What You Need To Know To Pull Off Pink Eyeshadow

Feminine and playful, pink is definitely having a moment. More people are embracing their softer sides by adding pink to their wardrobes and makeup. So, it's no wonder that pink eyeshadow is taking the beauty world by storm. You can go softer with lighter shades or make a statement with vibrant hot pink. Consider the undertones of the pinks and the undertones of your skin to create a harmonious look. Cool pinks like rose and fuchsia pair well with cooler skin tones, suggests Style by Deb, while shades like rose gold and peach compliment warmer skin.

Besides choosing the right shade, you also have to be careful about choosing a pink that doesn't evoke the feeling of being ill. As chic as pink eyeshadow is, it can easily look like you have swollen eyes from allergies or sickness. Don't let that scare you from trying one of the hottest beauty trends of the year, though. There are some tricks that can allow you to pull off pink eyeshadow with ease.

Soften the pink

The wide-eyed and subtle look has a bit of innocence to it. With the rise of softer aesthetics, pink eyeshadow looks are going to be rising with it. Using a soft pink shadow across your lids will add delicate femininity to your makeup. However, finishing with black can look harsh and ruin the soft look. Instead, opt for brown eyeliner and mascara to enhance the eyes without creating a stark contrast to the pink. Be sure to blend the eyeliner out so it's more of a diffused line. Brown finishing touches look more natural, ideal for a no-makeup look.

Add some shimmer

Glittery eyes are the perfect look for a night out and for drawing all attention to your best feature. Many eyeshadows already have a little shimmer to them. But adding loose makeup glitter gives you extra shine. Start with a good primer so you have a good base and lightly spray a small eyeshadow brush with setting spray so the glitter sticks. It's better to start slow and build up the glitter rather than trying to put it on all at once. Once you're happy with your look, swipe away the excess and clean up the fallout.

Smoke it out

Modernize a classic smoky eye by doing it in shades of pink. A pink smoky eye is equally soft and dramatic, great for a date night look. Even though you're changing the colors, the technique is the same. Use your darker shade to define the eyes and your main lighter shade on the lid. You can use a shimmer around the lash line and underneath the eyebrow. Here's where you can go dramatic, so finish off with long dark lashes and a sharp winged liner.

The more vibrant, the better

Pink isn't always demure; sometimes bold and attention-grabbing. Don't shy away from the spotlight; instead, choose a vibrant hot pink. In fact, celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta tells the New York Post, "When you're choosing to do a pink shadow, you should choose a vibrant pink that actually shows." Creamy and pigmented is the key to pulling off the bold pink look. With vibrant colors like this, you can go for looks that are more graphic and interesting. Try playing with shapes and silhouettes, carrying them out further or higher than you traditionally would.

Take caution at the waterline

As pretty as pink is, you do have to be careful with where you apply it. The wrong shade of pink in the wrong place can make you look like you've been rubbing swollen eyes. Applying pink eyeshadow under the water can make it look like you've been sick, especially if it's a red-toned pink. How do you combat this? Use only a little bit of shadow, blend it out, and choose a bolder color. A bold pink will be more graphic and look more intentional than a softer shade of pink. And, as with any eyeshadow, blending is a must.

Pair with other colors

Pink is already a playful color, so you should feel empowered to get creative by pairing pink with different shades. Pink and blue, pink and yellow, and pink and purple are pretty combinations to start with. Wearing multiple colors adds some depth to your makeup look. You'll want to follow the general rules of applying colors in a gradient to that there is a cohesive move from one shade to the next. Play around with the placement, like one color above and another below. Or use pink eyeshadow with graphic liner in another color.

Go barefaced everywhere else

Let the pink do the talking and go barefaced everywhere else. Opt for a lightweight foundation and natural lips. On this, the national artistry lead of Sephora Australia, Alphie Sadsad, tells Beauty Crew, "Keep the highlighter and bronzer to a minimum. Pay extra attention to concealing around the nose if needed, as pink eyeshadow can accentuate redness. Then, go for full, brushed-up brows for a youthful finish, and natural pops of colour with a creamy blush and [gloss for the] lips." You'll look like you have a natural glow with all the attention drawn toward your eyes. Now, which pink look are you going to try first