Skincare Expert Weighs In On Whether Viral TikTok Advice Is Worth Listening To

Sometimes it's hard to differentiate between the good, the bad, and the downright ugly when it comes to viral TikTok trends and hacks. We see people rubbing cucumbers on their faces to de-puff and hydrate the skin (good), contouring with SPF and laying out in the sun for a natural snatched glow (bad), and straightening their teeth with nail files, which, according to Insider, dentists advise wholeheartedly against doing (duh).


With that in mind, it may lead you to wonder if you should take any viral TikTok trends to heart, especially ones that relate to your precious skin. With so many #BeautyHacks and #SkincareHacks on TikTok, with over 5 billion collective views on both hashtags, we don't blame you for wanting to know if you can join in on the fun or skip the trends for the sake of healthy skin. Fortunately, we have an answer. Dr. Heather Smith, ICU physician and founder of clean beauty brand bareLUXE, gave us the lowdown on whether viral TikTok advice is worth listening to.

Yes, viral TikTok advice can be worth listening to — but be cautious

According to Dr. Heather Smith, some TikTok skincare advice is absolutely worth listening to. "However, there is always a need for some healthy skepticism and a bit of caution," Smith advises. "The first thing is to ask yourself what specifically is going viral — is it a trend or routine (like slugging or skin cycling), or is it a specific product?"


Let's face it: just because a gorgeous content creator is flashing clear skin and a pearly white smile your way doesn't necessarily mean the advice she's giving can be totally reliable. An influencer's main job on social media is to influence, after all, and sometimes it involves engaging in a paid partnership with a company to sell a product.

"Consumers are always the target of marketing, and it's important to know that specific products can be made to go viral through the right combination of influencers and agencies," Smith explains. "When it comes to specific products, just because they're viral, doesn't mean they're awesome."

Skin safety is important when considering TikTok skincare advice

If a skincare hack pops up on your FYP that makes you ask yourself: is this safe? It may require some extra consideration and research before performing yourself. "Sometimes the reason things go viral is that they're sensational or a cheap hack to try to match the results of professional services," Dr. Heather Smith says. She gives prime examples of shaving the teeth with a nail file, using SPF and harmful UV rays to contour, and dermaplaning your skin at home, all of which are risky no-nos that do more harm than good.


We know it may be tempting to quickly follow skincare and beauty advice seen on TikTok, especially when the results sometimes seem worth the risk. However, if the advice isn't coming from a professional aesthetician, dermatologist, or doctor, you may want to do additional research. "Before you jump on board with a viral trend, just pause to be sure it seems safe and credible, then have fun making your skin glow," Smith ultimately summarizes. We couldn't say it better ourselves!