The Right Type Of Bra To Wear With A Bodysuit

Bodysuits have become increasingly popular in recent years because they're fun, sleek, and sexy. These unique garments are typically more flattering than traditional tops, as bodysuits hug your figure, clinging to your shape, unlike other pieces that just hang over your body. Since bodysuits are so form-flattering, they're considered one of the sexiest types of clothing anyone can wear. After all, think of the famous Playboy Bunny bodysuits!

Of course, provocative bodysuits have been popular clothing choices for playful Halloween costumes and sultry looks for the bedroom for as long as we can remember. But now, bodysuits have expanded to more practical ensembles appropriate for more settings. Many people are now wearing bodysuits with jeans, leggings, and skirts for nights out with friends instead of only as lingerie or for more costume-like looks.

As fun — and now versatile — as bodysuits are, they have a few disadvantages, such as having to pull them down just to use the bathroom. It can also be challenging to figure out what bra to wear with these garments. But at least we can help you with that dilemma.

You can't go wrong with a black bra

Whenever we go out clubbing or bar-hopping with friends, we see more black bodysuits than we can count because these garments are so sleek and flattering. Sometimes we even notice more modest black bodysuits tucked into pants in everyday settings like coffee shops and grocery stores. You can never go wrong with wearing a black bra under a black bodysuit — or bodysuits in other hues, because, like black bodysuits, black bras are convenient and versatile.

Wear a strapless bra with a strapless bodysuit

Strapless bodysuits are so bold and sexy that everyone should have at least one in their closet, and it's typically your best bet to wear a strapless bra under bodysuits without straps. This tip doesn't only apply to bodysuits, but to any strapless garments. Think of it this way: When showing off your shoulders with a strapless piece, you probably won't want bra straps getting in the way.

Consider trying a backless bra

We can't think of anything sexier than a daring backless bodysuit, so donning one of these back-revealing pieces provides the perfect reason to try wearing a backless bra. Sure, the concept probably sounds a little strange at first, but if a backless bra can prevent your undergarment from ruining your sexy backless look, it seems worth trying.

Get sexy with some lace

Lacey undergarments are famously romantic, making them ideal for wearing under sheer bodysuits. So, everyone who owns a see-through bodysuit should invest in at least one lace bra or bralette to wear under the bodysuit for a flirty pop of lace. There's no denying that this playful detail will elevate your bodysuit wherever you wear it.

Flaunt your assets with a push-up bra

Bodysuits are famous for looking seductive, so why not lean into that sexiness with a push-up bra? Wearing a bra that pushes up your breasts under an already flattering, figure-flaunting bodysuit is one of the sexiest ways to show off your body for a provocative look.

Think about going braless

If you feel comfortable wearing your bodysuit without any other support, then feel free to forget the bra! Wearing sexy garments without bras is much more common in today's world than it was many years ago, so don't feel any obligation to wear a bra if you want to rock your look without one.

Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident

Most importantly, you should choose whatever bra makes you feel good when deciding what to wear under your bodysuit, regardless of what anyone else might think. Whether you feel happiest and most confident in a push-up bra, bralette, or any other option, you're the only person whose opinion matters at the end of the day because it's your body.