Eris: The Astrological Impacts Of The Planet

If you're an astrology buff, odds are, you know all about the eight planets (sorry, Pluto) and how they affect your astrological identity. But we're here to introduce a part of our solar system you may not be aware of: Eris. Eris was originally considered the 10th planet after its discovery in 2005, per The Nine Planets, but like Pluto, it was eventually stripped of its title and classified as a dwarf planet. Regardless of its astronomical status, Eris is a significant part of your astrological makeup and can provide key insights as to who you are as a person.


In order to discover your Eris placement, you'll need to consult your astrological chart, which you can obtain through an online birth chart generator, such as Cafe Astrology. All you have to do is input your birthday, birth time, and the location of your birth, and the generator will do the rest! From there, you can search for which sign rules your Eris and how it affects your overall being. Let's take a look at the astrological impact of this mysterious astronomical mass.

How you express rebellion

Eris is known to evoke one's rebellious nature, particularly in Aquarius, as it is a sign with highly rebellious, eccentric tendencies. But how you express your rebellious side ranges from choosing a non-traditional career path to enjoying unusual music to standing up for what you believe in, no matter the consequences. For example, someone with Eris in Aquarius, the sign of freedom and revolutionary vision, is more likely to take the road less traveled without fear of judgment, particularly when it comes to their interests and hobbies.


On the other hand, someone with Eris in Aries might demonstrate their rebellious side by acting as a driving force in the fight to bring justice to those that have dealt with oppression for some time, says Catherine Urban Astrology. You'll likely find them leading a protest or encouraging others to take action, whether that means voting or calling your senators. Keep in mind that each sign presents its rebellion in its own way, so do your research to see how Eris behaves in yours.

Your forms of self-expression

Self-expression is one of the key aspects that make us unique, which is why Eris is so important to our astrological makeup. In addition to how you exercise your rebellious side, Eris also impacts the ways in which you express yourself. For example, you might be someone who enjoys making original music. Perhaps you like to express yourself through physical art, such as painting or drawing. Maybe you have several creative interests, which is great too! Much like your rebellious nature, your preferred forms of self-expression ultimately can be tied to where your Eris lies.


If your Eris is in Virgo, you may express your inner self through writing, which may include short stories and personal essays — or even just a journal. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is associated with communication and messages, so it makes sense that this sign favors the written word over other forms of self-expression. With that said, if your Eris lies in Virgo, don't be surprised if you have a love for writing others may not understand.

How you deal with conflict

Additionally, Eris — named after the goddess of strife — impacts your astrological makeup by determining how you deal with conflict. This is because the dwarf planet is the sister of Mars, the planet of war. In astrology, Mars is ruled by the god of war, so it's no surprise people with their Eris placement in fire signs are typically more aggressive when faced with conflict. These signs are known for their intensity, especially Aries, which is ruled by the fiery planet. This is a sign not likely to back down when challenged, especially with an Eris placement there. 


On the opposite side of the spectrum is Libra, who is more likely to shy away from conflict than face it head-on; the sign is represented by the scales, so those with an Eris placement in Libra may be more interested in remaining balanced and neutral in the face of conflict. They prefer to see both sides of a situation, though if they feel threatened, they will do whatever they can to remove themselves from the situation. Should you find yourself in a disagreement with someone with an Eris in Libra, don't expect them to put up much of a fight in the traditional sense.

The challenge to accept major life changes

Last but certainly not least, look to your chart to find which house your Eris is in, highlighting areas where you might feel especially stretched. The dwarf planet pushes you to accept major changes in your life, whether that means moving houses or ending a long-term relationship. In situations like these, you may feel an overwhelming sense of discord or strife, but Eris is also there to help guide you through it. According to Forever Conscious, the goddess Eris made it her mission to make the uncomfortable comfortable — even if you don't believe it can be done — and disrupting for the sake of necessary change.


Essentially, Eris exists to give us the energy we need to conquer our fears of the unknown. Though change may seem unsettling at first, such as starting a new career or making a major financial decision, this dwarf planet is there to make the transition much easier, no matter which sign it lies within. When change does occur (and it inevitably will), Eris will be there to give you the strength you need.