jewelry application etiquette

When it comes to putting on jewelry, save it until the very end of getting dressed. Creative Jewelry by Marcia warns that putting your jewelry on earlier is risking the lifespan of your pieces. If you apply your jewelry before or during dressing, you risk your pieces getting tangled or snagged in your clothes. Additionally, you should always wait until after putting on lotions, creams, and perfumes to wear your jewelry, as applying these products when you're already wearing jewelry can expose your pieces to them. This exposure can easily cause tarnishing and staining. 


Along with putting on your jewelry when you're already dressed, Rellery adds that certain scenarios pose a threat to your jewelry pieces. Places where you'll be around water, like the shower and the beach, are not great for wearing jewelry at all, regardless of when in the dressing process you put it on. Although high-quality pieces can indeed withstand more damage, wearing your jewelry in these places means a significant risk of tarnishing. While we would all love to wear our jewelry at all times, it's best to save it for situations where you won't damage it.

How to care for your jewelry

Besides picking the right moments to put on jewelry, you should be careful about how you store and care for your pieces. The correct care can make the difference between your jewelry pieces lasting years or days, even if you only put them on after you're already dressed. According to jewelry brand Kelly Annie, one of the best things you can do for your jewelry is to hang and store it neatly and separately. Having your pieces stored separately eliminates the chance of tangling and reduces the chance of breakage, and can seriously save you time when getting dressed in the morning.


LifeStorage recommends going one step further and separating your jewelry by metals and categories. Instead of having silvers with gold, have one place for each metal. This separation can make it less likely that the metals will tarnish each other. Visually, separating your metals can also aid you when getting ready, as you will be able to see all of your choices clearly.