Are Fine Lines Solely Caused By Age?

Almost every person, once they get on the wrong side of 30, has looked at themselves in the mirror and wondered, "Hmm, was that fine line there yesterday?" It's true, fine lines seem to pop up out of nowhere. But before you confuse them with wrinkles, you should know fine lines are their own distinct breed of facial marks. According to The Times of India, fine lines are much shallower than wrinkles, which can be much deeper in the skin. The outlet points out that fine lines are most commonly found near your eyes or mouth due to smiling or, as in the case of finding those fine lines in the mirror, frowning!  

Of course, these lines on your face can be attributed to the natural process of aging, but is aging the sole cause of fine lines? Insider spoke with dermatologist Marisa Garshick, who gave another potential cause. "As we age, we lose collagen," she said. So it might seem that age is the indirect culprit. However, there are lots of other factors that might contribute to a loss of collagen, and luckily there are also ways to combat collagen loss! 

Fine lines can be caused by a variety of lifestyle choices

There are multiple factors that can cause collagen loss leading to fine lines. According to dermatologist Patricia Wexler, MD, it may be something that runs in the family. "Genetics has a lot to do with the way we age," she told The sun is also a culprit. "Up to 90 percent of visible skin changes are a result of damage from the sun, called photodamage," physician Ivona Percec told Penn Medicine

Other lifestyle factors that can also contribute to the appearance of fine lines include repetitive facial expressions, the way you sleep, dehydration, rubbing your eyes a lot, and of course, smoking, per Yora

In fact, while we already know that smoking can cause lung cancer and a whole host of other maladies, it is also a direct cause of fine lines and the appearance of aged skin, according to dermatologist Dr. Michael Kassardjian. "Smoking causes constriction of blood flow to your skin, depriving your skin of the necessary oxygen and nutrients, and also leads to harmful free radicals and pollutants that cause further damage to your skin," he told Insider. In addition to quitting smoking (which you should do today!), there are other ways to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Ways to soften fine lines

Sure, getting a tan on the beach is nice, but avoiding skin-altering sun damage is even better. Unprotected exposure to harmful UV rays is going to increase the appearance of fine lines on your face, so invest in a good SPF stat, and wear it daily. "Sunscreen is the single most effective topical option for anti-aging. It can definitely help prevent fine lines, and with regular use, it may be able to help soften fine lines as well," dermatologist Dr. Hadley King told Marie Clare.

By now, you know you should be moisturizing to improve collagen retention and also prevent skin dehydration, but make sure to look for creams that have retinol in them, or Vitamin C, to really combat fine lines and wrinkles, per

However, if the damage is already done, technology is on your side. Good Housekeeping suggests receiving high-tech laser treatments for your facial skin, but you need not shell out an arm and a leg for such treatments at your local dermatologist. The outlet points out there are decent at-home laser kits, such as the Tria Age Defying Smooth Beauty Laser, which Deanne Mraz Robinson, M.D., said, "produced visible improvement in forehead wrinkles and improved skin texture after four weeks of daily use."