20 Best Hairsprays You Can Find At The Drugstore

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Like setting spray for makeup, hairspray is the final touch that ensures all your hard work stays in place for the rest of the day and night. Hairspray has come a long way since it was first created and sold to the public in the late '40s and '50s. Back then, it really only did one thing: hold the hair in place. From then until now, hairspray has gone in and out of the spotlight, falling out in the '70s' natural era and back in during the '80s hairspray hay-day.


With so much fluctuation in styles since then, a range of hairspray types has become available to us now. Some hairsprays promise an ultra-strong hold that lasts for days, while others offer a light hold to tame flyaways and add volume to the roots. In the age of choice, we find ourselves with so many options and little guidance on finding the best products for us. Here, we've tried our best to bring you the 20 best hairsprays on the market today for a range of styles and hair types.

How we selected the hairsprays

If you could travel back in time and ask a stylish person from the '80s what their holy grail hair products are, hairspray would have to be among the top answers. Today, hairspray tends to sit in the back of our cabinets for use on special occasions. As easy claw clip styles and loose natural hairstyles are still rising in popularity, the need for hairspray isn't so extreme. Today's hairsprays are not the same as those from the past. Most of them do more than just hold your hair in place with sticky spray. More often, they fight against frizz, humidity, and flyaways, while helping your hairstyle stay intact without being detectable in any way. There are so many new, technologically-advanced hairsprays you can choose from at a variety of price points, even at the drugstore.


We've created a list of the best hairsprays you can buy at the drugstore in no particular order. Many of these products use different ingredients and spray nozzles to provide you with just the right amount of protection for your hairdo. We searched far and wide through customer reviews, viral recommendations, and recommendations from hairstylists. Using these, we found the 20 best hairsprays for every activity, hair type, and hair concern. This way, we know you'll find at least one hairspray that will quickly become your favorite. Just take a look for yourself.

Best overall drugstore hairspray

The Tresemmé Tres Two Ultra Fine Mist Aerosol Hairspray receives positive reviews over and over again. This drugstore hairspray is coveted for its medium hold, 24-hour humidity resistance, ultra-fine mist technology, and reasonable price point. A Target customer praises the hairspray, noting, "This is my favorite hairspray. I've tried a lot of name brands and I never liked them as well. I love that the nozzle doesn't clog! It's light and the smell isn't overpowering."


Purchase Tresemmé Tres Two Ultra Fine Mist Aerosol Hairspray at Target for approximately $7.

Best viral drugstore hairspray

Color Wow's Dream Coat is like no other hairspray we've seen before. This hairspray goes on wet hair and creates a waterproofing effect that fights off a perfect hairdo's worst enemies including rain, frizz, and humidity. Chrisappletonhair on TikTok describes the effect, calling the finished product "glass hair." He drips water on the hair, and it simply beads off leaving the hair dry and shiny.


Purchase Color Wow's Dream Coat on Amazon for approximately $27.

Best drugstore hairspray for daily use

Finding the best hairspray for daily use can be tricky. Unless you have a signature hairstyle that you wear every day, most of the time your hair has specific needs to hold its shape. An extra strong hold hairspray wouldn't make sense for effortless-looking beach waves, and a hydrating flexible hairspray couldn't keep a voluminous updo in place. One trusty product that can handle a variety of styles is Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray, which comes recommended by hairstylist Emilyrosepytel on TikTok.


Purchase the Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray on Amazon for $26.

Best drugstore hairspray for textured hair

Shea Moisture's Hold & Shine Moisture Mist has ratings from people with textured hair. This unusual hairspray moisturizes and provides hold and volume for tight and loose curls. One review on Target applauds the product and warns straight-haired people, stating, "So many people in the reviews are saying it makes their straight thin hair greasy. This is meant for CURLY hair, and on my curly hair it works well ... it holds my curls and smells great."


Purchase the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hold & Shine Moisture Mist at Target for approximately $12.

Best drugstore hairspray for curly hair

These days, hairspray is among the lesser-used hair products in our bathrooms. Hairspray gets a bad wrap for being sticky, heavy, and hard to use. Thankfully, Itsashleyreuben on TikTok shows us all the benefits hairspray can have for curly hair while using Ag Hair Cosmetics Ultradynamics Hairspray. She notes that this hairspray helps prevent frizz, adds volume, creates texture, and holds the shape of curls.


Purchase the Ag Hair Cosmetics Ultradynamics Hairspray at Walmart for approximately $22.

Best drugstore hairspray for thick hair

The L'Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray is a cult favorite for several reasons. One Amazon review covers a few of these reasons, saying, "Each can lasts a long time. I very much like the super fine low-pressure focused spray nozzle. It allows one to distribute the hairspray in a controlled precise manner that makes styling and application a breeze." The formula allows for a dramatic, extra-strong hold that lasts for hours while also being brushable.


Purchase the L'Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray on Amazon for approximately $12.

Best drugstore hairspray for thin hair

People with thin hair can have a hard time finding a hairspray that volumizes while never looking wet or weighing down the hair. One hairspray that does this well is the Schwarzkopf Ultime Styliste Biotin & Volume Hair Spray. It's formulated with biotin and it is water-free. This allows it to create a volumizing texture that holds for hours and never falls flat.


Purchase the Schwarzkopf Ultime Styliste Biotin & Volume Hair Spray at Walmart for approximately $10.

Best drugstore hairspray for color-treated hair

When you have color-treated hair, you must be careful about what you expose it to. Many hair products contain color-ruining ingredients. Pureology's Lock It Down Hair Spray protects your hair color and holds your hair's shape for days, as per an Amazon review that says, "It's the only one I've found that holds the shape of my styling and gives it body. After I brush it out for the 2nd or 3rd day, it just gets an even better shape to it!"


Purchase the Pureology Lock It Down Hair Spray on Amazon for $31.

Best drugstore hairspray for more volume

The Kenra brand holds a special place in most hair geek's hearts. And for many people, the Kenra Professional Volume Spray 25 is a holy grail product. This hairspray provides unbeatable volume and a strong hold and is undetectable in terms of sticky residue and weight on the hair. Its extra-long hold and brush-ability make it a necessary product in your hair product arsenal.


Purchase the Kenra Professional Volume Spray 25 at Target for approximately $18.

Best drugstore hairspray for reducing frizz

Many hairsprays claim to reduce frizz, but few do it as well as Suave's Max Hold Hairspray. This product, which costs less than a cup of coffee, is suitable for all hair types, and it's been receiving stellar reviews for years now. One Target reviewer explains how much they love it, stating, "This really is a great hairspray! It has been around forever and I guess this is why ... it holds, the sprayer never gets clogged, and it's just great overall."


Purchase the Suave Max Hold Unscented Hairspray at Target for approximately $4.

Best long-wear hairspray

Finding a hairspray that keeps your style perfectly in place all day without looking like you drenched yourself in hairspray is very difficult. The L'Oréal Tecni Art Extreme Lacquer Hairspray, however, does this with ease. As said by an Amazon reviewer, "[It has] an extreme hold, but it doesn't leave my hair looking dry like others I've tried. I only have to spray my hair once at the end of styling and it will hold for the rest of the day."


Purchase L'Oréal's Tecni Art Extreme Lacquer Hairspray on Amazon for $30.

Best flexible hairspray

Flexible hairspray can be a frustrating thing to buy. If you've been searching for a true flexible hold hairspray, the best we can offer is the Verb Strong Hairspray. Unlike others that either offer hold but little flexibility — or too much flexibility and not enough hold — this one finds a happy medium. As Verb Products explains, its hairspray "provides [a] strong but flexible hold to any style." After styling, you spray the product as needed, and it can still be brushed out without flaking or making your hair frizzy.


Purchase the Verb Strong Hairspray at Walmart for $24.

Best glossy hairspray

Another beloved hairspray is the Kenra Shine Spray Hairspray. This Kenra product adds the perfect amount of shine to your hair while also lightly holding your style in place to prevent flyaways and frizziness. One Walmart customer reminds us that a little can go a long way, noting, "A small amount of this product will make your hair really shine! It doesn't feel greasy or weigh down my hair."


Purchase the Kenra Shine Spray Hair Spray at Walmart for $19.

Best extra strong hairspray

The best maximum hold hairspray that has stayed true to its drugstore price is Aussie's Instant Freeze Hairspray. In truth, this tried and true hairspray smells like cheerleading practice and gymnastics meets, but that's exactly the proof you need if you're trying to find a product that will keep your hair in place for hours no matter what you're doing. As the name implies, this will freeze your hair in place until you wash it out in the shower.


Purchase Aussie's Instant Freeze Hairspray at Walmart for approximately $16.

Best quick-drying hairspray

The CHI brand has had a strong footing in the hairspray game for some time now. They produce favorites that you may have seen your grandma, mom, or sister use for years, like Helmet Head or 44 Iron Guard. Another great CHI product to add is the Enviro 54 Firm Hold Hairspray. In fact, one CHI review notes, "I've tried all the CHI hair sprays and this is my absolute favorite. It holds better than "Helmet Head" with no stickiness or white flakes."


Purchase the CHI Enviro 54 Hair Spray Firm Hold at Walmart for approximately $20.

Best hairspray with humidity protection

Humidity protection is a very important aspect of hairspray and other hair care products if you live in states such as Florida, Louisiana, or Hawai'i. Toluwanioh on TikTok tried out the KMS Hair Stay hairspray before a date, and she makes a point to say that the humidity outside is around 80%. She simply sprays the crown of her head and brushes the product into her hair. When she comes back, her hair looks the same with no flyaways or frizz.


Purchase the KMS Hair Stay at Walmart for approximately $25.

Best unscented hairspray

The Rave 4X Mega Unscented Hairspray is a lesser-known hair product that deserves all the hype. For less than $5, the hairspray provides great water and humidity-proof hold while also being truly unscented. As told by a Walmart reviewer, "This stuff is awesome!!! It smells good and has a good strong hold but it's still manageable. I don't waste my money on high-dollar products when this works so well and is so cheap!!!"


Purchase Rave's 4X Mega Unscented Hairspray at Walmart for approximately $3.

Best multi-benefit hairspray

Multi-benefit hair products are always the way to go. When you find a good product that can protect your strands from humidity, heat, or UV rays, while also nourishing, thickening, and providing your hair with shine, you've won. The OGX Revitalize + Argan Shine Extra Strength Hairspray is one of these holy grail products. Though the hold is light and not meant for extreme styles, the hairspray works to provide you with moisture, volume, thermal protection, and more.


Purchase the OGX Revitalize + Argan Shine Extra Strength on Amazon for approximately $9.

Best alcohol-free hairspray

Many drugstore hairsprays contain alcohol, which can dry out and damage your locks. If you have dry, damaged, chemically-treated, or color-treated hair, it's safest to choose less harmful options like Herbal Essences Bio-Renew Alcohol-Free Hairspray. People are loving this option, with one Amazon reviewer stating, "This is my favorite hairspray ... I use it before curling because it helps to set the curl, I use it for my roots for texture and ratting, and I use it on straight hair days to smooth out fly-aways. Multi-purpose!"


Purchase Herbal Essences' Bio-Renew Alcohol-Free Hairspray on Amazon for approximately $13.

Best drugstore hairspray that acts like dry shampoo

Too often, hairsprays make our hair greasy, sticky, and weighed down. If you've been personally victimized by heavy, wet hairspray, the Sexy Hair Healthy So Touchable Weightless hairspray may work better for you. It leaves your hair light and free of build-up so that your hair is feathery and touchable as if you just applied dry shampoo.


Purchase the SexyHair Healthy So Touchable Weightless Hairspray on Amazon for approximately $21.