64 Gifts He'll Be Head Over Heels For This Valentine's Day

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With Valentine's Day on the way, you've probably been racking your brain for the perfect gift to give to your sweetheart. Trying to procure the perfect present is hard enough on its own, but it feels like there's an extra layer of difficulty when it comes to finding something worthy of such a special occasion. True, you could go with something safe, like roses or champagne, but don't you want to give him something a little more memorable this year?


Of course, every guy is different, so you'll want to select something that thoughtfully caters to his specific interests. "Most people don't want lots of money spent (on) them — they just want you to think about them, and that can be done in lots of easy ways," psychologist Daniel Farrelly tells CNN. Still stumped on what to choose? Don't worry. We've curated a list of the 64 best gifts to give your partner this Valentine's Day, with options to satisfy nearly every type of individual from total homebodies to veritable mountain men.

How we selected the products

This list contains something for virtually everyone, and we wanted to ensure that each gift was of the highest quality in its respective category. You won't find any duds here, as we've carefully selected an array of presents to represent the best at every price point. Many of the items featured are ones that we've personally tested or those that meet the high standards of our own discerning partners. Truth be told, there are quite a few gifts "for him" that you'll be tempted to keep for yourself.


We also took the opinions of reviewers on board as we created this guide. Few items can achieve universal five-star ratings, but the highlighted products here have garnered impressively high marks from experts and consumers alike. In fact, there are several award winners to be found on our list. We're confident that your beau will love whichever gift you choose to go with.

Best for Home Cooks

There's no better gift for the aspiring gourmet than renowned French cookware like Le Creuset. Le Creuset has been a favorite of chefs and home cooks alike for decades, and it's easy to see why. With the Le Creuset Dutch Oven, you can create masterful dishes from soups and stews to casseroles and loaves of bread.


Furthermore, you can easily transition this piece from the stovetop to the oven — meaning more flavor and fewer dishes for you to clean. The enameled cast iron surface heats up evenly and retains heat much longer than your ordinary cookware, and Le Creuset even offers a lifetime warranty on all purchases. Le Creuset's 2.75-quart dutch oven is the perfect size for smaller meals, but you can always choose a smaller or larger size to suit your partner's needs.

Purchase the Le Creuset Dutch Oven from Sur La Table for $180.

Best for Relaxation

For some of us, there's no better gift than the feeling of relaxation. CBD products are all the rage these days, but it can be tough to narrow down which ones actually do the job. That said, there's no doubt in our mind that Mary's Medicinals Transdermal CBD Patches are just the thing for Valentines in search of chill vibes.


The award-winning hemp patches contain 20 mg of calming CBD, and customers are over the moon with their performance. "These patches work! Even for an everyday smoker and vaper, these patches provide a nice relief and a little boost," one reviewer writes. Thanks to their transdermal delivery system, they can be worn discreetly, making them perfect for smoke-free situations.

Purchase Transdermal CBD Patches at Mary's Medicinals starting at $7.00 per patch.

Best for Guitarists

Whether your sweetheart just picked up their first guitar or their collection is starting to encroach on your living space, you can't go wrong with a new toy for them to play with. For many guitarists, it can be hard to choose between acoustic or electric, so why not get the best of both worlds?


The Washburn EA55G-A Festival Acoustic-Electric Guitar is the perfect compromise for guitarists who want to branch out. Its slender, cutaway body makes for an easy playing experience, and the Barcus Berry preamp even comes with a built-in tuner for musicians who like to play live. "I played many guitars when I bought this, and I can safely say [the Washburn EA55G-A] sounded the best of all — and [others] were in the $700-800 range," one guitarist wrote.

Purchase the Washburn EA55G-A Festival Acoustic-Electric Guitar at Guitar Center for $350.

Best Chocolate Box

Like roses and greeting cards, chocolates are among the most heartfelt gifts to give and receive on Valentine's Day. Instead of grabbing the same old variety box from the store, why not amp things up this year with La Maison du Chocolat's Emotion Milk Chocolate Box?


These luxe confectionaries from France have been delighting chocolate lovers since their introduction in 1977. "These chocolates are expensive, but they're totally worth it, as they are absolutely delicious," one customer states. The Emotion Milk Chocolate Box assortment includes a little of everything, from crêpe-infused pralines to whipped milk chocolate goodies.

Purchase the Emotion Milk Chocolate Box at La Maison du Chocolat for $75.

Best Skincare Set

If your partner is the type to routinely swipe your favorite moisturizer, it may be time to upgrade his skincare arsenal. We love this Youth to the People Youth System Skincare Set, a fully-stocked kit that's sure to please skincare newbies and veterans alike.


The products inside are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and suitable for most skin types. In fact, even those with sensitive skin may benefit from using Youth to the People, according to some reviews. "My skin is very sensitive and stubborn, but this saved my skin! It brought it back to life and made it clear and healthy again," one customer writes.

Purchase the Youth to the People Youth System Skincare Set at Sephora $55.

Best Everyday Timepiece

In a world oversaturated by smart devices, it can be refreshing to take a step back in time. The Citizen Eco-Drive Watch is an excellent everyday timepiece that stands out from the crowd. Plus, you can forget dying batteries or charger packs, as this versatile watch runs on light, which means it never needs a battery. Believe it or not, even Apple Watch loyalists are taken with the Eco-Drive's form and function. "After wearing this beauty for the past month, I haven't even thought about wanting an Apple Watch," one wearer wrote.


Purchase the Eco-Drive Watch at Citizen for $200.

Best for Green Thumbs

You don't necessarily need a green thumb to enjoy this Kitchen Garden Gift Set from Botanical Interests. Whether your man is into gardening or garnishing, this space-saving grow kit is the perfect addition to any produce lover's kitchen.


Botanical Interests brings high-quality seeds to growers and chefs alike, and this set features two of their bestselling varieties: Mellow Blend Microgreens and Market Day Mesclun Baby Greens. What's more, the Kitchen Garden Gift Set even comes with miniature shears, perfect for harvesting windowsill herbs.

Purchase the Kitchen Garden Gift Set at Botanical Interests for $42.

Best Sneakers

It's hard to choose an all-around "best" sneaker to suit every guy's taste, especially if your man considers himself a sneakerhead. However, we're fairly confident the Adidas Forum Exhibit Low Shoes will tick more than a few of his boxes.


These Adidas exclusives are racking up plenty of five-star reviews, and it's easy to see why. The off-white, collegiate navy, and burgundy color combination is a totally retro vibe with its plaid accents. "Great design, versatile and comfortable. My mates all want them," says one wearer.

Purchase the Forum Exhibit Low Shoes at Adidas for $110.

Best Shaving Kit

Say goodbye to razor burn and stinging skin. Treat your beau to the finer things in life with Kiehl's Ultimate Shave Collection Gift Set, containing four of the brand's best-selling products for men, like the cult-favorite Facial Fuel moisturizer.


This kit has received thousands of five-star ratings from customers, and the reviews are positively glowing. Fans of Kiehl's shaving care and moisturizing products credit them with relieving dryness and reducing the signs of aging. "I've loved having people ask me how I'm looking so refreshed. One buddy said, 'You find the fountain of youth?!'" one reviewer wrote.

Purchase the Ultimate Shave Collection Gift Set at Kiehl's for $58.

Best for Handymen

You don't want to purchase just any old tool for the talented handyman in your life on Valentine's Day. Go with the super-powerful Makita Drill Kit if you really want to show him that you know your stuff.


This handsome drill features a brushless motor and computerized technology to guarantee it'll work flawlessly under the harshest conditions. "I am impressed yet again by a great Makita product. [I've] used it for a couple weeks now, and so far it has performed flawlessly," one user writes. Best of all, this kit comes with a three-year limited warranty to protect your investment.

Purchase the Makita Drill Kit at The Home Depot for $254.

Best for Songwriters

If your partner loves experimenting with songwriting, there are few gifts more appropriate for them than a MicroKORG Synthesizer. This small-but-mighty synth comes with an eight-band vocoder, allowing them to lend their voice to tracks in entirely unexpected ways. Weighing less than five pounds, the MicroKORG is also a wonderfully compact choice of synth for musicians on the go.


Beginner producers may need some time to get used to the MicroKORG's vast capabilities, but it's sure to become a fast favorite in any home studio. "Don't let the size (and price) fool you — this is a serious synth! The microKORG is simply a piece of gear that EVERY musician should own," one reviewer writes.

Purchase the MicroKORG Synthesizer at Sweetwater for $430.

Best Accessory

Some might think that socks aren't inherently impressive gifts, but the same can't be said for this 1950s Sock 3-Pack from FootClothes. This brilliant triad features stunning retro-inspired designs that any midcentury-modern lover will fall head over heels for.


What's more, you won't have to worry about uncomfortable seams or fast-fading designs with this footwear purchase. FootClothes is a woman-owned company founded by magician Chelsea Lowe that focuses on beautiful, comfortable socks that your Valentine will actually look forward to wearing.

Purchase the 1950s Sock 3-Pack at FootClothes for $30.

Best Boxers

With nearly one thousand five-star reviews, we're betting your Valentine will be smitten with these Men's Boxers by Pair of Thieves. These undergarments are the perfect marriage of form and function, providing boxer lovers with superb comfort and a dazzling array of designs to choose from. Of course, there are also plenty of solid colors available for those with more minimalist sensibilities. "[Pair of Thieves] is my new brand of boxer briefs. I love the fit and feel. They are extremely comfortable," one fan writes.


Purchase the Pair of Thieves Men's Boxers 2 Pack at Target for $25.

Best Kitchen Knives

For home cooks, few gifts are as exhilarating or inspiring as a fresh set of high-quality knives. The Wüsthof Knife Set is an elegant gift that features two of the German cutlery brand's bestsellers: the chef's knife and the paring knife.


Both knives are crafted from stain-resistant carbon steel and utilize Wüsthof's Precision Edge Technology to maintain their sharpness over time. "This is just flat-out the best knife [set] I've ever used. It makes work in the kitchen quick, easy, and safe," writes one reviewer.

Purchase the Wüsthof Knife Set at Williams-Sonoma for $225.

Best Journal

This isn't just any journal. The Lorenzo Petrantoni Notebook from Moleskine is the product of a brilliant partnership between the cult-favorite manufacturer and celebrated Italian illustrator Lorenzo Petrantoni.


There's a reason why historical figures, from Van Gogh to Hemingway, famously used Moleskine paper products to jot down their thoughts — their sophisticated and durable construction makes them the perfect notebooks for creatives. The Petrantoni design is a visually stunning, limited-edition release that includes themed stickers to complement your loved one's ideas. Pair it with some black, fine-line pens for the ultimate scribbling experience.

Purchase the Lorenzo Petrantoni Moleskine Notebook at Barnes & Noble for $45.

Best for Health Food Fans

Generally speaking, kombucha is the type of beverage that you either love or hate. That said, if your partner is a fan of the divisive, probiotic-infused nectar, you probably already know how expensive their regular kombucha habit can be. Fortunately, The Kombucha Shop's Kombucha Brewing Kit is there to save the day, encouraging kombucha lovers to drink to their hearts' content.


Your Valentine will love brewing their own kombucha at home — they can even come up with new, exciting flavors to rival the varieties at the local health food store. Who knows? This could be the start of something brew-tiful.

Purchase the Kombucha Brewing Kit at The Kombucha Shop for $49.

Best for Home Bars

Any master of their craft will tell you that using the proper tools for the job can make a world of difference. Whether your other half has a fully-stocked home bar or is just getting into the art of mixology, you can wow them with this Crafthouse 4-Piece Bar Board & Tool Set.


Designed by world champion mixologist Charles Jolly, the Crafthouse set's impressive walnut cutting board is accompanied by a handsome array of matching tools. All that's left to do is rustle up your favorite cocktail recipes and enjoy.

Purchase the Crafthouse 4-Piece Bar & Board Tool Set at Pottery Barn for $90.

Best for Knife Collectors

Does your dude fancy himself a knife collector? Perhaps he lives in one of the lucky territories that permit automatic knife ownership? In that case, he'll love this Frank Beltrame Italian Stiletto Knife — its incredibly sleek design and easy-access functionality make it perfect for sporting and practical applications.


For those of you whose local ordinances prevent you from purchasing terribly sexy knives, relax — you can pick up a similarly sharp-looking Folding Pocket Knife with fewer legal issues. Of course, to prevent potential court cases from putting a damper on your Valentine's Day, be sure to familiarize yourself with a basic guide to local knife laws, courtesy of E-Knives.

Purchase the Frank Beltrame Italian Stiletto Knife at KnifeShop for $65.

Best Lawn Game

Warm weather may still be a few months away for many of us, but that's no reason to stop you from grabbing this GoSports LED Bocce Ball Set to share with your partner. Traditional bocce ball is an old-fashioned favorite, but the addition of colorful LED lights brings this classic lawn game to a whole new level of enjoyment.


With hundreds of five-star reviews, you can count on this set to deliver hours of fun in the spring and summer months. "The colors of the balls are very vivid when lit up at night, and they have the same weight and feel as regular bocce balls. They have been a hit with family and friends," one reviewer writes.

Purchase the GoSports LED Bocce Ball Set on Amazon for $45.

Best Multi-Tool

Still struggling with what to get him this Valentine's Day? Everyone can benefit from a good multi-tool, and the Climber Pocket Knife from Victorinox covers several functions in one tiny device. Believe it or not, this handheld tool contains everything from a corkscrew to a pair of scissors.


The Climber is the perfect companion to outdoor activities, from hiking to camping, but it's equally useful for everyday tasks around the house. "With [the Climber], I can cut, sew, unscrew, open, pick, puncture, twist, strip, and uncork. All in a package that fits in my pocket," one customer writes. When it comes to practical gift-giving, this one takes the cake.

Purchase the Climber Pocket Knife at Victorinox for $43.

Best for Beat Makers

Some of us paid attention in math classes growing up. Some of us, however, spent our time absolutely destroying Top 40 beats with our bare knuckles against our desks, much to our teacher's chagrin. If your partner was the type to fall in the latter category, they'll be sure to appreciate the Roland TR-6S Rhythm Performer this Valentine's Day.


The TR-6S contains "living, breathing replicas" of the iconic vintage drum machines that Roland is known for. Plus, unlike a bulky drum kit, this little machine can fit just about anywhere — perfect for beat makers with limited space.

Purchase the Roland TR-6S Rhythm Performer at Patchwerks for $400.

Best Sounding Headphones

Got an audiophile on your hands? Show him how much you care by getting him the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II for a Valentine's Day surprise.

With the QuietComfort Earbuds II, he can listen to his favorite albums in their truest form, thanks to Bose's CustomTune technology. Boasting everything from the "world's best noise cancellation" to an ultra-customizable fit, the QuietComfort Earbuds II are in-ear headphones for the true audio connoisseur.


Purchase the QuietComfort Earbuds II at Bose for $249.

Best Portable Speaker

A good portable speaker has the power to transform your mood, but a great portable speaker can pull on your heartstrings. It's hard not to fall for the Ditoo Bluetooth Speaker, with an adorably pixelated face that speaks directly to the inner child in all of us.


Of course, the Ditoo Speaker's primary purpose is to blast your favorite songs, but it has several other functions, too. This little guy can also serve as an alarm clock, white noise machine, and pixel art studio. Why did we ever settle for Bluetooth speakers that came before him?

Purchase the Ditoo Bluetooth Speaker at Divoom for $72.

Best for Fur Dads

If you two lovebirds share custody of a darling fur baby, you'll both love this Backpack Pet Carrier from Lollimeow. The adorable bag comes in three different colors and sizes, perfect for toting around your favorite member of the family.


Although spring weather is still on its way, this portable carrier can be used in the interim for grooming visits, vet appointments, or playdates. Per Lollimeow's instructions, it's best suited to fur kids who weigh 13 pounds or less, but you can always look into alternative transportation for larger-bodied pals.

Purchase the Lollimeow Backpack Pet Carrier on Amazon for $35.

Best Bedding

For many people, good sleep is hard to come by. If your partner tosses and turns night after night, it may be time to gift him the Weighted Blanket from Gravity. In addition to being ultra-comfy, weighted blankets may help soothe common nighttime ailments like anxiety and insomnia.


Gravity's Weighted Blanket is a bit pricier than rival products, but reviewers say it's well worth the cost. "This has changed my sleeping habits completely. I feel held nightly, secure & safe. It's amazing how manipulating your physical world can change your psychological mind," one reviewer writes. Furthermore, according to Gravity, nearly two-thirds of sleep study participants reported "deeper, more restful sleep" from using the Weighted Blanket.

Purchase the Weighted Blanket at Gravity for $299.

Best Nostalgic Gift

In our opinion, you're never too old to play with Legos. For a Valentine's Day activity guaranteed to put a smile on any rock fan's face, try The Rolling Stones Art Kit from Lego. Not only can you enjoy an evening of nostalgic block-based fun together, but you'll also have some stunning wall art to show for your efforts.


Purchase The Rolling Stones Art Kit at Lego for $150.

Best Specialty Candy

What's better than chocolate for Valentine's Day? Chocolate infused with adaptogenic ingredients. Adaptogenic herbs can offer mood-enhancing effects in users, from stimulation to relaxation.

We love Eat Gold Organics' Create Magic Bar for its brain-boosting blend of matcha and Lion's Mane mushroom extracts, but the brand's Big Orgasm Bar is an obvious choice for Valentine's Day. The Big Orgasm Bar contains invigorating maca root, cordyceps mushroom, and cayenne pepper extract — all of which can help get the blood flowing.


Purchase the Big Orgasm Adaptogen-Infused Chocolate Bar at Eat Gold Organics for $10.

Best EDP Fragrance

Looking for a distinguished fragrance for your lover that won't give up easily? Try Tom Ford's Beau de Jour EDP on for size. The concentrated eau de parfum formula means that this clean, sophisticated scent from Ford's Private Blend line will linger well after the first spray.


The fragrance house describes it as "a maverick artisanal fragrance", and fans agree that it's certainly something special. "Really impressed with this release from the house of Tom Ford. [The] performance is great, and [it] can be worn year-round," says one reviewer.

Purchase Tom Ford's Beau de Jour EDP at Nordstrom for $325.

Best EDT Fragrance

Choosing the right fragrance may be a highly personal practice, but we're fairly certain that your Valentine will love this artsy eau de toilette. Inspired by an American legend of the art world, the Commes des Garçons Andy Warhol Fifteen Minutes EDT is a truly unique fragrance bound to wow your partner.


This slick, modern scent pays homage to the artist's own 1967 fragrance formulation, described as a bright-smelling citrus concoction poured into silver-tinged Coca-Cola bottles. Commes des Garçons' version employs eccentric notes like makrut lime zest, pittosporum, and metallic amber. What's the difference between regular amber and its metallic cousin? According to Commes des Garçons, metallic amber translates as "much more modern, nervous and explosive". It doesn't get much more romantic than that.

Purchase the Commes des Garçons Andy Warhol Fifteen Minutes EDT at Dover Street Market for $80.

Best Fragrance Sampler

One of the most traditional gifts you can present your sweetheart with this Valentine's Day is fragrance. If you're not sure where to start, why not go with a fragrance wardrobe or sampler? The Maison Francis Kurkdjian Mini Fragrance Wardrobe for Him is our top choice for men (and partners) with discerning tastes.


The Mini Fragrance Wardrobe contains eight of the fragrance house's signature scents to sample. There's the Baccarat Rouge 540, a woody fragrance with elegant touches of jasmine, saffron, and cedar. "Its unusual sillage makes this perfume mysterious. Baccarat Rouge 540 embodies the alchemy of the senses," says perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. Also included are fragrances like Aqua Universalis, featuring bergamot and Sicilian lemon, and L'homme À La Rose, a Valentine-worthy bouquet with notes like Damascena rose and amber wood.

Purchase the Maison Francis Kurkdjian Mini Fragrance Wardrobe for Him at Bloomingdale's for $55.

Best for Bookworms

Everyone loves curling up with a good book. Still, it can be hard to choose which title to get your voracious reader for V-Day. The Kindle 2022 Edition is a fantastic way to keep them turning the pages without any guessing games. Its portability and attractive high-resolution display can help your partner kick their endless scrolling habit. "I still love my physical books, but I've been more inclined to pick up my Kindle to read vs. scroll on my phone. I highly recommend this Kindle," one reviewer writes.


Purchase the Kindle 2022 Edition on Amazon for $75.

Best for Writers

Men are particular about their favorite writing instruments. Some prefer ballpoint pens, while others won't let go of their fine-tipped permanent markers. That said, you'd be hard-pressed to find a guy who wouldn't love the fluid action of the Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen.


This sleek pen comes in four metal finishes, and it's even available in a left-handed version. Furthermore, the Bolt Action Pen boasts nearly 2,000 five-star reviews from loyal fans who praise everything from its killer patina to its exceptional performance.

Purchase the Bolt Action Pen at Tactile Turn for $99.

Best Gift for Warmer Climates

Some like it hot, but not everyone. Whether your partner works long days in the sun or just can't stand muggy weather, he'll love this Personal Air Conditioner Neck Fan by Coolify. The futuristic-looking device promises to cool the wearer down using a semiconductor cooling plate and patented airflow technology.


Sounds great, but does it work? According to satisfied customers, very much so. "This thing has literally been a lifesaver. It has kept me able to work through many a hot summer day," one reviewer writes. That said, tell your guy to take caution if he sports facial hair – some users describe the device as a definite "beard-grabber".

Purchase the Coolify Personal Air Conditioner Neck Fan on Amazon for $149.

Best Gift for Colder Climates

Let's face it: no one really enjoys snow shoveling, but it's a necessary part of life in many regions of the world. You may not find it difficult to make shoveling fun, but why not make it far easier on him with the SnoShark Snow Removal Tool? The lightweight device is perfect for guys who live in wintry climates, and it's even got a protective edge to shield his car from scratches during arduous digs.


Purchase the Snow Removal Tool at SnoShark for $65.

Best for Car Lovers

We've all been there: despite hours of research and planning, you have absolutely no idea what to gift your partner. If all else fails, plan a romantic drive together to your favorite haunt — but don't leave without christening his vehicle with Fuzzy Dice first.


You may be wondering, why? Because everything old is new again, and legend has it that these kitschy, fluffy cubes are potent good luck charms. As far back as the 1950s, pilots and drivers are said to have attached fuzzy dice to rearview mirrors for protection on their journeys, according to Stuart Spicer's 1997 book, "Dream Schemes: Exotic Airliner Art". For car lovers, there's no better way to safeguard their most cherished possession with a hint of vintage flair.

Purchase Fuzzy Dice on Amazon for $10.

Best for Crafters

Maybe your guy has a knack for engineering or an artistic eye. Either way, he's bound to take to the BeaverCraft Whittling Wood Knives Kit, a neatly-packaged introduction to wood carving. This starter whittling kit comes with five pieces of basswood and two carving knives for him to experiment with.


According to BeaverCraft, this set is a great pick for novice woodworkers and experts alike — but caution your giftee to wear hand protection while whittling, as the tools are said to be very sharp. Still, this crafty kit attracts rave reviews across the board. "The build quality is surprisingly good for the low price. Kudos to BeaverCraft for 'carving out' an excellent value and fine gift," one customer writes.

Purchase the Whittling Wood Knives Kit from BeaverCraft for $39.

Best for Camping Enthusiasts

Men who love the great outdoors know the perils of procuring fresh drinking water on the trail. Carrying bottled water can weigh hikers down, and you can't identify a clean source of water by sight alone.


That's what makes the Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System so great — its hollow-fiber filter removes 99.9% of harmful protozoa and bacteria from questionable waters without any bulky pumps or tubes. Weighing just under 3 ounces, it's the ultimate gift for backpacking or camping fans.

Purchase the Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System at REI for $41.

Best for Carnivores: ThermoPro Wireless Meat Thermometer

He may know how to cook a beautifully seared steak, but does he know the safe minimum internal temperature of poultry? The ThermoPro Wireless Meat Thermometer takes the guesswork out of meal preparations, and it's perfect for everything from backyard barbecues to holiday sit-down dinners.


Not only can your meat thermometer alert you to safe temperature ranges, but it can also help you predict the doneness of certain roasts. For example, 145 degrees Fahrenheit indicates medium doneness in beef, whereas 125 degrees would be considered rare. "Let me tell you — for the confidence and peace of mind I get knowing my meals will not be dry and overcooked, it was totally worth it. Highly recommended," says one user.

Purchase the ThermoPro Wireless Meat Thermometer on Amazon for $80.

Best for BBQ Lovers

Any good cut of meat will taste even better with the right sauce pairing. If your guy is a barbecue sauce connoisseur, why not indulge him with the Meat Mitch Barbecue Sauce Sampler? This collection includes award-winning dry rubs and sauces, like Meat Mitch's WHOMP! Competition BBQ Sauce, a sweet, cider vinegar-based variety. Plus, even vegetarians can enjoy this condiment collection by seasoning their veggie burgers, tofu, and other plant-based delights with Mitch's recipes.


Purchase the Barbecue Sauce Sampler at Meat Mitch for $66.

Best American Whiskey

Ask any whiskey fan to list a few of their favorites, and Mellow Corn Kentucky Whiskey is likely to land somewhere at the top. Despite its humble appearance, this cheerful American whiskey has amassed something of a cult following over the years.


Its diehard fans implore you not to judge a corn whiskey by its bottle. "It's hands down the best value of any whiskey out there, tried and true, it's as American as apple pie," says one reviewer. Mellow Corn may be 100 proof, but it's beloved for its exceptional sweetness and smoothness.

Purchase Mellow Corn Kentucky Whiskey at Drizly for $18.

Best Scotch

Scotch drinkers are notoriously fussy when it comes to their drink of choice. That said, Dalwhinnie 15-Year Scotch is a single-malt that's sure to please even the most discerning of palettes. The Scottish whisky is described by its admirers as being pleasantly light and smooth, with subtle notes of honey and vanilla. "I've been drinking scotch whisky for almost 50 years. Dalwhinnie is and has been one of my top favorites for the last 25," one reviewer writes.


Purchase Dalwhinnie 15-Year Scotch at Total Wine for $60.

Best Non-Alcoholic Drink Sampler

You don't need a drop of alcohol to enjoy an uplifting drink this Valentine's Day. Thanks to the Full Kin Kit, teetotallers can enjoy pre-made beverages or craft cocktails complete with adaptogenic herbs.


The gentle effects of botanical extracts, from Rhodiola to Reishi mushroom, are believed to promote feelings of joy and relaxation. "They really do bring you up or wind you down, depending on which drink you choose," said one customer. Blend Kin's products with your favorite mixer, or enjoy them straight — either way, you'll both dig the hangover-free buzz that follows.

Purchase the Full Kin Kit at Kin Euphorics for $138.

Best Herbal Pre-Rolls

No, they're not that pre-rolled smoking herb, but they're the perfect present for those who want an alternative to traditional smoking or vaping. Sacred Smoke developed the Heart Chakra Blend Pre-Rolls using traditional medicinal herbs intended to relax users and expel lung congestion.


While there's no official verdict on the validity of Sacred Smoke's claims, reviewers are pretty thrilled with the effects of their products. The brand's Heart Chakra pre-rolls contain a blend of organic and wildcrafted herbs and flowers, like mugwort, rose petals, and calendula. "The smoke is not harsh, and you can feel your heart expanding," says one user. Why not give them a try this Valentine's Day?

Purchase the Heart Chakra Blend Pre-Rolls at Sacred Smoke for $36.

Best Cigar Sampler

For some men, nothing can compare to the experience of smoking a quality cigar. Offer your partner the best of the best with the Montecristo Lovers Edition II Cigar Sampler, a thoughtful assortment that includes some of the brand's bestselling varieties.


In fact, one reviewer claims that buying this sampler is the only way to obtain Montecristo's "amazing" Afrique Jambo Jambo cigar, a handcrafted blend of African and South American tobaccos. To ensure the best possible taste, be sure to include a case or humidor with this gift — fresh cigars can quickly lose their flavor without proper storage.

Purchase the Montecristo Lovers Edition II Cigar Sampler at Cigars.com for $35.

Best Coffee Sampler

Caffeine fans, rejoice. The Death Wish Triple Threat Coffee Bundle is perfect for couples who take their coffee strong. Death Wish started as a small business with big ideas, and their potent blends of java quickly caught on with coffee enthusiasts on a national scale.


The supercharged Triple Threat Bundle includes the brand's medium, dark, and espresso roasts. All three varieties are certified USDA Organic and available in ready-ground or whole bean form. "[It's] been a long time [since I've] truly felt a caffeine boost, but I've felt it again with Death Wish," one customer wrote.

Purchase the Triple Threat Coffee Bundle at Death Wish for $55.

Best Coffee Maker

Serious coffee drinkers don't take their beverages lightly — that is, unless they're partial to cream in their cup of joe. Nevertheless, if your sweetheart can't live without his daily brew, why not level up his coffee routine with the Five Cup Handblown Chemex Coffee Maker? This French-press device is plastic-free, super stylish, and is said to deliver an unforgettable cup of coffee. After all, how many other coffee makers can say they've earned a place in the Museum of Modern Art?


Purchase the Five Cup Handblown Coffee Maker at Chemex for $115.

Best Robe

There are bathrobes, and then there's the Tekla Organic Cotton Bathrobe. Tekla's robes receive consistently high marks from fashion gurus for their comfortable fit and exceptional quality. "The material is thick, it's made of organic cotton, and the fit is kind of oversized, but in a great way," menswear designer Nikolaj Hansson told The Strategist.


The organic cotton leaves skin feeling fresh and dry straight out of the shower, and truthfully, it's pretty cute to wear around the house as loungewear, too. In fact, you can choose from a variety of colors and patterns for your Valentine's robe, from lavender to cocoa stripes.

Purchase the Tekla Organic Cotton Bathrobe at Nordstrom starting at $159.

Best Shower Set

Many guys are loyalists to their favorite drugstore body care brands, but you can expand his horizons this Valentine's Day with the Rad Bar Soap Gift Collection. Believe us, this set of six killer soaps handcrafted by the New York-based Rad Soap Company is bound to inspire some seriously profound shower thoughts.


Rad's soaps are made from vegan, all-natural ingredients – and unlike traditional bar soaps, they're also super moisturizing and beneficial to the skin. Many Rad users say they're great for treating bacne, dry skin, and other pesky ailments. The scents are absolutely divine, from the matcha and bergamot-infused green Kryptonite bar to the cedar and amber accords in the Man Up variety.

Purchase the Bar Soap Gift Collection at Rad Soap for $48.

Best Massage Tool

Frequent travel, prolonged standing, and vigorous workouts can wreak havoc on your partner's legs. Thankfully, the Normatec Go Compression Calf Massager can help relieve aches, swelling, and pain caused by strenuous activities.


Gone are the days of lackluster massage devices: the Compression Calf Massager delivers targeted relief where tired, sore legs need it the most. "I wear these babies while I'm working at my desk and always take them with me on flights! They're a game changer," says one user.

Purchase the Normatec Go Compression Calf Massager at Hyperice for $399.

Best for Tradesmen

Nearly every guy can use a well-made pair of work boots, and the Danner Insulated Steel Toe Work Boots are some of the best that money can buy. Whether he dabbles in construction or tends to hazardous odd jobs around the house, you can rest assured he'll be protected by Danner's slip-resistant rubber and electrical hazard protection material.


Most importantly, these boots are extremely comfortable to wear thanks to their dual-density footbed design. "[My] feet feel good after [working] 12-14 hour days," one reviewer writes. What's not to love about that?

Purchase the Insulated Steel Toe Work Boots at Danner for $200.

Best Fashion Boot

Few shoe designs are as timeless as the Chelsea boot. The Allen Edmonds Liverpool Signature Chelsea Boot is an excellent example of this footwear classic. In fact, Edmonds' Signature style is so popular that the shoes are practically sold out everywhere online at the time of writing.


Luckily, you can still get your hands on a pair of handcrafted Liverpool Signatures by purchasing factory seconds from Allen Edmonds Shoe Bank. As long as your man isn't too particular about minor imperfections, you can save a bit of cash and give some slightly imperfect shoes a loving home this Valentine's Day.

Purchase the Liverpool Signature Chelsea Boot at Allen Edmonds Shoe Bank for $369.

Best Classic Jacket

Leather isn't for everyone — sorry, vegans — but there's nothing like the look and feel of a finely-made leather jacket. The Schott NYC Leather Motorcycle Jacket is hand-designed and meant to hug every contour of the body.


It's easy to see why Schott has fans across the globe — the New-York based leather company makes beautiful pieces to last a lifetime. The Motorcycle Jacket is one of their most legendary looks, but you can also choose from any number of classic leather styles through their massive catalog.

Purchase the Leather Motorycle Jacket at Schott NYC for $935.

Best Sunglasses

Sunglasses aren't just for summertime adventures — February's UV rays can be pretty brutal, too. So beat the glare and treat your special someone to their next favorite pair of eyewear with these Oval Bio Acetate Sunglasses from Lacoste and National Geographic. Lacoste paired up with National Geographic to introduce these eco-friendly frames in three different colors, each inspired by nature. The soft, neutral tones and striking tortoiseshell pattern are sure to complement any outfit he wears them with.


Purchase the Oval Bio Acetate National Geographic Sunglasses at Lacoste for $129.

Best Wine Glasses

Is it true that the shape of your wine glass can change the taste of wine? According to some sources, yes. "There are a wide variety of wine glass styles out there designed specifically to emphasize the aspects and personality of a certain style of wine," sommelier Art DeCaro tells Forbes.


While there's certainly nothing stopping you from enjoying wine in a can this V-Day, experts suggest that you pair your favorite wine with the proper glassware. The Zalto Denk'Art Burgundy Glass is ideal for wines like Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Cognac. What's more, the aforementioned wines are excellent accompaniments to traditional Valentine's Day fare, from charcuterie boards to filet mignon.

Purchase the Zalto Denk'Art Burgundy Glass at Wine Enthusiast, starting at $81.

Best for Foodies

Some say the key to men's hearts is through their stomachs. Does this sound like your guy? If so, put the theory to the test with this Sliced Meats of Spain Sampler from Jamon, a gourmet display of fine carnivorous treats. Five types of meat are included in the mouth-watering assortment, including genuine acorn-fed Ibérico ham, a famed delicacy that's sure to impress him. According to Jamon, the platter pairs well with fresh bread or Spanish wine, but you can even use it as the centerpiece for a stunning charcuterie board.


Purchase the Sliced Meats of Spain Sampler at Jamon for $109.

Best Hot Sauce Sampler

Hot sauce lovers know that not all condiments are created equally — just mention Frank's Red Hot to a Tapatío fan for a crash course on such matters. Still, even the most opinionated hot sauce aficionados will relish trying Melinda's Mini Liquid Spice Rack.


Melinda's library of sauces has ten different flavors to tempt tastebuds, ranging from mild to extreme intensities. Those with more delicate palettes may prefer the bright jalapeño flavor of Melinda's Green Sauce, while heat-seekers will love the fiery Ghost Wing Sauce. What's more, these TSA-compliant sauce bottles are the perfect size to bring with you on travels near or far.

Purchase the Mini Liquid Spice Rack at Melinda's for $27.

Best Phone Accessory

No one intends on leaving the house with a dead phone, but it can happen to the best of us. Make sure your partner never has to contend with the dreaded empty battery symbol again with the Anker 335 Power Bank Charger. Anker is renowned for their high-quality charging devices, and the Power Bank system is no exception. This model is the brand's latest version of the Power Bank, and it can charge dead phones multiple times over, thanks to its powerful 20,000mAh battery capacity.


Purchase the Anker 335 Power Bank Charger on Amazon for $50.

Best Gaming Device

If you haven't noticed, VR gaming is taking the world by storm. To truly impress your gamer guy this Valentine's Day, grab him the Meta Quest 2 VR headset. It's the best value all-in-one system on the market, despite the slight price increase since its introduction.


At the time of writing, all Meta Quest 2 systems purchased on or after February 5, 2023, come with two free games, GOLF+ and Space Pirate Trainer DX. Of course, you can always opt to purchase additional titles and accessories for a well-rounded gaming experience.

Purchase the Quest 2 at Meta for $400.

Best Handheld Console

Remember playing Pokémon on your Gameboy Color? Or Spyro on PlayStation? The Haihuang RG351V Handheld Game Console makes it possible to revisit all of your favorite video game titles on one device. It's the perfect Valentine's Day gift for gamers nostalgic for the pixelated adventures of their youth.


This handheld console looks just like the ones you grew up with but allows for far more customization. You can play preloaded games, or take things a step further and use an SD card to add your own titles. "This device did not disappoint. It came loaded with all the Pokémon games I was hoping for and [was] ready to go out of the box," one reviewer wrote.

Purchase the Haihuang RG351V Handheld Game Console on Amazon for $105.

Best Graphic Sweater

Graphic sweaters never go out of style — just look to fashion icon Noel Fielding's endless rotation of fab jumpers on "The Great British Bake Off" for proof. The Mía Lee Exclusive Graphic Crew Neck Sweater, available at Urban Outfitters, only has one drawback: you may find yourselves fighting over who gets to wear it. The sweater design is based on the hand-drawn illustrations of Chicagoan artist Mía Lee, and its eye-catching details are sure to capture his heart this Valentine's Day.


Purchase the Mía Lee Exclusive Graphic Crew Neck Sweater at Urban Outfitters for $125.

Best Handmade Accessory

Maybe you're looking to gift him jewelry but want something on the casual side — that's where the Free People Bendable Horsehair Bracelet comes in. The one-size-fits-all cuff is understatedly cool, and its neutral color scheme can suit nearly anyone's aesthetic. Thanks to its minimalist design, it can be worn alone or alongside his other favorite accessories. As a bonus, this Horsehair Bracelet is ethically handcrafted through Free People's Artisan Made partnership.


Purchase the Bendable Horsehair Bracelet at Free People for $110.

Best Engraved Jewelry

If you're seeking something special for your Valentine this year, take a look at the Giles & Brother Original Railroad Cuff. Gifting the iconic railroad-spike bracelet is an elegant way to express your love, and you can even personalize it with free engraving services.


The Original Railroad Cuff is available in four different finishes: silver oxide, antique brass, military black, and brass. Fans, including celebs like Meghan Markle, are in love with this bracelet's unisex design. Interestingly, the Original Railroad Cuff is modeled after Giles & Brother's early jewelry collections, made from real vintage railroad spikes. "I'm so glad I purchased this [cuff]. I have had numerous compliments on it and it goes with everything," writes one wearer

Purchase the Railroad Cuff at Giles & Brother for $120.

Best Ear Jewelry

This is one piece of jewelry he won't ever want to lose track of. The stunning Chain Ear Cuff from Alexander McQueen features an antique silver finish and eco-brass hardware. It's the perfect marriage of edginess and elegance that we've come to expect from McQueen's house of design. Best of all, your Valentine can rock this chainlink look with or without having pierced ears.


Purchase the Chain Ear Cuff at Alexander McQueen for $320.