Why Retinol And Peptides Are Better Together

There are some things that just go together: peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly, Viktor & Rolf. When it comes to skincare, there are some duos that are similarly too perfect not to put together, and retinol and peptides fit the bill. Finding products that not only complement one another, but also boost the productivity of the other, is always a massive bonus, and nothing feels better than adding a step to your routine that yields results.

Everyone's skin is different, but combining multiple products allows you to create the ideal approach to your complexion. According to Peaches & Blush, mixing complementary creams, lotions. and serums gives you a customized regime which will give the best care for your largest organ. As a popular choice for anyone who wants to combat the signs of aging, retinol has become one of the most coveted products on the market. By adding peptides to your routine, you might just notice an even bigger boost in the positive effects of both. So why are these the new dynamic duo you must try? The reasoning will have you making a beeline for your favorite store to grab them in bulk.

Why they make such a good duo

Retinol has been a hot commodity in skincare for decades, and Dermastore credits Dr. Albert M. Kligman with the wondrous discovery of this coveted serum. Before it was on every personal care shelf, it was given to people who struggled with intense acne. When it's anti-aging properties in older users was noted, it became a must-have for people wanting to fight wrinkles and fine lines. Seeking ways to look younger and youthful for longer is not a new trend, and retinol is as close to the Fountain of Youth that people can hope to get.

Peptides are also known for their anti-aging effects, and help boost collagen as well as promote skin elasticity. They are actually amino acids that have collected into chain-like patterns, and each one of these assists your skin with texture and strength. Paula's Choice Skincare notes that a lack of these important aminos would cause the complexion to appear less firm, which is why they are important, especially as people age. Because both peptides and retinol encourage collagen production, they work well solo or combined. When using the two products together, the skin is getting double the boost, and the serums or creams only improve the results. Maybe the biggest bonus of using retinol and peptides together in your routine is that the latter helps negate some of retinol's harsh effects. People may notice dry, red, or irritated skin after using retinoids, but peptides help build and hold moisture, which can keep these side effects at bay.

How to use them

When creating a plan for your new found dream team, it is important to consider what order to apply them in. Fleur & Bee advises that the strongest ingredients or products should always be added to the skin first. This allows them to take full effect, and absorb into the outer layer before working their way down. Once you've massaged the retinol in you can apply a layer of peptide cream or serum on top, to trap in moisture and boost the collagen production.

Some options on the market actually include both retinol and peptides, which takes the guesswork out of your updated routine. Both ways will still give you the perks of each product, but sometimes one less step makes things more manageable. Because retinol is such a potent skin care item, wearing sunscreen is extremely important, and will help it work harder for your complexion. Look for an SPF of 30 or above to get the utmost protection, and to keep those lines and wrinkles away!