Why It's So Important To Wash Your Face Post-Pimple Popping

Although we try to be patient, sometimes it's impossible to avoid taking a stab at a pesky pimple. The problem with taking action is that it can produce even more problems down the line. The experts at theĀ Dermatology Center of Northwest Houston explain that besides leaving scars, popping your pimples can push acne-causing bacteria further down your pores. Plus, it can lead to skin infections and even larger bumps or scarring. For some, however, even though it's damaging and painful, there's something about popping pimples that is too satisfying to stop. So, if you decide to take matters into your hands, you'll want to include a face cleanse afterward.


Whether squeezing your acne is a nervous habit or an occasional attempt to ridding noticeable scars, you want to ensure you follow clean habits to prevent further damage on the skin. Here's what you should consider when washing your face post-pimple popping.

Post pimple-popping cleanse

Not only is face cleansing a good habit to pick up for your skin, but it's also a necessity if you are popping your pimples. Like any open wound, you want to cleanse the affected area after to avoid having the bacteria spread, according to SkinKraft. With an open pimple, it's very easy for bacteria, oil, and dirt to travel inside and cause more acne or even a skin infection. Luckily, a gentle or mild cleanser will help clean up the area.


Depending on the type of acne, popping it can cause swelling or other noticeable skin issues, like redness and irritation. Therefore, washing your face with cool water can help soothe the skin and reduce these symptoms. You'll want to avoid using a cleanser with harsh ingredients, as these cleansers will further irritate your skin. In fact, when cleansing the area where you popped your pimple, treat this area as an open wound. In other words, be aware that any unwanted bacteria or dirt that can enter will come from either your skin or hands and cause even more problems.

How to safely pop a pimple

Before cleaning up after a popped pimple, you need to take precautions before you try squeezing out your acne. Like your post cleanup, you want to avoid any dirt, oil, and bacteria from touching your skin when attempting to pop your pimple. Therefore, thoroughly clean the area you plan to pop before squeezing to ensure it is clean of any bacteria (via SkinKraft). On a similar note, you want to pop your pimple with clean and sanitized hands. Since your hands are going to be the closest to the open wound, you want to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned. If you are using an acne tool, like an acne extractor, sanitize it with alcohol before and after using it. Before continuing, let everything dry.


In some cases, Foreo recommends sterilizing a needle to pierce the top of the pimple. Poking through your whitehead means you don't have to stress or damage your pores by squeezing hard on them. When popping your pimple, always squeeze from the sides rather than on top. This method will squeeze any pus out instead of pushing it back in. If no pus comes out and your whitehead won't budge, your pimple is not ready to be popped. You want to avoid trying to pop these pimples as they could cause further damage to your skin.