Paying Attention To One Key Part Of Your Face Can Change Everything For The Better

Have you ever stopped to think about how much of an impact one small part of your body can have on your overall health and well-being? When it comes to our appearance, we tend to focus on the surface level — the clothes we wear, the way we style our hair, the makeup we use — but what about the deeper, more fundamental aspects of our physicality?


In fact, there is one key part of the face that has been shown to have a profound impact not only on our appearance but also on pretty much everything. So, we are going to explore the importance of paying attention to this part of the face and how focusing on it can lead to significant improvements in both our physical health and our overall sense of well-being.

Now that we have you sufficiently curious, care to take a guess as to which part of the face it is? (Hint: It's like the foundation of a building — if it's strong, everything else looks better on top of it.)

Why the jawline matters

That's right — the jawline! They deserve the spotlight for multiple reasons, yet most of those reasons get buried under the most obvious one, i.e., how absolutely stunning a great jawline can be on your face. Let's face it, a chiseled jawline is like the holy grail of facial features, coveted by both women and men alike. In fact, many young people today ask for jawline adjustments even without any signs of aging. For most of them, it's about fine-tuning their looks. A strong, defined jawline not only suggests youth and vitality but also acts as the foundation for the entire face, providing support that helps keep skin lifted and prevents jowls from forming.


However, as we said, there's more to them than looks. Popular aesthetician Joomee Song tells Net-A-Porter about a feature of jawlines that warrants extra attention: the masseter muscle that goes along the side of your jaw. While this muscle plays a major role in moving the jaws, she adds that "it's also a pathway for the lymphatic drainage system, facial nerves and capillaries," which means the proper function of these muscles have real benefits like "relieving headaches and neck pain."

We did a little bit more digging and found out that there are other reasons why taking care of your jawline and jaw muscles really do change everything for the better.

Lesser-known benefits of a strong jawline

The masseter muscles along your jawline do more than just give you a chiseled look — they can actually improve digestion in your body (via Physiopedia). How? Well, a healthy jaw is crucial for getting the most nutrients from our food by chewing it efficiently. If we don't chew food properly, it can be tough for our digestive system to break it down and extract the essential nutrients we need. Plus, a robust jaw helps keep teeth in line, which stops tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. So, taking care of your jaw is essential for your overall health and well-being.


Did you know that a strong jaw is important for speech development, too? Evanson reports that when the jaw is weak, it can cause speech problems since it's involved in producing sounds. Kids with weak jaws might have trouble with speech, and unstable jaw movements can also affect tongue and lip movement, making it hard to speak properly. This means having a strong jaw can improve speech clarity, too, with clearer speech being produced by stronger, more aligned jaws. So, it's essential to maintain a healthy jaw not only for speech development but also for speaking clearly and accurately.

How to enhance your jawline

Now that you know you should pay attention, you must be wondering what kind of attention jawlines require. You can relax because we've done our homework on jawlines so you don't have to!

The easy, sustainable way to take care of your jaw, jawlines, and muscles is to make some positive lifestyle changes (it's a win-win, really). For starters, Tiege recommends reducing your sodium intake. This means cutting back on salty snacks and junk food, and avoiding adding extra salt to your meals. Another effective way towards a healthier, defined jawline is to lose body fat. It might not be easy, but eating more plants can help you achieve excellent results in terms of weight loss and energy levels. Combining strength exercises and cardio at the gym is the most effective way to lose body fat and gain muscle, which is not only great for your jawline but also for your overall health.


You've probably heard that chewing gum is also a good way to get a stronger jawline, but for more targeted results, try easy exercises like the chin lift and neck curl suggested by Tiege in front of a mirror each morning. You might feel a bit silly, but it's worth it. Exercise and massage the muscles in your neck, chin, and jaw to tone and define your jawline, reduce tension, increase blood circulation, and relax your face. You'll look and feel better in no time.