The Best Place To Find Your Future Husband, According To TikTok

Ah, the eternal search for a husband. So many questions need to be answered. Are you ready for matrimony? Where is the best place to find a husband? What kind of husband should you get? "Why don't you take a single man and leave the husbands alone," legendary 1930s movie star Mae West once famously retorted. #MicDrop. (She's not wrong, folks.)


These quintessential questions have been plaguing women since West's time and before — heck, it's the opening line of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice." And a quick look at magazine articles from the 1950s are rife with advice (most of which hasn't aged well). The Daily Mail found a 1958 article in the now-defunct McCall's where, under the headline "129 Ways To Get A Husband," the advice listed was, "Get lost in a football game," "carry a hatbox," and "stand in a corner and cry softly." Honestly, we do that whether there's a man there or not.

For the modern social media age, however, TikTok has come up with a new solution, and it is taking the video-sharing platform by storm.

TikTok recommends browsing Home Depot to find a hubby

Home Depot? More like Hubby Depot. That's according to a new trend on TikTok, where users are positively gushing about the hubby-nabbing opportunities at the hardware and DIY fix-it store. One user, @breannanichols05, even posted a video to the platform of her prepping her run to the lumber aisle by applying lip gloss in hopes of finding a man. She may be looking for lumber, or she may be looking for wood. It's hard to tell. (Womp, womp!) And she's not alone. There are a trove of similar TikTok videos to be found on the platform, with some even proclaiming that they will be deleting all their dating apps in favor of the Hubby Depot hack. 


We have to hand it to this one user — a plucky, bold woman who goes by @joleene_d  on the platform — who walks confidently into the shop and asks the store greeter, "Do you have an aisle specifically where single men are?"

At least one user walked away successful. @latinkitty got all dolled up during her second attempt to find a Home Depot hubby, and she captioned the video, "Which one asked for my number?" suggesting that she landed one of the fine specimens featured in her flirty vid. No word yet on whether they've walked down the (lumber) aisle. 

Home Depot Dating isn't working for everyone

The New York Post reports that the "Home Depot Dating" trend is wildly popular, with the search term racking up nearly four billion views as of this writing. However, it does have its pitfalls. User @itscybersav posted a sad little walk through the store where she laments the lack of available suitors. "No husbands in sight," she says to the camera. "Doesn't work. Now I'm leaving Home Depot without what I needed and without a husband."


It turns out the search for a wifey is just as bewildering as the hubby search, especially when dating apps don't get the job done. GQ UK published an entire how-to on the best places to meet people IRL, and it would seem the advice for the 21st century is really only *somewhat* different from 1958. Their third suggestion was "get a dog" and walk it at the park to meet other singles. A quick look at McCall's 1958 article shows that good old No. 1 on the list of where to find a husband is, "Get a dog and walk it," per the Daily Mail

Sigh. Some things never change.