Pairing Your Makeup Look With Red And Pink Fashions Just Got Easier

Knowing what makeup look to pair with certain outfits can be a challenge — especially when the colors in the ensemble are bold and vibrant, like red and pink. Since those colors are statement-making on their own, it may lead you to wonder what direction you should go in. 

Do you dare match the makeup perfectly with your garments, or let the fit speak for itself with a soft glam makeup look? While there are no complex rules when it comes to pairing your makeup with your fashion, you'll want both aspects to come together in holy matrimony for a united and cohesive vibe. 

Whether you're a full-glam makeup aficionado who loves a dramatic finish or the "no-makeup" makeup look is more your speed, rest assured, you can't go wrong with either, as long as there is thoughtful balance between the makeup and the outfit. Need examples? We've collected some fresh inspiration so you can rock that pink or red outfit with ease, confident that you brought a complementary makeup look with it.

Wear a vibrant lip to match

When you throw that bold and colorful sweater on, whether it's red or pink (or both!), you may be tempted to reach for that lipstick shade you know will match perfectly. And to that, we say go for it! Matching your lipstick with your top is an intentional way of pairing the look together, no matter how vibrant the hues are. Tie the look together with an understated neutral-toned eye so that the lips are the focal point.

Soft matching shadow with a nude glossy lip

Don't be afraid to play with colorful eyeshadow on the lid and lower lash line. While there are things you need to know to pull off pink eyeshadow, anybody can do it! When paired with a sharp black liner and dramatic lash, you get a look that is both soft and sultry, as shown in the gorgeous snap above. Take it one step further with a nude glossy lip for a soft glam look.

Neutral glam

When you want to rock red from head to toe, a neutral-toned aesthetic is one of the most flattering makeup looks to pair with the ensemble. Since red is a bold statement color, going the neutral route on the face will balance the overall look — think brown eyeshadow, black mascara, and a clear or light pink lip.

Bold red lip

You didn't think we'd leave a classic red lip option out, did you? The ideal makeup choice for a seductive red outfit, red lipstick is timeless, stunning, and looks gorgeous on every skin tone. Let the lips have their moment by pairing the look with an understated smokey eye and smudged winged liner, as a bold eye look can come across as clownish when combined with a red lip.

Pink popping eyeliner

Eyeliner is a go-to for many makeup lovers, especially when applied in the inner and outer corners, giving an elongated effect. Instead of reaching for a traditional black liner, go for a fun and lighthearted pink one to match your outfit. Feel free to play with the look even more and create a small heart toward the outer corner of the eye, as seen above.

Rosy cheeks and a sharp wing

You have many options to choose from when you want to pair red and pink together, as seen in the stylish look above. From red lips to pink shadow or a neutral vibe — which one do you choose? If you want to take a soft and delicate route, we suggest rocking rosy cheeks and a sharp wing for some added oomph. Definitely throw on a red lip if you want to kick it up a notch. Because, let's face it, red lipstick is always a good idea.