The Best Styling Tips To Make Your Boring Dresser Look Chic

Does the top of your dresser ever feel like wasted space in your bedroom? Even though the drawers of your dresser serve a purpose, you may not know what to do with the extra tabletop your furniture creates. There are many ways you can style this area to make it functional and fit in with your bedroom's look. For the best outcome, you should have a set decor style that you prefer and a color scheme that you can follow. Then your room will have a cohesive look, making every piece you use feel purposeful.

First, you need to pick a dresser if you don't have one already. Rare Finds Warehouse explains that there are two different types of dressers. A sideboard dresser is the first kind. They have bigger drawers for clothes. Then there are bedroom dressers with smaller drawers for accessories like jewelry and purses. When you know what type you need, you need to consider what material you want it to be made of. You should choose one that fits your decor style. Of course, you also need to look for one that will fit in your space. Once you have your dresser, it's time to add pieces on top of it that are functional and stylish.

Dried floral arrangements

Dried flowers are beautiful pieces that can also be sentimental. When your loved ones gift you a floral arrangement, you can keep it for years by drying it. Or you can pick out flowers to fit your room's color palette. Since they're not alive, you don't have to worry about watering them. My Weathered Home boasts that because of this, you can use any vase to hold your arrangement. To dry them, you should hang your flowers upside down in a dark room for about 2 weeks.

Cute mirror

Mirrors are a great way to decorate with a function. You can make your bedroom appear larger by placing one on the wall above your dresser. Joss and Main recommend using a circular mirror to balance the vertical lines of your dresser. Although there are tons of different types of mirror shapes, sizes, and frame colors to fit with the decor in your room. Another option is to use a rectangular mirror to create height and vertical space. If you don't have room on the wall, you can still decorate by placing a tabletop version on your dresser.

Jewelry tray

Adding a jewelry tray to your dresser is a great way to add function and style. You can also use jewelry dishes or anything cute big enough to hold your accessories. Home Made Lovely explains that this piece is a dropping place for your jewelry. Instead of having to take everything off and put it away in your jewelry box every day, you can easily store it on your dresser. Using a tray also saves you from accidentally knocking anything off the dresser and gives it a place to go so your space doesn't look messy.


Plants are the perfect addition to any bedroom. They freshen up the space with greenery and clean air. For the best look, EPlanters recommends matching the planter with your room. Make sure the pot has drainage holes and is the right size for your plant. If your room doesn't have enough sunlight or you know you won't remember to water a live plant, you can get the same look with a fake one. Succulents are a good choice if you want something tiny, but pothos and philodendrons are beautiful vining plants to sit on top of a tall dresser.

Framed art

Art is a great way to step up the design of your space. When picking out the perfect piece, you should consider the size, color scheme, and if it fits your decor style. Then you'll need a frame that follows the same criteria. How you place it depends on your dresser. Up To Date Interiors explains that mounting it vertically above your dresser creates more height. You can also lean it against the wall. If you already have a mirror, you can layer smaller prints on your dresser. Putting them on one side will create width.


Candles are another way to decorate the space above your dresser easily. They come in all kinds of vessels that you can style in your room. If you don't plan on ever lighting them, you can focus solely on what their container looks like. However, if you want to use them, make sure not to pick a bunch of different scents. Lakeside View recommends choosing lavender, vanilla, and eucalyptus in bedrooms. You can either place the candle on your dresser or add a decorative plate to protect your furniture.


Organizers are crucial to keeping a clean space. Once you've styled your dresser, you don't want to throw your things all over it and ruin the hard work you put into decorating it. Instead, uses mason jars, small plant pots, and pencil cups to contain tiny accessories. You can use them to organize your makeup brushes, hair ties, bobby pins, or anything else on your dresser that needs a designated space. Almost anything can work as long as it matches your decor.


Books are a cute way to decorate your dresser. If you're a big reader, pick your favorites and place them in a neat stack. You can still use books if you don't like reading by purchasing some for cheap at the thrift store. The Study recommends using hardcover stories and removing the dust jackets for a more timeless look. Remember to match the colors on the cover to the theme of your room. Standing your books up with decorative bookends is another way to make your dresser look more put together.