The Layered Reason Winter Is The Best Time To Get A Tattoo Removal

Let's be honest, not every tattoo is a winner, which can be a total bummer after spending all the time and money it takes to get a tattoo. Not only that, but you're stuck with it for life. Well, sort of. Laser removal gives you the opportunity to say goodbye to that horrible neck tattoo you've had since you were old enough to get it. However, it doesn't just disappear after one treatment. According to Dundee Dermatology, it takes roughly 10 sessions to completely remove the ink from your skin.


You can have a tattoo removed any time of year, but there is a particular season that is better than the rest. Of course, you probably want to get that ink off you as soon as possible, but if you can wait until winter, we highly recommend you do. It's actually the best time to get a tattoo removed, and for several reasons. 

Less exposure to the sun

After the tattoo is finally removed, your skin is going to be super irritated and raw. Because of this, doctors instruct patients to keep the area protected from any sun exposure for a minimum of two months to prevent scarring, Ink B Gone explains. You should avoid sunlight as you're going through treatment as well. If you happen to get sunburned, your chances of scarring and hyperpigmentation drastically increase, which is why it's so important to keep the area covered until it's properly healed. 


What better time to avoid the sun than during the winter? You're already bundled up in long sleeves and pants, so you aren't exposing your skin to the sun or the elements. Plus, you hardly see the sun during wintertime, so you have that to your advantage, too. If covering up isn't an option, you can apply SPF 50, but you should do your best to conceal the tattoo with clothes or bandages first.

There's no temptation to go swimming

In addition to sun exposure, exposing yourself to water is also dangerous following a tattoo removal. When you first get a tattoo, you're supposed to avoid water because it's still an open wound. The same goes for when you get a tattoo removed. Don't worry — bathing and showering is perfectly fine. The issue is when you decide you want to go for a swim in a pool, lake, ocean, etc. Doing so significantly increases your risk of infection because of the bacteria present in the water, according to Beaver Valley Foot Clinic


If you schedule your tattoo removal appointment for the summertime, you may have a bit of FOMO when your friends are hanging out at the pool and you're stuck inside. Luckily, there aren't too many pool parties or beach days happening when it's 23 degrees, which is why winter is the absolute best time to laser away that ink.

Hairy isn't so scary

Once you've finished your tattoo removal sessions, doctors say you should avoid shaving and waxing the area until it is 100% healed, Schweiger Dermatology Group explains. This is another reason why getting it removed during the winter is your best option. If you're used to shaving or waxing the area where your tattoo sat, such as your leg, you're going to have to forgo doing so until your doctor gives you the okay. You may feel self-conscious about not shaving your legs, but winter is all about wearing pants anyway!


Like we said earlier, there aren't too many pool days during the winter, so you don't have to feel insecure about showing off those prickly legs. This is the time to slip on your favorite sweats and hang out at home, so consider booking your appointment during the cold winter months. By the time summer rolls around, your tattoo will be healed and you can say goodbye to all that hair.