How To Curate Your Yoga Wardrobe

One of the best and most soothing workouts comes in the form of yoga. There are so many clear and obvious benefits including physical and spiritual rewards. Not to mention, you'll meet some amazing people and potential best friends who you can consistently work out with. When you have great people to work out with, it's easier for everyone to stay motivated. You'll also potentially experience emotional releases that you potentially didn't even know you needed. 

You might not realize the importance of it right away, but having a clean and solid wardrobe is one of the most vital parts of your entire yoga experience. Your clothing can make you feel like you're on top of the world as you switch positions and push your body to achieve new things. Now, these are the top items to include in your wardrobe to get the best experience out of your yoga sessions. 

Apple Watch and Fitbit

You can't overstate the importance of having an Apple Watch or Fitbit on your wrist while you work out. Not only is it a trendy look, but it's also incredibly functional. These devices are helpful in keeping track of your heart rate, exercise timing, calories burned, and more. If you want to know how fast your heart is pumping, these are the perfect items to own. If you have an Apple Watch specifically, you can also keep track of your friends' exercise routines while you work out. A Fitbit might be more up your alley if you want a sleeker design, though.

Sports bra

Yoga encourages you to move your body into tons of different positions. With those positions comes the need to make sure that your chest stays secure. A quality sports bra is the perfect thing to own to help with this. Along with keeping your chest in place, most cute sports bras will also make you feel confident, too. What's more, a nice sports bra will give you the chance to catch a sun-kissed tan if you're doing yoga outside.

Yoga pants and leggings

Along with a sports bra, yoga pants are essential when it comes to all the different poses you'll be trying out during yoga class. Your legs need to be able to easily and effortlessly move around, which is where yoga pants come into play. Doing yoga while wearing sweats is fine if you need to but sweats can easily get tangled up in uncomfortable places. Yoga pants are typically made of stretchy material that doesn't bunch up. Plus, some even have pockets to hold your phone, AirPods, or other belongings. 

Yoga shoes

Wearing yoga shoes might sound a little weird, but there are loads of benefits to wearing them. If you have sensitive feet, yoga shoes are the perfect thing to help make yoga easier and more enjoyable. They aren't typical exercise shoes, as they're far more flexible. Yoga shoes make it easy to do different poses and stretches during your workout while keeping the bottoms of your feet clean. They make outdoor sessions more comfortable, too. 

Yoga shorts

There are times when it is just too hot to wear yoga pants or leggings. Whenever the sun is blistering, yoga shorts become your best friend. These shorts are made out of the same material as yoga pants but are shorter for those who want their calves to breathe. If you're taking an outdoor class, a nice pair of yoga shorts can also help you catch a nice tan. Naturally, you'll have just as much flexibility for different poses and stretches without feeling like you're overheating.  

Yoga hoodies and sweatshirts

On the flip side, there will also be days when you'll want to layer up in warm clothing to fight back against chilly conditions. On those days, you can grab a yoga sweatshirt or hoodie from your closet to bundle yourself up before class. Yoga sweatshirts are comfortable enough to wear while working out since they don't constrict your movement. These Yoga sweatshirts can look very trendy if you match the pieces of your outfit together the right way. You'll also sweat a little more with a sweatshirt or hoodie on, making it easier to reach your goal weight if that's your plan.

Yoga socks

Yoga shoes might not be for you, and that's okay. If you still want to have something between your mat and your feet, yoga socks are the perfect thing to invest in. They'll still give your feet the ability to move around and do all the different poses and stretches necessary. You won't even notice them on your feet like you would notice regular shoes. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing yoga socks is that not all of them have toe dividers to create separation.

Yoga T-shirts

Another top-notch item to keep in your wardrobe is a yoga tee. These shirts are made specifically for yoga, making them wonderful items for athletic individuals to own. The comfort of a yoga tee is unmatched since they're typically made of cozy and congenial materials. These shirts will make it easy and effortless to move around, much like how you feel when wearing nothing more than a simple sports bra. A nice yoga tee can also look very trendy with the right pair of yoga pants or yoga shorts, keeping that confidence sky-high as you work out. 

Yoga tank tops

Another super stylish and functional piece of clothing to wear during your yoga workout is a yoga tank top. Yoga tank tops are comfortable because they provide your arms with the exact same flexibility as a sports bra. They also keep your chest, stomach, and back covered up the entire time. Wearing yoga tank tops is the perfect way to catch a nice golden tan if you're enjoying outdoor classes, too. Furthermore, their plush material will put you in the right mood to do anything that's asked of you during your workout.  

Comfortable underwear

There's nothing worse than doing yoga and having your underwear get tangled up or stuck between places that make you feel icky. This is why a comfortable pair of underwear is an absolute necessity while doing yoga. Comfortable underwear is simple enough to find, so why not make sure you have the perfect pair on when you're doing the downward dog? This is something you might not really think about when you think of your overall yoga wardrobe, but it can be a game-changer in the long run.  


Yoga is one of the hardest workouts anyone can do. Since it can be so strenuous and tough, it often causes people to break a sweat. In order to keep the hard work you're putting in on your body off of your face, you should be wearing a headband. Headbands are amazing because you can get charming ones in large packs that will match any outfit choices you make. Headbands are also great for keeping hair out of your face if you're outside. Headbands are some of the most easily accessible accessories to find in stores and online, so why not give one a shot? 

Sunglasses for outdoor yoga

With the explosion of outdoor yoga classes, sunglasses are now a must. If you have blue or green eyes, then you know the pain of being outside while the sun is blasting down on you for only a few short minutes. The same struggles occur when you're taking outdoor yoga classes. Not only are these super cute accessories, but they're also incredibly useful. Yoga is a very peaceful and calm exercise, so it's best to make sure your head doesn't start pounding from the sun's brightness.  


Much like a headband, a scrunchy will be your hair's best friend while you're doing yoga. A scrunchy is one of the most comfortable ways that you can tie your hair back since it won't make your scalp feel yanked on. A classic hair tie is a good thing to have, but those can prove painful. They're also easy to lose or misplace. A scrunchy is a lot bigger in size, so you won't easily be misplacing it. If you do misplace it on accident, it will just be easier to find. There are plenty of different colors of scrunchies, which makes it fun when you're mixing and matching the pieces of your outfit.

Healing crystal jewelry

Yoga is one of the most spiritual things you can do for your body. All of the different poses and stretches you do affect you in ways that dive into the spiritual realm. For example, deep emotions can be released when you're stretching to unlock your hips and shoulders. If you're releasing all of what is inside you, it's a great idea to have crystals touching you to feel as good as possible. After all, crystals aren't just pretty accessories; they're some of the most powerful and useful items to naturally come from the planet.

Sweat-resistant makeup

It's not a bad thing to want to look your absolute best no matter what. There are so many different sweat-resistant makeup options out there these days that allow you to look amazing, even when you're working out. If you walk into your yoga studio feeling like you're at your best, odds are that you are going to feel way more motivated during your workout. You might even want to go a bit harder since you're feeling so good about yourself! Feeling confident while working out is half of the battle, and nothing inspires confidence quite like getting ready to optimistically present yourself to the world. 

Wrist and ankle weights

For those who are looking to make yoga even harder and more rewarding, ankle and wrist weights are the perfect things to add to your 'fit. Ankle and wrist weights are very common and typically light enough to carry around with you in a duffle bag, making them pretty practical. These extra weights will make you sweat more than usual to get your body feeling better at a faster rate. But make sure you're careful by starting out with the lightest weights you can find. You don't want to add too much weight too early and potentially hurt yourself. 

Avoid clothing that will cause chafing

Wearing yoga pants or yoga shorts to do yoga is highly recommended. However, what's more important is making sure you don't wear clothing that will cause irritation or chafing, including to your legs and arms. Thighs are a super common place for chafing to occur due to the constant friction of skin-on-skin contact or fabric-on-skin contact. The irritation that comes from chafing can block you from being able to work out for a few days until the pain goes away. You'll be thankful that you wore proper clothes that covered your thighs and other body parts to avoid any unfortunate friction. 

Choose clothes based on breathability

Plenty of people prefer to wear loose and baggier clothing instead of skin-tight clothes, and that's perfectly okay. When it comes to working out and doing yoga, some people think it's nice to have a breathable pair of clothes on to avoid feeling constricted in their movements. Breathable pieces allow for sweat to be released easier, making yoga a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. If you're doing yoga outdoors, breathable clothes are vital because they'll allow you to receive airflow easier, helping your body cool down.

Choose clothes based on comfortability

At the end of the day, you need to make sure that you're choosing clothing and accessories that make you feel comfortable while allowing you to be your best self. If you don't feel comfortable and ready to go, then it might be tough for you to catch onto different movements and poses during your class. Making sure you have comfortable clothes on your body is something only you can decide on. So, go out there, find what you love, wear what makes you happy, and go crush it with those yoga classes while also looking the part!