Crystals That May Help Lower Your Anxiety

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Feeling overwhelmed by constant anxiety? The struggle is real. With illness, war, and economic fears dominating the media, many people are drowning under pressure and tension. According to a 2022 survey by the American Psychological Association, 27% of adults are so stressed that on most days, they can't even function.


Clearly, something's got to give. While some people turn to natural anxiety remedies and others use valuable mental health resources like therapy and support groups, certain peace-seekers are embracing spirituality and alternative medicine as an outlet for their concerns. Particularly popular is the idea of crystal work, which utilizes gemstones as a way to generate or focus energy.

"Crystals are from the Earth, so it only makes sense that when we're feeling anxious or nervous, attuning to their energy can ground us," crystal reiki practitioner and senior astrologer Narayana Montúfar explains to Refinery29. "They can also be really helpful in taking us back to our center and connecting us to our essential selves." In this day and age, a little grounding and reconnection sound like just the ticket. So whether you're a true believer in energetic healing or you're just looking for some pretty, inexpensive tools to help soothe your frayed nerves, here are some top-recommended crystals that may help lower your anxiety.



When you're struggling with high stress, you may be tempted to close your eyes and envision a safe space. For many people, that vision may be at the ocean, or by a lake. Why? Because water is inherently soothing, from its calming blue color to the way it triggers our parasympathetic nervous system to relax (via Women + Waves).


In the realm of crystal work, aquamarine is like the gemstone incarnation of this effect. Ranging from an alluring, clear turquoise to a matte, icy blue, aquamarine embodies soothing shades of water. Even its name is taken from the Latin words for water and sea (per the American Gem Society). So it's no wonder that aquamarine encourages us to go with the flow, and is associated with relaxation and stress reduction.

As Cosmic Cuts observes, aquamarine is also a very powerful stone, carrying the slow, deep strength of its ocean namesake. Use it during meditation to release emotional baggage, focus your thoughts on the present, and embrace the steady emotional rhythm of the waves.

Tiger's eye

It's not always easy to calm down when anxiety is taking you by storm, so you may be looking for a more proactive form of anti-stress energy. Enter a beautifully striped stone known as a tiger's eye. Whereas aquamarine conquers tension through tranquility, tiger's eye takes an opposite approach by surmounting daily pressures through strength and conviction.


As hypnotherapist and intuitive healer Kristine Ovsepian tells Bustle, "This 'eye of the tiger' isn't just about facing anxiety with calm, but with power and strength to overcome adversity." She goes on to suggest that tiger's eye is a great stone for facing down instances of "psychic combat," which could be any emotionally challenging situation — from setting difficult boundaries with a loved one to tackling a stressful project at work.

Fire Mountain Gems suggests using this powerful stone during meditation, placing pieces of tiger's eye over your own closed eyelids to manifest clear vision and decision-making, which may help you to outmaneuver your stress. You can also keep a few chunks of polished tiger's eye in your pockets for on-the-go courage, or place them around any areas where you're likely to have serious conversations, such as your work desk.



As crystals go, amethyst isn't difficult to find. Widely used in jewelry and decor, this rock bears an attractive purple coloring that many people love. But beyond looking pretty, this stone is also treasured in spiritual work for its many positive properties, from cleansing and balancing to promoting harmony. These properties purportedly include calming your mind and helping you relax for sleep, even soothing insomnia (via The Crystal Company).


When the different qualities of amethyst are taken together, this crystal has the potential to help you balance out wavering emotions, cleanse lingering fears or doubts, and decrease stress levels. So you can see how amethyst might play a central role in any crystal work intended to ease anxiety. To reap the relaxing benefits of amethyst, Upskillist suggests placing this stone on your nightstand as you sleep, holding it in your palms during meditation, keeping some on your desk for a calmer work environment, or wearing amethyst jewelry to feel its effects all day.

Black tourmaline

If you're prone to sudden, sharp periods of anxiety, black tourmaline may be the perfect crystal for you to keep on hand. This dark, dramatic stone is said to create a strong energetic shield to help protect you from negative energies that could influence your mood. And because it is associated with your root chakra, which keeps you grounded in safety and confidence, black tourmaline may be able to boost your feelings of security and ward off unnecessary panic (via Tiny Rituals).


Black tourmaline often comes in tubular, geometric formations that show the rock's natural striations. While many examples of this stone are a shadowy shade of jet black, they can also come in hues of very dark blue (per My Crystals). Whichever color you prefer, these can be worn as accessories, carried in your pocket, or placed strategically around your home or workspace to help block harmful influences while promoting a more centered sense of self.

Rose quartz

Fans of crystal work may recognize rose quartz as a popular choice for manifesting love and affection. As crystal expert and entrepreneur Krystal Gasset tells Allure, "The spiritual benefit of rose quartz is opening the heart chakra. When this chakra is open, this allows the energy of receiving and giving love to others." But it may surprise you to learn that many spiritual practitioners also cite rose quartz as a good stone to reduce stress.


Because this soft pink crystal is so closely tied to our emotions, it can be leveraged to help bring balance when they're out of whack. Especially for empaths or others who are easily disrupted by external negativity, rose quartz may put you in closer alignment with your own thoughts so you're less swayed by others' feelings (per Contempo Crystals). Plus, they're affordable and easy to acquire. From beaded rose quartz bracelets to office-appropriate paperweights, there are plenty of ways to bring this stone into your life to reduce anxiety and promote a loving atmosphere all at once.


Honey-hued citrine may not be as ubiquitous as rose quartz or amethyst, but this golden gemstone is a prime candidate for goal setting and stress reduction. Associated with creativity, stimulation, and an open mind, citrine is a great crystal partner during times of high anxiety and decision-making (via Ananda Soul). Providing a boost of energy and clear-sightedness, it may be just the stone to sweep away the cobwebs of doubt and step confidently into your journey forward.


Retrealm compares the effect of citrine on your spirit to the pull and release of yoga on sore muscles. This stone is said to help you unknot stress and worry, replacing such negative thoughts with clarity, motivation, and joy. Want to try it for yourself? For a simple way to make use of citrine's anti-anxiety qualities, consider picking up a smooth, pocket-friendly worry stone like this triangular Citrine Thumb Worry Stone from Artistone.