The Jean Types That Complement An Oversized Blazer Best

If two items have become non-negotiables in most closets, it would be an oversized blazer and a good pair of jeans. Separately, these pieces can elevate any outfit and upgrade your style. However, pairing these items has recently become more of a staple look. Much of the reason this combination has made an impact is because of its popularity amongst models and celebrities. Often referred to as an unofficial off-duty model uniform, the combination of jeans and oversized blazers is often seen on some of fashion's favorites. Model Kaia Gerber is one fan of this combination and can often be seen wearing an oversized blazer and jeans when she isn't on the runway (via Le Chic Street).

The best part about this look is that anyone can rock this stylish combination. With plenty of options between styles of jeans and blazers though, it's no doubt that one can get overwhelmed with making decisions. Knowing how to combine these two essential pieces will help expedite your mornings without having to sacrifice your style.

Straight jeans

Nowadays, there's nothing more classic than a pair of straight jeans. Not only do they go with everything, but they also pair perfectly with your oversized blazer. Straight jeans are a staple in every wardrobe for that laid-back and casual look and pairing them with a more structured oversized blazer is the perfect way to dress up a casual outfit. This look can take you from the office to your dinner date without having to change. Since straight jeans are everywhere as the new must-have basic, it's easy to find a pair that will fit you perfectly.

Baggy jeans

Although some may have mixed feelings about this look, baggy jeans paired with an oversized blazer is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Style this ensemble with a fitted tee and lightweight shoes for a combination that is both chic and comfy. Fashion stylist Tania Sarin Araradian shared via Instagram how baggy jeans and an oversized blazer are all you need for your daily outfit. The key to this outfit is to balance your oversized and baggy pieces with more fitted ones. Finish the look with shoes that don't add bulkiness, like a flat or non-platform sneaker, and you are ready to go.

Black jeans

Whether skinny or mom jeans, a pair of black denim jeans are a must-have in any wardrobe. If you're styling an oversized blazer, you can never go wrong with a dark wash. No matter what color blazer, a pair of black jeans will go with any outfit. This classic pair of jeans is easy to style since they will most resemble black trousers or slacks, which is the typical pairing for a blazer. Because they are the most dressed-up jean, black denim is the best way to take your oversized blazer outfit to the next level.

Distressed jeans

Although it's been a while since distressed jeans made their mark in fashion, it's time to bring this style back. Distressed jeans can successfully dress down your oversized blazer to make it more comfortable and appropriate for a simple casual day. If you don't want to seem too professional with a blazer, a pair of distressed jeans provides the perfect balance. As fashion content creator Qeti Imnadze shared on Instagram, you don't need the most distressed jeans to make this work. One simple distressed addition is all you need to turn your oversized blazer from workwear to streetwear.