The Early '00s Jean Trend Making A 2023 Comeback

The early 2000s was a magical era when it came to pop culture, movies, music, and other forms of entertainment. And while the style from that time doesn't always get described in the best light today, that doesn't mean there aren't a handful of Y2K fashion trends that everyone was loving back then that we can get inspiration from. In fact, one of the most popular looks of the early 2000s is making a comeback in 2023: bedazzled jeans.

Due to their glamorous shine, if you were wearing a pair of bedazzled jeans in the early '00s, you were making a bold statement and easily standing out in any crowd. This is just one of the reasons this style of jeans is turning heads once again nearly two decades later. Here are some of our favorite ways modern-day style gurus are spreading their wings by reviving and recycling the playful, eye-catching trend.

Sparkly swirls

You can have a lot of fun with your bedazzled jeans depending on the actual design of your gemstones. When gorgeous sparkling crystals are placed in the perfect positions to create a line of swirls on at least one of your pant legs, it gives off a youthful, playful, and energetic vibe.

Starry night jeans

There is something so magical and calming about gazing at a pitch-black night sky filled with shining stars. For this reason, rocking a pair of dark black jeans covered in small, sparkly crystals will give the same vibe. Pick a star, close your eyes, and make a wish!

Bedazzled pockets

When you opt for wearing bedazzled jeans, that doesn't mean they have to be covered in sparkling gemstones from top to bottom. Sometimes, all it takes to get the same effect are some sparkling bedazzled pockets. This look makes a bold statement without going overboard on the glitter.

Distressed and dazzling

Distressed jeans are already special in their own right since they give off a combination of rocker vibes and a grunge aesthetic. You can turn a little bit of that edginess around by adding some sparkling rhinestones to the mix. Distressed jeans that are also dazzling with rhinestones will have you bringing back two different early 2000s trends in one look.

Rhinestone fringe

Whenever you think about wearing pieces of clothing with fringe, rhinestones might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Fringe is usually made of shredded fabric that hangs intricately and delicately from whatever you're wearing. Wearing a pair of jeans with fringe made out of dangling crystals is almost like your way of saying that you're ready to stand out wherever you go.

Rows of rhinestones

Some bedazzled jeans feature crystals and gemstones that have been placed in random patterns without any rhyme or reason. Wearing a pair of jeans that are covered in clean, clear rows of organized rhinestones is perfect for anyone hoping to achieve a more serious or sophisticated look.

Glittering bell-bottoms

Wearing bell-bottom jeans was the hip thing to do in the late '60s and '70s. Now, you have a chance to bring that trend back along with the bedazzled trend from the early 2000s. Bell-bottoms that are covered in sparkling gemstones give you the chance to appreciate the fashion from two different unforgettable generations.

Bedazzled ankles

Sometimes, all it takes are some bedazzled ankles to really make a statement. If your jeans are covered in tons of crystals and fringe at the bottom, your entire look is bound to have people stopping in their tracks. Depending on how many dripping jewels you have, it might make sense to rock some high heels to truly show off the look.

Diamond crosses

Wearing jeans that are covered in meaningful symbols to you might be something on your radar, especially when the symbols are decked out with sparkling gemstones. It's one thing to wear a pair of bedazzled jeans covered in random designs, it's another to choose a pair that features designs that mean something to you personally, such as crosses.

Blinged out jeans

If you're aiming for a more blinged out look, a simple pair of plain blue jeans simply isn't going to get that vibe across. Instead, opt for a pair of jeans that's totally blinged out to stand out in a crowd. The bigger the gemstones are, the more sparkly and bold your overall look will be.

Rhinestone denim shorts

When you rock short shorts, you elongate your legs and give them the spotlight. This style is super fun to wear during the spring and summer seasons to keep you looking and feeling cool in the harsh heat. Make your pair of short shorts even more special by adding some bling in the form of glittering gemstones and fringe at the waistline.

Crystal heart cutout

Cutout clothing has been on the rise over the last few years. Models, social media influencers, and regular style lovers alike are all loving the trend. If you're the type of person who appreciates the charm of cutout clothing, wearing jeans with a crystal-lined heart-shaped cutout over the thigh is an absolute must.

Multicolored crystals

There's so much fun to be hard with multicolored gemstones when you're opting for a pair of bedazzled jeans. You don't have to get bogged down by the idea of wearing bedazzled jeans covered in clear crystals like everyone else. Instead, multicolored crystals give off a fun, lighthearted, and lively vibe.

Bedazzled at the top and bottom

You can lengthen the look of your legs based on the placement of the jewels on your bedazzled jeans. When you wear a pair of jeans that are bedazzled at the top near your waistline and also the bottom near your ankles, it gives the illusion of you being tall and lean.

Diamond patterned

Rocking gorgeous jeans that are covered in bedazzled diamond formations will have you looking chic and sophisticated no matter where you plan to go. This design is versatile to work with since it tends to look fabulous regardless of the other patterns you may pair with it. You simply can't go wrong if your diamond pattern is made with sparkles.