The Trendy Dark Leather Hair Color Is The Perfect Transitional Shade Between Seasons

Transitioning your hair color from season to season isn't an easy task. When it comes to the winter and fall seasons, most tend to gravitate toward the darker hues. On the other hand, lighter hair colors reign supreme during the warmer seasons. However, those in-between months tend to be challenging for your hair color. While you aren't ready for a new hair color, your current color no longer fits your style for the season. Fantastic Sams adds that hair colors can change throughout the season, leaving us with the need for a refresh. During the summer, sun rays can add some brassy tones to your hair that need a coverup. Darker and rich tones during colder months need maintenance you may not want to worry about in the summer. Thankfully the newest hair color trend is ready to make those transition months easier.

The dark leather hair color trend is an all-around easy hair color to style and achieve. For those with dark hair, this darker shade is easy to achieve since it doesn't involve going too light but still gives you a fresher look. Even if you aren't keen on a complicated switch-up, a dark leather hair color can change to fit your ideal tone and shades to give you the perfect hair to take you into the next season.

Dark leather hair with slight highlights

The dark leather hair trend is about getting that rich leather color as your base and complimenting it with highlights. Like leather, your base color can be as dark or light as you want. Typically, a dark brown leather hair color is a safe and chic choice to begin your hair transition. Adding a subtle variation of highlights throughout your hair will give you more dimension and depth to your look instead of it looking flat. Add highlights in various hues throughout your hair for a dynamic switch-up that will highlight your dark leather base color.

A touch of red

Leather can easily be combined with other hues to create the ultimate rustic palette. Adding a few red-hued touches to your hair can be the best way to combine the dark leather hair color trends. Since leathers also have a red tone, this combination will flow smoothly and still look ultra chic. Hairstyle Britny showcased via Instagram how the combination of dark leather with tints of copper highlights is a sophisticated duo that can work in any transitional season. Adding this contrasting tone to your hair, you can create a dynamic look that can seldom be replicated.

Add caramel highlights

Like syrup toppings, caramel is always a good idea. Caramel highlights have long been a favorite for those looking to make a small change to their hair. Whether you are going for a darker or lighter shade, caramel highlights are the perfect in-between shade to add to your base. Caramel highlights added with a dark leather-colored base will give your hair a hue to catch all that sun when you are out. The added light will give your hair the extra shine and expensive look you want. Matrix showcased via Instagram how a touch of caramel can take your leather color to the next level.

Dark leather and chocolate brown

Fans of leather goods know that dark brown or black leather combined with chocolate brown is a perfect match. Chocolate brown is a rich color that is fantastic in almost any pairing. Pairing these two rich colors will give you a more sophisticated and elegant look. While there's only a slight color difference between dark leather brown and chocolate brown, this change is enough to give your hair some extra dimension. Chocolate brown will also help your darker hue pick up more light and give off a reflective shine.

Black leather with soft brown highlights

When we think of dark leather our first thought is brown leather goods. While it's true that this is the most common color to find leather in, there's also the option of black leather. Switching up your base to black with brown highlights is one subtle way you can make a change without doing anything drastic. Milwaukee hairstyle Jess V shares via Instagram how this combination of black hair with brown highlights is the perfect way of going about the leather hair trend.

Dark and light leather color

Light-colored highlights are always a win year-round. No matter the season, a batch of lighter-colored highlights will give your hair a fresher vibe. When you have a dark leather base color, you want to add some lighter highlights to give your hair more chance to pick up light and give you an extra shine. Going with these highlights will also give your hair the appearance of being much lighter than it is. If you are waiting to go completely light, this mix of dark and light is the perfect middle ground until you are ready to take the plunge.

Barely-there hair highlights

You don't need to go with anything drastic to have refreshed hair. Adding a dark leather base with subtle highlights is the perfect way to give your hair an extra shine this season. Redken published on Instagram an example of how barely noticeable highlights can add a lowkey lift to your hair without taking over your base color. These small highlights will help pick up light and shine but don't take away from the beautiful leather hair color.