Over-The-Top Weddings Are Back And Bigger Than Ever In 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the world in countless ways, including changing some things about the wedding industry. Of course, during the pandemic, many were forced to cancel or reschedule their wedding, and others had to limit their guest count. A study conducted by Bride and Investopia in 2021 also found that, during the pandemic, many couples decided to let go of more traditional ceremonies and instead have their wedding better reflect their relationship, per Cision.


Now that weddings are back in full swing, many brides and grooms are holding onto some of these trends but letting go of others. For instance, most weddings have removed traditional rituals completely, including the bouquet and garter toss. However, instead of smaller and more intimate gatherings with simplistic themes and decorations, the pendulum has swung to the opposite: everything big and bold. After years of social distancing and staying home, everyone is ready to break out their finest clothes and have fun. This year, expect to see weddings that are over-the-top and feature the following four elements.

Lots of color

Instead of neutrals, many are embracing lots of color in their wedding designs this year. While this encompasses florals, it also includes bridesmaid dresses, signs, tablescapes, backdrops, and more. Many have begun mixing and matching their bridesmaids' gowns, which has allowed weddings to have more than just the traditional one or two main colors. This has led many to embrace a color palette, such as warm tones or fall colors, instead of only limiting themselves to a few shades.


According to Lauren Anderson and Rachel Bridgwood, who own the floral company Sweet Root Village, "Couples are clearly embracing color moving into 2023...We have noticed a heavy lean towards softer shades of purples with really dynamic palettes that bring in chartreuse or blues and moody peaches," per The Knot. Other popular colors you can expect to see this year include pink, inspired by the rise of Barbiecore, dark tones and black, jewel tones, and pastels. Some have also chosen to have more of a wildflower, cottage-esque look, which features many different light tones. For instance, there are plenty of artificial bouquets on Etsy that encompass this style.

Retro details

Another way weddings are becoming more over-the-top is with retro details. This is most prominently seen in the re-emergence of the disco ball as a staple of many decorative spaces. In fact, on Etsy, brides and grooms could purchase an engraved disco ball to represent the couple, which could be used as a fun decoration. Other ways to use disco balls are to hang multiple along the ceiling or use smaller ones as table décor.


However, the disco ball isn't the only retro element people are using. For instance, some are choosing to buy vintage cakes that look like they're from another era, most with vibrant tones: Think decorative cherries and swooshing piping along the sides. The Knot has plenty of examples of bakeries that have experience making these types of cakes. Others are also using fine china dishware, often mismatched to provide a more eclectic look. This can be used to create a tea party or garden-inspired theme, which often pairs perfectly with brighter floral tones and other vintage elements.

Bold bridal looks

As more traditional rituals are falling away, so is the typical bridal look. Instead of just classic white, some are choosing wedding gowns in other colors, often pink or light blue. And, even if a bride chooses a white dress, she's more apt to choose colorful accents like the shoes, accessories, and the veil. Or, to provide more interest to a white dress, some include embroidered, colorful flowers on the veil or the dress itself. For instance, you could purchase a fully floral veil from Etsy, which will really make a statement.


Many are also choosing dresses or accessories that are big and beautiful. According to Wedding Pro, things like feathers, ruffles, statement sleeves, and long trains are all in. Bows are a huge trend right now and are being added everywhere — on top of both shoulders, on the back of the dress, onto shoes, and in the bride's hair. If you're looking for a bridal hair bow, you could decide upon one with pearls from Etsy. To create an extra sophisticated and classy look, some are adding gloves and capes to their dresses as well.

Oversized everything

Finally, in the spirit of making things louder and as over-the-top as possible, many are choosing bigger decorations, including floral arrangements, lighting, signs, and centerpieces. This is commonly seen in the backdrops used behind the aisle at weddings, which often feature large bouquets of flowers or dramatic wooden arches. Another common way to make your decorations bigger and louder is by including things on the ceiling such as chandeliers, floral arrangements, string lights, draped fabrics, or streamers, per Vogue. Etsy has options for artificial floral chandeliers that could be suspended from the ceiling of a tent or venue.


Aisles are also getting the oversized and dramatic treatment; Instead of just a straight path through the grass, some are choosing curved aisles or covering them with checkered flooring or area rugs. Another popular way to make the aisle interesting is by lining it with flowers or by turning the guest's chairs so that they face inwards instead of towards the front of the aisle.