An Expert Offers One Thing We Can Do Daily To Become More Body Positive

The year is 2023, and body positivity is in! We're living in a time where bodies of all shapes and sizes are not only accepted but celebrated. A majority of clothing companies have gotten on board with the idea that women of every body type deserve to be represented, but we still have a long way to go. According to The New York Times, 68% of American women wear a minimum size 14. And while the world of plus-size models is growing, the industry is still dominated by the typical model body type. It's a sad truth, but that shouldn't stop women from embracing the body they have, no matter what size. 


Feeling confident in your body is easier said than done, and many women struggle with poor self-image today. About 91% of women reported feelings of dissatisfaction with their bodies (via the National Library of Medicine). To combat this sense of poor body image, Lisa Lawless, Ph.D., CEO of Holistic Wisdom, reveals the one thing women can do every day to become more body positive. 

First, recognize and identify negative self-talk

The first step in becoming more body positive is to understand negative self-talk and recognize when it's happening. Think about how often you look in the mirror and think, "I'm so fat" or "I hate how I look." These two statements are the epitome of negative self-talk, and they only reinforce the way you feel about your body. If you constantly insult your appearance, calling yourself fat or unworthy, it significantly lowers your self-esteem, which in turn, can lead to other mental health issues, Lawless explains.


We know how easy it is to talk poorly of your body — we're our own worst critics. However, that doesn't mean we're meant to. If you want to change the way you feel about the skin you're in, it starts with altering your frame of mind. It isn't going to happen overnight, but if you stick with it, you can start feeling good about the way you look.

Practice positive daily affirmations

Once you've recognized your negative self-talk and how to reframe those thoughts, it's time to move on to the most important step to becoming more body positive — practicing daily affirmations. To combat these negative thoughts, the key is to reframe them in a way to promote body positivity, says Lawless. For instance, Instead of saying, "My body is disgusting," you can say, "I am grateful for what my body can do." You can say them out loud in the mirror or write them down — just as long as you're taking time to do it every day.


In a way, this practice is similar to manifestation, but instead of wishing for a new car or promotion, you're manifesting a new attitude toward your body, mental health, and self-worth. It shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes, though you're welcome to take as much time as you like. Use it as an opportunity to self-reflect and try to understand how your negative body positivity came to be. You may learn more about yourself than you thought you knew.