5 Tarot Cards You Never Want To See In A Relationship Reading

People have turned to forms of divination since the dawn of time, and the Encyclopedia Britannica notes that all civilizations have practiced it in various forms. Many have often turned to divination to address problems in both their public and private lives. Through time, different forms evolved and emerged, incorporating the use of objects like the Ouija board and crystals.

Tarot cards are one tool that many have utilized in order to tackle life's issues, forecast the future, and more. As the Metropolitan Museum of Art explains, the earliest references to tarot cards date back to around the 1440s. Originally, tarot was a game that was played in Italy — it was not until the 19th century that it began to be associated with divination, and by then, it had lost its link to medieval tarot cards.

Today, tarot is still practiced by people around the globe. If you've never touched a card before but you're interested in divination, you may have thought about seeking out a practitioner for insight. It's not uncommon for people to turn to tarot readers for glimpses into everything from their careers to their love lives. That being said, there are some tarot cards you never want to see if you're receiving a reading for relationship clarity.

Three of Swords

The Three of Swords is one of the most negative cards you can receive in a relationship or love reading. Typically, heartache and pain are associated with this card. Depending on where it pops up during your reading, it can indicate that you are in for a stormy future, or you're currently weathering a difficult situation. The Three of Swords is also often suggestive of emotional turmoil or drama, especially on a romantic level if it appears in a relationship reading. Betrayal and infidelity are also not unheard of when this card shows up.

The Three of Swords may be depicted in various ways, depending on the deck. However, it usually includes three swords and a heart. Oftentimes, the swords are piercing through the heart, and there may be storm clouds in the background of the illustration (via Biddy Tarot).

Despite this seemingly bad news, it's worth noting that this card is a part of the minor arcana. There are 56 minor arcana cards in every tarot deck (which usually has 78 cards in total). Minor arcana cards often represent a temporary period of time, per Biddy Tarot. This means that if you've just received the Three of Swords, you may already be moving through the struggle in your love life. As a silver lining, you can look at this card as a challenge that you can grow from in the future.

The Tower

One card that many tarot practitioners don't like to see appear in any reading is The Tower. However, this may especially be the case if it shows up in a romantic reading. Per Tarot.com, the meaning of The Tower can be summed up as pure destruction. Again, the illustration on the card itself will vary, depending on the deck. However, it is not uncommon to see a tower on fire or in the process of collapsing. In some cases, the tower is shown as being struck by a bolt of lightning as it crumbles to the ground.

If you receive The Tower in a relationship or love reading, you may already know that you're going through a tumultuous time. Whether you're experiencing a divorce, breakup, or everything just seems like it's headed the wrong way, The Tower may explain it. This card usually appears to indicate that a complete collapse is underway or in the near future. It might be unexpected, and when it occurs, you may very well be left with a void.

Despite all of the negativity surrounding this card, try to remind yourself that The Tower might be here to usher in a fresh start. However, Tarot.com explains that The Tower is a major arcana card. There are usually 22 major arcana cards in every tarot deck. They are indicative of lessons you must learn, as well as longer, transitional periods of time in your life.

Five of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles (also referred to as the Five of Coins) is not the worst card you can receive in a relationship reading, but it isn't the most positive one, either. The pentacle cards in a tarot deck are often associated with financial matters, but this doesn't mean they can't pop up in a love reading.

According to The Tarot Guide, if you see the Five of Pentacles, this may mean that you're in for difficulty in your romantic life. Specifically, you might need to put in some hard work, despite already feeling pressure surrounding your financial situation. The Five of Pentacles can also symbolize money problems within an existing relationship that is causing a breakdown. Although illustrations of this card vary, two people are usually depicted, struggling to trek through stormy weather.

Fortunately, the Five of Pentacles is a minor arcana card. This means that despite any challenges you're facing or might run into in the near future, they hopefully won't last. Now is the time to start thinking of actions you can take to resolve your situation. It might also be a good idea to focus on any existing financial pressure you're facing and how you can overcome it. If you are in a relationship when this card pops up, collaborate with your partner to work on these issues together.

Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands is another tarot card that isn't always a welcome sight during a relationship reading. Similar to the Five of Pentacles, it can be symbolic of hard work. Specifically, the Ten of Wands is often suggestive of burdens — the card itself may illustrate a person carrying a bundle of wands or in some sort of struggle. In your love life, you might be expected to carry the load for your partner. Furthermore, you may end up being the only one fighting to save your relationship.

When the Ten of Wands shows up in a romantic reading, you might already be aware of the burdens you are facing in your love life. However, it is not uncommon for this card to appear when asking about the future, per Divination and Fortune Telling. This is because it often comes as a warning to expect a burdensome, stressful situation. Whether you're seeking romance or you're already in a relationship, brace yourself for impact.

Because the Ten of Wands is a minor arcana card, though, you can expect this difficulty to pass with time. However, don't look at it idly either — you have the power to change your situation. This means you might need to be prepared to let go of relationships or partners. While this may be difficult, you'll likely be better off without the burden.

The Hermit

The Hermit is another tarot card that is usually not a positive omen during a relationship reading. Depending on the deck, the illustration on the card will vary, but it typically shows a solitary person (otherwise interpreted as a hermit). Generally speaking, hermits are considered to be people who prefer to be left alone to live a life of solitude. When The Hermit appears in a romantic tarot reading, you could very well be in for a period of loneliness.

If you happen to be in a relationship, you may already feel "lonely," depending on the state of your partnership. In the event that this isn't the case, you may want to brace for loneliness in the near future. While this doesn't necessarily mean that a breakup is coming, the state of your love life may soon take a turn for the worse.

One positive takeaway from the appearance of The Hermit is that despite its association with isolation, you may gain an opportunity to do some soul-searching. Solitude doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing — take this chance to step back, re-examine your love life, and reassess your priorities. As a major arcana card, The Hermit may also suggest that there are some larger lessons to be learned at this moment. Despite any heartache you might feel, try your best to see the silver lining, and your love life will be better off in the future.