Proving Fashion Always Cycles Back Around, '90s Column Dresses Are Staging A Comeback

There's nothing wrong with reflecting back on trends that were once popular back in the day for modern inspiration. The '90s was an incredible era when it comes to fashion even though so many things have changed. A few of the common staples of the '90s included overalls with the straps left undone, mood rings, sweatpants with one leg rolled up, and chain wallets that dangled from our pockets. Although some of these trends probably won't be revived for a while, column dresses are back in style. 

Column dresses are now considered some of the most stylish dresses to wear depending on your plans and location. It's hard to go wrong with a dress that's designed to look incredibly chic and fabulous, after all. The most amazing thing about column dresses is that they aren't reserved for professional models strutting their way down runways in front of flashing cameras. Instead, just about anyone can rock a column dress if they decide to in 2023. You'll know you're rocking a stunning column dress if its design is straight, slim-fitting, and narrow. It's so distinctive that it's hard to miss on any boutique or department store rack. Now, let's get into our favorite styles.

Blush sparkles column dress

Blush-colored dresses are divine for plenty of reasons, including the fact that they pair well with whatever blush, lipstick, or eyeshadow you might choose to wear for the evening. A blush-colored column dress that's covered from top to bottom in sparkles is even more special to admire because of its charming allure.

White glitter column dress

Glitter never gets old, regardless of what generation we're living in. It might be 2023 now, but glitter was on everyone's radar back in the '90s, too. A column dress covered in white glitter from top to bottom is absolutely perfect for anyone who wants to shine and look their best. White column dresses are great to consider for wedding day festivities as well.

Neutral colors column dress

If anyone tries to make the claim that pieces of clothing designed in neutral colors are way too boring and forgettable, those people are absolutely wrong. There's something very intriguing about a column dress that comes in neutral colors like tan, beige, and brown. If you're able to pull this off without any bright colors added into the mix, it says a lot about you as a fashion icon.

Yellow sunshine column dress

The color yellow is undeniably one of the brightest and most eccentric colors. Wearing a dress designed in such a vibrant color speaks volumes about the energy you're giving off to the rest of the world. A jaw-dropping column dress in a shade of yellow will have everyone who glances your way thinking of sunflowers and sunshine.

Blissful blue column dress

It's your chance to pull off a blissfully stunning column dress in a divine shade of baby blue if calm vibes pair well with your personality. A column dress in a shade of pale blue that's also covered in sparkly designs is an ideal gown for an event like a homecoming dance or prom.

Red hot column dress

The color red has a reputation that speaks for itself. Red is symbolic of passion, desire, love, and romance. If you take that color and make a stunning column dress out of it, there's no way you can go wrong. Whenever you do choose to wear a column dress in a shade of red, be prepared to catch the attention of just about everyone everywhere you go!

Silky tan column dress

Column dresses made out of silky materials are absolutely ravishing. A column dress designed in a shade of tan with a slit up one leg is even more magnificent to admire. Dresses in neutral colors will still have you looking like the star of the show if they're gorgeous enough — even if there aren't any eccentric colors to see.

Low-cut column dress

Low-cut downs aren't for everyone, but if you're the type of person who appreciates a low-dipping dress every once in a while, finding one in a column style would be perfect for you. Low-cut column dresses still come across as totally classy without being overly edgy.

Dark green column dress

Dark green is a color that might remind you of nature's mystery and allure. After all, trees, shrubbery, and grass all sprout in different shades of green across the planet. Wearing a column dress in a shade of dark green might just have everyone who looks your way thinking about the freedom and liberation of the great outdoors.

Pink feathered column dress

You're going to look like a total dream if you show up to a party or event wearing a column dress that's covered in pink feathered material. Pink is recognized as a gorgeous and feminine color all on its own. When you wear a dress covered in a feathered material in a playful and girly color like pink, you can't go wrong.

Long-sleeved column dress

Whether you absolutely adore your arms or you don't believe they're your best physical asset, a column dress with long sleeves is the perfect addition to your closet. The long sleeves of a column dress simply add to the elegance and appeal that a column dress already effortlessly brings to the table.

Symbolic orange column dress

Similar to the color yellow, orange is another shade from the rainbow that stands out for its vibrancy and eccentric hue. A column dress in bright orange speaks volumes about your confidence. You'll take it a step further if you choose to wear an orange column dress that's also covered in intricate symbols and designs.

Blue floral column dress

It's especially pleasant to wear dresses that are covered in floral designs during spring and summer. A column dress covered in blue flowers with white, black, and teal smudges mixed in will have you looking and feeling beyond fabulous during the warmer seasons of the year when everything is in bloom. Nevertheless, you can still wear this exact style of column dress during colder seasons, too.

Off-the-shoulder column dress

Rocking a column dress that only has one strap over one shoulder gives you the chance to make a bold statement in the fashion world. Off-the-shoulder dresses are amazing, but they're even edgier and more impressive when only one shoulder is missing coverage. This is the type of style that turns column dresses of the '90s into modern day staples.

Checkered column dress

The simplicity of a dress covered in a checkered pattern is special in its own way because you stand out without having to go above and beyond. Checkered patterns have rocked the fashion world forever. Wearing a column dress covered in checkered print from top to bottom is ideal for people who appreciate the simpler and more easygoing things in life but who also still want to rock the boat.

Floral print column dress

You don't have to wait until you have a bouquet of exquisite roses and tulips in your hands to appreciate the beauty of great flowers. Instead, you can choose to wear a column dress covered in a floral print that will have you looking as ravishing as any flower shop or garden you might pass by.

Two-piece column dress

Column dresses don't have to be perfectly connected from top to bottom if you were hoping to look a little sexier or edgier on a night out. Opting for a two-piece column dress is a winning solution for anyone who wants to look divine without crossing the line of showing way too much skin.

Lace column dress

Lace fabrics and materials don't need to be reserved for wedding day plans when lace is something everyone should be able to enjoy whenever they want. A column dress made of lace looks completely gorgeous because of how delicate the material is. If you don't want your lace column dress to be too sheer, you can always choose one that has the right number of layers.

Asymmetrical column dress

Although part of the allure of a column dress is its symmetry, you can put a modern-day twist on column dresses in 2023 by wearing an asymmetrical version of one. Asymmetrical dresses come in handy for people who want to create the illusion of a slimmer figure or longer legs.

Spring-themed column dress

Whether spring has arrived or not, a spring-themed column dress might be exactly what you need in order to get into the right vibration of happiness and serenity. The beauty of a column dress that has spring themes is that you'll get the chance to show off some gorgeous flower patterns throughout your day, brightening everyone's moods.

Simple short-sleeved column dress

You can also keep it simple with a plain-colored column dress that's designed with short sleeves. Short sleeves provide enough coverage to hide your shoulders and upper arms, but they still allow you to show off your arms below the elbow. Wearing a plain-colored column dress is all it takes if you want your hair and makeup for the evening to be the true stars of the show.

Mushroom column dress

Column addresses can be covered in just about any design or pattern, which means you can have tons of fun during your shopping process. Wearing a column dress covered in mushrooms showcases a more youthful, energetic, and playful vibe. It's easy enough to spot column dresses in simple colors or typical patterns. Mushrooms are far rarer to see, making this style of column dress a noteworthy find.