What Sort Of Bra Should Go Under Your White Or Light-Colored Shirt?

Whether you chucked on your favorite white t-shirt to run errands or decided on a light pink blouse to wear to the office, finding a bra that doesn't show through the shirt can be a total pain. It feels like no matter which one you put on, you know other people are going to see its exact color and style.

So, what do you do? Are you just supposed to get rid of every white and light-colored shirt in your closet? Before you go there, there's actually an easy solution to this common dilemma, and it all comes down to which color bra you choose.

There are several color options that can camouflage your bra under your shirt, and believe it or not, white isn't one of them. Wearing a white bra underneath a white shirt creates a stark contrast between your skin tone and the shirt. Essentially, you're making the situation worse. So what are the best colors to choose from? Let's take a look.

Soft blush

Because blush pink is so light, it's barely visible when wearing a white or light-colored shirt. This is a perfect shade to choose if your skin has cool undertones. If you're unsure whether your skin leans cooler or warmer, take a look at the veins in your wrist. If they're green, you're more warm-toned, and if they're blue, your undertones are cool.


If you're looking for colors that are more fun than basic, pastel shades are an excellent choice for hiding your bra under your white or light-colored shirt. They're geared more towards fair skin tones, however, because the two create less of a stark contrast. If that sounds like you, try experimenting with mint greens, baby blues, and pale yellows.


This is the most common choice when wearing a white or light-colored shirt. It's all about matching your bra to your skin tone. If you have fair skin, stick with nudes or blushes. If you have a medium skin tone, look for honey or caramel shades. And if you have darker skin, cocoa and chocolate shades are going to camouflage your bra the best.

Burgundy and wine-colored

Surprisingly, red-hued bras aren't highly visible under white shirts. The reason for this is, our skin naturally has red undertones, so it camouflages the bra, making it invisible to the naked eye. Keep in mind, however, that this isn't true for bright reds with purple or pink undertones. The key to this look is finding a dark shade, such as burgundy or wine-colored.

Light gray

Gray is one of those colors that work well for any skin type, just as long as you choose a light shade. Going darker will only highlight the bra under your shirt. Additionally, we highly recommend a t-shirt bra as it creates a seamless look under your tops, which also helps with hiding your bra.