Bathing In Wine Is The Newest Way To Indulge In Your Fave Reds And Whites

We all know wine is delicious, but have you ever tried bathing in it? Yep, wine isn't just for girls' nights, romantic dinners, and relaxing nights at home — it's one of the latest trends in skincare, and we're totally here for it. Taking a bath in your favorite red probably seems like a strange concept but, a wine bath is actually super beneficial for a number of reasons. Think about it: drinking red wine does wonders for your body, such as maintaining a healthy heart (per Mayo Clinic), so it only makes sense bathing in these boozy grapes would have their own too.


Before you shoot down the idea, we promise it's worth giving a try. The next time you pop open a bottle of Pinot Noir, put down the stem glass and pour that red wine into the tub. Just kidding — that's not how it works. To make a wine bath, you'll need to mix warm water with red wine leaf extract and grape marc (the grape remnants left over after the pressing process, via Responsible Drinking). Have yourself a nice long soak, and over time, you'll notice all the amazing things it can do.

It improves your skin tremendously

First and foremost, bathing in wine can actually improve your skin's elasticity, preventing the look of wrinkles and fine lines. This is due to the fact that grape seeds contain procyanidins — compounds that increase collagen levels by forming bonds with the collagen itself. When this happens, it produces firmer skin, Healthline explains. Some experts even say red wine grape seeds do a better job maintaining firmness than vitamin E, which is known for its wrinkle-prevention properties, per Wine Folly.


That's not all; vinotherapy can help clear up acne outbreaks, even out skin tone, and keep your skin safe from prolonged sun exposure, which can result in potentially irreversible skin damage. When you think about it, bathing in wine is basically an all-in-one way to achieve the skin you want. It's time to put away the creams, serums, and other products that promise glowing, youthful skin, and step into a bath concocted with red wine.

It increases your energy levels as well

Besides being great for your skin, wine baths can significantly improve your energy levels as well. In addition to procyanidins, red wine grapes also contain polyphenols, which are full of antioxidants. Because of these polyphenols, vinotherapy detoxifies your skin, clearing it of impurities and improving blood circulation. Proper blood circulation isn't just good for your heart — it gives you boosts of energy as well (via Scientific American). If you've been dealing with low energy levels, bathing in wine may actually revive that pep in your step. 


The best thing about wine baths is you can create and enjoy one from the comfort of your own home, though many spas now offer them as a service. However, if you aren't interested in the idea of bathing in wine, there are other vinotherapy treatments you may prefer instead, such as scrubs and massages. Some spas also offer grape skin body wraps, which give you the same benefits as the bath.