Manifesting Your Dream Date Could Actually Improve Your Love Life

If you aren't familiar with manifestation, it is the belief that your ideas, dreams, and goals will become a reality by willing them into existence, per Berkeley Well-Being Institute. Manifesting your dream date might sound a bit hokey, especially if you don't believe in the power of manifestation to begin with, but when the going gets tough, the tough turn to manifesting. With that said, willing the love of your life into existence takes more than just wishing for it; you have to live every day as if the two of you have already met.


Before you start manifesting your dream date, don't expect them to walk in your front door after your first time. Many people turn their back on manifesting because they expected the thing they wanted would immediately fall into their lap, says Eden Health Retreat. It takes patience, but it can really improve your love life. Just stick with it!

How to manifest love

To bring the love you want into your life, it's all about following proper manifesting practices. One of the easiest is journaling the type of date you're looking for. This should include as many details as possible — what color hair do they have? What is their career? The more specific, the better. Writing down something general like, they're fun, is too vague. When making your list, keep in mind there are no right or wrong answers. It's not about being realistic; your expectations may not be, and that's okay.


This improves your love life because you're letting go of control and letting the universe work its magic. When you manifest, you're less likely to stress about if and when you'll meet your soulmate. Once you've created your dream date in your mind, it's up to you to select dates with those who fit into that mold. Of course, they don't have to have every single characteristic, but if you're repeatedly going out with someone who doesn't check any of the boxes, you can't expect things to work out in your favor. 

Be open to possibilities

Like we said, it's very rare you'll meet someone who checks all your boxes, which is why it's important to keep an open mind. Say you have 15 things on your list and a date marks 11 or 12 of them. Even though they didn't check all 15, that's still a high enough number for you to give them a chance; however, if they're sitting somewhere in the single digits, you might want to start looking elsewhere. Who knows? They might be someone else's dream date they've been manifesting to find.


When it comes to finding love, if you're open to possibilities, you're going to have more options, meaning there's a greater chance of finding your potential partner. Remember, manifesting your dream date doesn't mean you'll meet them tomorrow, but don't let that discourage you. If you stick with it, you'll notice how greatly your love life improves over time. By relinquishing control, you can enjoy the journey to love.