Citrine: Inside The Sunny Health Benefits Of The Healing Crystal

In the wide world of crystal healing, certain rockstar stones are well-known. Using crystals like rose quartz, obsidian, and amethyst for healing is popular practice, and these stones tend to dominate the conversation, not to mention our social feeds. But they are far from the only options believed to bring power and versatility to your spiritual workings. And if you're looking to expand your crystal horizons, you couldn't choose a better stone than glistening citrine.

Beloved by crystal workers, citrine is a variety of quartz that ranges in color from clear, buttery yellow to deep, enticing amber. Equally beautiful in its raw crystal clusters, as a smooth tumbled stone, or in faceted, light-catching cut gems, citrine is commonly used both in jewelry and spiritualism. As the birthstone for November, this crystal may have autumnal roots, but proponents of crystal healing use it all year long, citing a number of health benefits. If you're interested in trying citrine out in your own life, here's what believers say this healing crystal may be able to do for you.

Citrine boosts your self-esteem

Because of citrine's radiant golden color, it is often associated with warm, sunny energy. When it comes to your self-image, this translates into the belief that citrine can help improve your confidence and boost your opinion of yourself. As crystal expert Yulia Van Doren explains to MindBodyGreen, spiritualists believe that citrine is well-matched for "anything to do with your confidence, your sense of self, your actual physical energy, and showing up brightly. ... Citrine is a fantastic one for energizing your dreams, your goals, and your willpower."

As such, it's a perfect partner for any challenges or spiritual workings that require you to believe in your own capabilities. For instance, citrine might be a good stone to carry in your pocket while delivering an important presentation or asking your boss for a raise. It's thought that its relentlessly positive energy can help you proceed with courage and stay firm in your sense of self-worth without buckling under the pressure.

In moments where you're feeling uncertain or prone to self-doubt, hold citrine in your hand and visualize its energy flowing through you, imbuing your body and spirit with strength. You can also pair this crystal with positive self-affirmations, focusing that tide of self-confidence toward the areas of your life where you need it the most.

Citrine promotes optimism

In addition to upping your self-esteem, the powerful solar energy of citrine may also impact other areas of your mindset. Much like crystal workers tie citrine to confidence, this cheerful yellow stone is also said to use its sunny disposition to promote optimism and positivity. Considered a go-to for any mood-improving rituals or meditations, citrine is commonly used to overcome negative feelings like anxiety, fear, and depression (per The Conscious Club).

For users interested in harnessing citrine's tireless positivity, there are many versatile applications. One key time to use citrine might be before bed, as a way to banish all those doubts and worries that keep you up at night. If you're going through a rough period and could benefit from around-the-clock mood support, you could also carry some citrine with you, wear citrine jewelry, or incorporate this stone when making a spiritual altar in your home.

That said, if using citrine to work on your attitude and personal growth isn't enough on its own, there's no shame in reaching out for additional support. When times are tough, there are many mental health resources that can provide the help you need.

Citrine focuses your manifestations

There's a reason that citrine is sometimes called "The Merchant's Stone," as fans of crystal work believe it to be a powerful force for prosperity and achieving your goals. In fact, citrine is often counted among the most effective crystals for manifesting the life you want, whether you're aiming at something big and external like a new career or making private, internal changes like embracing new habits. "Citrine is really good for manifesting abundance, and not just money or material things, but anything that you're trying to manifest into your life," crystal expert Paul Mastor tells Allure.

Whatever your goal, Spirit of Change Magazine observes that citrine is a member of the quartz family, and suggests that these stones are particularly well-suited to holding, amplifying, and attracting energy to support your journey. So if you're hoping to power up your intention setting, this amber-colored stone deserves a spot in your spiritual arsenal.

To program a piece of citrine with your desired manifestation, you can speak your goals aloud or concentrate on them internally while focusing on the stone. It may help to repeat your goals as a mantra until you feel like they've been ingrained in both the citrine and your own psyche. Then, let the proactive and enthusiastic energy of citrine buoy your efforts as you work toward your ideal life.

Citrine supports mental clarity

If you've been struggling with low energy, brain fog, or a lot of uncertainty and confusion, you may be looking for a crystal that can help sweep away the cobwebs and improve your mental focus. Fortunately, citrine is purported to be just such a stone. With its bright golden light, citrine is renowned amongst crystal workers for providing clarity and zest even in the most turbulent moments (per Tiny Rituals).

So whether you're dealing with artist's block, indecision in your personal life, or just plain old mental exhaustion, citrine may be one way to refocus your thoughts and embrace a much-needed energy boost. Consider including citrine in a mind-clearing crystal grid, wearing citrine earrings, or placing small pieces of this stone on your forehead or temples while meditating. Because this crystal is associated with the sun, you can also try charging your citrine in sunlight, or sitting in a sunny spot while seeking that much-needed clarity.

Citrine helps balance your chakras

If you are interested in energy healing or Eastern spiritualities, you have probably come across the concept of chakras before. These energetic focal points are believed to correspond with the areas of your body, impacting you in both physical and metaphysical ways. And if certain chakras become blocked or misaligned, it's thought that this could cause unpleasant consequences for your holistic well-being (via Healthline).

This is why some spiritualists recommend doing occasional chakra maintenance to keep them all open and in balance. Citrine, in particular, is tied to your solar plexus chakra, which is said to govern self-image, creativity, and purpose, among other things (via Lovepray Jewelry). So if you're feeling down on yourself, experiencing artistic blockages, or struggling to make decisions, rebalancing your solar plexus chakra with citrine is one way to approach the problem from a spiritual angle.

Try holding citrine in your fist while you meditate on your solar plexus chakra, which sits near your diaphragm. Visualize this energetic pressure point becoming free and open, perhaps unfurling like a flower or detangling like an untied knot.

Citrine cleanses your aura

Thanks to its association with your chakras, crystal workers also suggest that citrine can be used to help cleanse your aura, the energetic field believed to encompass your body and spirit. Proponents of this metaphysical practice assert that your aura can be affected by many internal and external forces, such as your emotions, physical health, and the energy in your environment (per Keen). For better or worse, this can also include falling under the influence of other people's auras. Sometimes, these factors can introduce negative vibes to your energetic field, which is where aura cleansing comes in.

Auras are said to manifest in different layers that are tied to each chakra. So spiritualists recommend working through the chakras to balance your aura's energy and cleanse it of any negative influences. Because citrine is believed to be connected to your solar plexus chakra, it's an ideal crystal for cleansing that layer of your aura. Try meditating with a piece of citrine placed just above your belly button and below the ribs, where the solar plexus chakra is located. Envision its positive energy clearing away any negativity that may surround you and breathing a fresh yellow glow into your aura.

Citrine aids digestion

In the realm of crystal work, many stones are also associated with certain organs or systems in the human body. Citrine, for instance, is said to be tied to our digestive and endocrine systems (via Ananda Soul). As such, many proponents of crystal healing like to use citrine as a focus for digestive cleansing and purification. In a sense, it's like the crystal equivalent of a gut detox. And Spirituality & Health further suggests that citrine may be helpful for issues plaguing your stomach, gallbladder, and intestines, from an upset tummy to acid reflux.

Of course, if you're having consistent or severe digestive issues, you'll probably want to consult a medical professional for diagnosis and to plan a course of treatment. But there's no reason you can't support that treatment on the metaphysical side with citrine as your crystal of choice. When battling digestive problems, consider wearing a citrine pendant, carrying citrine with you, or placing a chunk of this stone over the affected area of your body while meditating and visualizing your healing process.