Vicks VapoRub: The Key To Soft Feet Or Just A Sick Go-To?

We're all familiar with Vicks VapoRub — it's pretty much a staple in everyone's medicine cabinet, and a must-have when you're sick. Vicks is a combination of camphor, menthol, and eucalyptus oil, which works to relieve cold symptoms, as well as minor aches and pains, (via GoodRx Health). It's most commonly used on the chest, but Vicks can also be applied to your feet as well, and not for the reasons you may think. Some have said rubbing it on your feet can reduce cold symptoms, but there's no evidence to support it.


On the other hand, many people believe Vicks VapoRub is a hack for getting soft feet. It may seem a bit odd, but why make another trip to the store for lotion when you have a perfectly good jar of Vicks sitting in your cabinet, just waiting to be used? The question is, does this iconic product actually make your feet softer, or is the ointment just for sick days? Keep reading to find out.

It's an excellent moisturizer

As it turns out, Vicks VapoRub actually does wonders for your feet. It's a petroleum-based ointment, and petroleum keeps the moisture in your skin, so you don't end up with those dry, cracked heels. It's essentially the same as applying Vaseline, but this gives you the nice minty scent we all know and love. Healthline explains that there's no hard evidence to support the efficacy of using Vicks on your heels, but there's plenty of anecdotal evidence. Additionally, there is scientific evidence to prove that Vicks can  get rid of foot fungus, as well as stinky feet, according to TMJ and Sleep Therapy. It's like going to the spa and the doctor all at once.


In order for it to work, it's important that you apply the minty petroleum to your feet every night before you go to bed. Be sure to slip on some socks so the Vicks can really seep into the skin. You'll notice what a major difference it makes in just a few days. It's a great solution particularly in the winter, when the cold air really dries out your heels and feet.

Other uncommon uses of Vicks

Vicks VapoRub does so much more than relieve cold symptoms and moisturize cracked skin. In fact, it has a whole plethora of uses you may or may not have been aware of that could totally change your life (at least we think so!). Have a swollen tooth and can't seem to relieve the pain? Art of Modern Dentistry explains Vicks can help. Just apply the ointment where you're experiencing discomfort, then hold a hot compress over it so it traps the heat. Continue this until the pain subsides.


Believe it or not, Vicks is believed to repel certain mosquitoes, so if you're in a pinch and without bug repellent, it should give you some protection against the blood-sucking pests, per Healthline. Now, there's no scientific evidence behind this next claim, but many people have stated Vicks helps treat blemishes as well; however, the American Academy of Dermatology Association warns against using petroleum jelly on acne-prone skin, so proceed with caution.