Your Basic Nude Mani Is Getting An Upgrade With The 'Champagne-Frosted' Trend

When you think about drinking a glass of champagne, it typically means you're about to celebrate something remarkable. People crack open bottles of bubbly for engagement announcements, New Year's Eve parties, job promotions, and other exciting events. You might even be ready to indulge in some champagne on your birthday! Since champagne is such a magically divine drink to sip on, it makes sense that beauty lovers would want to emulate that same level of excitement with their nail color.  

As long as your nails are covered in the right amount of shimmer, you're already moving in the right direction. While many people might consider nude manicures pretty basic, you can upgrade the look with the popular "champagne-frosted" trend. Going for traditional nude nail polish shades definitely gives the ultimate champagne vibe, but you can also opt for shades of gold, red, black, white, and more underneath that gorgeous top layer of frosted shimmer.

Simple and sweet

When drinking a glass of champagne, you're supposed to revel in the sweet simplicity of such an upscale and delightful drink. The same rule applies when admiring simple and sweet champagne nails. When the length still appears to be realistic and natural, all you have to do is add the perfect shade of nude polish with a bit of shimmer. 

Sunlight champagne nails

Glancing outside your window during daytime hours gives you the opportunity to take in some natural sunlight. When your nails match the energy of the sun's vibrant rays, it's obvious that you've got some sunlight champagne nails going on. Sunlight champagne nails are always radiant and luminous, with a hint of golden shimmer. 


True champagne nails always have at least a little bit of shimmer to fall back on. Without shimmer, nails can still look fabulous in matte or glossy finishes. However, that shimmer detail adds so much more allure and excitement. Nails that shimmer in neutral polish shades like tan and cream are top-of-the-line. 


Let's be honest: There's nothing natural or realistic about opting for wide-tip champagne nails. The good news is, these nails are eccentric and animated — perfect for those who thoroughly prefer such a vibe. If you want your hands to be the star of the show wherever you go, this style is perfect for you.

Glazed donut

When you think of glazed donuts, the first thing that comes to mind is probably Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' (and maybe even Hailey Bieber). It's no shocker that you may even think of glazed donuts in relation to champagne nails. There's a reason these trendy nails look so stylishly delectable at first glance. 

Outdoorsy vibes

You don't have to be stuck inside while sipping on a delicious glass of champagne! That said, your champagne nails don't need to stick to any indoor rules, either. Outdoorsy champagne nails are special in their own way because they'll naturally remind you of the magnificent plants and greenery you see whenever you leave your home.

Pearlescent champagne nails

If you're the type of person who loves making a bold statement wherever you go, then pearlescent nails are ideal for you. This iridescent shade of shimmery polish stands out the most when painted onto nails with tons of extra length. Pearlescent champagne nails will match any of the pearl-encrusted jewelry you potentially own as well.

Jelly glaze

There's nothing basic about rocking a set of jelly glaze champagne nails. These nails are similar to sweet and simple champagne nails, except they're usually a bit glossier, reminiscent of shiny and lustrous lip gloss. These nails show off pink tones and hues for people who love to showcase their girly side. 

Holiday red

The holiday season — when the world celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year's Eve, and other unforgettable days — comes around once a year. That doesn't mean you can't wear holiday champagne nails all year long, though! These stunning nails come in a smooth shade of red with an ample amount of shimmer.

Snowy champagne nails

If you're always dreaming of a winter wonderland where you can build snowmen and make snow angel formations, no matter what time of year it is, snowy champagne nails might be the next best trend for you to try. These nails will remind you of freshly fallen snow with enough shimmer to last a lifetime.

Pretty and pink

The sheer femininity of pink champagne nails is unmatched. These are the type of nails you'd wear if you're trying to give off Baby Spice vibes from the iconic '90s girl group, Spice Girls. Pink champagne nails might even remind you of Marilyn Monroe's divine performance of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend," when she wore her bubblegum pink gown with matching gloves. Go for a softer pink, as shown above, or take it to the extreme with vibrant pink hues. 

Late-night champagne nails

For some people, late-night hours are the most superior hours of the day. If you're the type of person who buzzes with energy and creativity as your day nears its conclusion, you'll resonate with the late-night champagne nails. These nails start with a darker shade of polish covered in loads of shimmer — kind of like a starry night. Covering your nails in shimmer is also a chic way to wear black polish!

Muted and cloudy

When you look up into the sky each day, do you prefer to see straight blueness or a sky filled with fluffy scattered clouds? If the sight of elegantly floating clouds is what tickles your fancy, cloudy champagne nails should be your next mani. This nail style does its best to represent the beauty of each cloud hovering up above, depicting muted grayish-blue hues. 

Date night nails

Do you have a lovey-dovey date night approaching? Date nights are the perfect time to put your best foot forward with people you're interested in. Date night champagne nails will push you over the edge by making you appear well-put-together and fashionably attractive to whoever you spend time with. To really dazzle your date, go for an extra-sparkly shade like this eye-popping pink.

Sunset champagne nails

Before the night comes to an end, observing the stunning colors of a sunset is a wonderful experience. You can bring the same vivid beauty to your nails by choosing to rock sunset champagne nails at your next opportunity. These nails are like a glass of champagne filled with all the yellows, oranges, and reds of a breathtaking sunset view.