High-Low Styling Your Sweats Is The Perfect Way To Stay Warm This Winter

Let's face it: getting dressed in the winter can be a drag. When the bitter cold hits, even the most polished among us have difficulty fighting the urge to wear pajamas outdoors. Of course, it's only natural to opt for the fleeciest items in our closets. "Your base layer is key because you want something that's close to your body that's going to keep the warmth in," Olympic snowboarder Jenny Jones tells The Guardian. We'll be the first to admit that we've sheepishly chosen cozy sweats over more fashionable fits on particularly chilly days.

Still, there's no reason why you can't rock your sweats and look good doing it. True, bulky layers can present a challenge when assembling impressive looks, but it's certainly possible to pull them off and keep warm. So grab your favorite jumper and prepare to turn some heads. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear sweats with style this winter.

Experiment with earthy neutrals

This look takes a cue from nature itself, incorporating wintry, muted hues, and a variety of playful textures. Start with a neutral pair of sweats and slip on a soft, celadon-colored trench to keep warm. For added insulation, pair this fit with a fuzzy pastel scarf, but don't forget to wear waterproof boots for protection from slushy streets.

Add retro-inspired details

Sportswear doesn't have to be bulky or shapeless. To get this retro-inspired silhouette, choose a slim-fitting sport knit top in black and a pair of flared, off-black jeans. Top it off with a sherpa-lined, brown leather (or faux leather) jacket and a leather handbag. Although this look is modeled to suit those in slightly warmer climates, you could definitely accentuate it with a hat and gloves to make things toastier.

Try a tailored trench

When your favorite sweatsuit is calling your name on a cold winter day, add some shape and elegance with a belted trench coat. Of course, you can take this fit a step further by adding a printed messenger bag and showy cat-eye sunglasses. Keep things streamlined by accessorizing with minimalist jewelry in silver shades.

Play with patterns for super chic results

This creative ensemble shows you can build an outfit around printed sweats or leggings. In this case, classic camouflage is the starring print, and it's complemented by the army green sheen of a stunning, fur-trimmed leather jacket. Plus, by accident or design, the umber tones of the lace-up Steve Madden boots fit perfectly with the amber-tinted sunglasses.

Opt for an ultramodern feminine silhouette

In lieu of your standard black athleisure, try combining flared olive leggings with a sporty mauve top. From there, capture the essence of this modern look with a cream-colored coat that blends seamlessly into a plush white scarf. To bring it all together, pair your posh outerwear with coordinating boots and a buttery-soft leather satchel.

Layer textured knits for an intricate look

This warm, neutral outfit looks super sophisticated, but it's quite simple to pull off. For your base layer, choose a tan sweatshirt or athletic turtleneck, black tights, and a white miniskirt. Add texture with chunky, cable-knit leg warmers and a loose-knit jumper. A plaid coat with caramel tones may be hard to find, but any cream or camel-colored overcoat will complement the look perfectly.

Use touches of white in place of dark neutrals

This carefree approach to sportswear is clearly centered around one component: the boots. "Why not add a pair of white [boots] to your wardrobe, so your black pair gets a rest? Seriously, even your shoes need a rest at some point," stylist Annette Harris tells Insider. To accentuate the crisp footwear, opt for sweats and knits in cool metallic tones, and stay nice and cozy with a lightweight nylon puffer jacket.

Pick a statement coat to enhance your fit

Winter's chill can put a strain on our wardrobe choices, but it redeems itself with opportunities to wear coats like this one. When you don't want to wear anything but your black leggings and sweats, a faux fur statement coat is your cold-weather security blanket. As seen here, it can instantly lift run-of-the-mill pieces to the upper echelon of style.

Try mood-boosting neons when you're in a style rut

If you're in need of some cheer during the dark winter months, try mixing some sunny neon hues into your wardrobe. Playful pink and orange is a winning color combo for beating the blues, so grab a pair of flared orange leggings and a pink quilted coat to start. For added interest, wrap yourself in a bold pink and orange scarf, plus patent leather accessories to offer some contrast.