The Most Flattering Hair Colors If You Have Green Eyes

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, green is the least common eye color in America, so green eyes are an ultra-unique feature. While green-eyed beauties are stunning without makeup, some eyeshadow colors complement green eyes to perfection. "Colors that tend to make green eyes pop have a warm undertone like copper or bronze. They also really shine with a lavender or purple based shade. Both the copper and purple routes have a reddish undertone, which work to boost the green as it follows basic color theory and are shades that are opposite on the classic color wheel," Molly R. Stern, a celebrity makeup artist/Armani Beauty Collective member, told Who What Wear

Creating a cohesive color palette for your look isn't easy, and everything from eye color to skin tone to undertone is a factor. In that same vein, some hair colors also beautifully flatter certain eye colors more than others. The right hair color can work with your eyes and play their hue up, while less flattering shades can clash with your iris, dimming their unique tone. What are the best hair color options for green eyes?

You can't go wrong with green eyes and blond hair

Green eyes and blond hair naturally look beautiful together. While many people expect to see blue eyes with blond hair, green eyes look just as gorgeous with blond locks, providing an unexpectedly unique twist on a classic combination. The brightness of blond also pairs well with the natural lightness of green eyes.

Light brown locks for a cute look

If you have dark brown hair and don't want to commit to dying it blond, you should consider going for a light brown hair color instead, as lighter shades of brown locks pair well with green eyes. Something about the combination of light brown tresses and bright green eyes exudes such a sweet, charming vibe for pure, delicate beauty.

Black hair for drama

On the other hand, black hair never fails to make green eyes pop to perfection. While blond and light brown tresses with green eyes give off a wholesome girl-next-door vibe, rocking black hair with green eyes makes the disparate but bold colors both stand out. Thus, if you have green eyes and you're going for a more provocative, eye-catching look, try dying your hair black, and you'll probably be amazed by the striking results.

Red tresses for contrast

The red hair and green eye combination might not be for everyone, as it's truly bursting with vibrancy. However, if you're going for a dauntless, ultra-contrasting look, the rare combo is super fun. Since green and red are opposing hues on the color wheel, flaunting the two colors together will never fail to make a wild statement, whether you opt for a vivid orangey tint or a more subtle auburn.

Embrace gray hair

Gray tresses with green eyes are an underrated yet beautiful combination. Since gray hair is so neutral and green eyes are so colorful and unusual, gray locks can offer something of a blank canvas that will bring all the attention to the greenness of your eyes. So, if you have green eyes, think twice before dying your gray hair!