Is It A Bad Idea To Sleep With Necklaces On?

A bedtime routine usually involves changing into pajamas, removing makeup, and taking off accessories. But as you start to get ready for bed, you might ask, "Do I actually have to take this necklace off"?

You can have many reasons for wanting to keep your jewelry, such as necklaces, on while you sleep. Your necklace may have sentimental value, or you might be worried about losing it. And — let's be honest — sometimes you're just too tired to bother with it.

Wearing jewelry to bed isn't uncommon. For example, many people keep their wedding rings on when they sleep. It's also normal for folks to keep piercings in when they get into bed. Plenty of advice can be given on how to care for piercing and rings when you wear them overnight, but necklaces are another beast entirely. Although wearing your necklaces to bed can be tempting, it's often not the best choice. In addition to running the risk of getting the necklace tangled in your hair or around your neck, you can also end up damaging your jewelry in your sleep.

Risks of sleeping with necklaces on

Sleeping with a necklace on isn't the end of the world, but you'll likely run into a few issues if you regularly go to bed with jewelry around your neck. To begin with the most obvious concern, your necklace can get caught in your hair or dig into your skin. While these kinds of accidents won't cause you significant harm, they can damage your jewelry, scratching gemstones and wearing down metals.

Regularly sleeping with necklaces on can also cause skin irritation. Unless your necklace is made from a precious metal such as gold or silver, it will likely trigger an allergic reaction in your skin. Overnight skin contact with irritating metals can cause rashes and blisters, explains dermatologist Dr. Marina Peredo to SELF. Even if the jewelry doesn't bother you during the daytime, the sweat you produce in your sleep can intensify an otherwise mild allergy.

While real jewelry (jewelry made from precious metals and real stones) probably won't irritate your skin, you should still avoid wearing them in your sleep. When you wear that beautiful diamond necklace every night, it gets dirtier quicker than it normally would. Tiffany & Co. recommends having your fine jewelry professionally cleaned a few times a year, which is already a sizable expense. If you sleep with your nice necklaces on, you may have to budget for getting them cleaned every month.

When to sleep with your necklace on

With all those risks in mind, there are still circumstances where it makes sense to sleep with necklaces on. You may not have a safe place to store your necklace while you sleep. If you travel regularly and struggle with storing your jewelry overnight, it's a good idea to use a travel-sized jewelry case. At home, you should set aside a container or designated space on your dresser to keep your jewelry. For extremely valuable necklaces, you may want to invest in a safe.

Another reason to sleep with a necklace on is if it's permanent jewelry. Permanent jewelry is necklaces or bracelets that are welded around your neck or wrist. Usually made from high-quality metal, permanent necklaces won't irritate your skin and can theoretically last a lifetime.

If you do choose to sleep with your necklaces on, be sure to clean them regularly to avoid skin irritation. The best way to clean your jewelry is with warm water and mild detergent. If your jewelry needs an extra polish, you can use a soft brush or microfiber cloth. As long as you keep your necklaces sanitary and check them regularly for damage, you can safely wear them in your sleep without having major issues.