The K-Beauty Trend That Gives The Classic Glittery Eye A Mature Update

2023 is here, which means the newest Korean beauty trends are too. It's no secret that K-beauty has brought us some of the best makeup and skincare trends, including idol lashes, mauve lips, and glass skin — but that's not all. We can expect even more iconic looks this year, proving that K-beauty is always a step ahead

So, what makes K-beauty so popular? Perhaps the biggest reason many people tend to follow Korean beauty trends is because of their use of natural, organic ingredients that are safer than products we typically find in the U.S. Gorgeous makeup and healthy skin? Talk about a win-win.

The newest beauty trend is meant to give the classic glittery eye a mature update. Don't get us wrong, we love glitter, but there are certain occasions where you might want to dial it back just a bit. With this new trend, you can do exactly that. It's all about keeping the glitter to a minimum by applying it just to the bottom lash line. Take a look at our list below to get some ideas on how you can enhance this beauty staple.

Brighten up your inner corners

Looking for a way to spice up your going-out look? Concentrate the glitter near the inner corners, and keep the rest of the under-eye area matte. This will highlight your eyes, making them look much larger. Not to mention, they'll light up like a disco ball when you step into the light.

Pair warm tones together

Warm shades look great on any skin tone, so why not take this color combo for a spin? If you aren't sure which colors to pair together, start with the glitter and base your lid color around that. Rose gold is a popular choice, but we absolutely love this peachy and yellow-gold vibe.

Fun extras are always a good idea

Unleash your inner K-pop star by placing sparkly stickers or gems on your outer corners or the top of your cheek bones. You can even use them as freckles for a super fun and crazy look. Honestly, there aren't any rules as to where you should place them — have fun trying out different looks!

Enhance a smokey eye

We all love a classic smokey eye, but we love a glittery one even more. The look on its own is rather sultry and sexy, but adding glitter under the lash line makes it much more playful. Choose a glitter in the same color family as the rest of the eye look, as seen in the photo above.

Sophisticated sparkle

If you want to keep the glitter super simple, use a light hand to apply it to the bottom lash line. When it comes to color, opt for something with a pink or blue shift for a hint of opulence. This gives the appearance of diamonds under your eyes, and after all ... diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Add a pop of color

When it comes to glitter, some say less is more, but with this new trend, we say more is always more. The trick is to keep the eyelid simple with neutral shadows, then really pack a colorful glitter on the bottom lash line. You can enhance the look with a winged liner and falsies, but it's totally up to you how dramatic you want the look to be.

The more bling, the better

Here is a super fun way to stay on trend without compromising your creativity. It's all about adding some bling! Start by creating a monotone look with the eyeshadow and glitter, then gently place face gems to the lid (with eye-safe adhesive, of course). You'll be astonished at the result!