Each Zodiac Sign's Response To Working From Home

Does working from home sound like a nightmare? Or, perhaps for you, it's a dream come true. Your answer may have a lot to do with your zodiac sign. Water and earth signs, which tend to be more introspective, may see working at home as a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the office, not to mention overly chatty coworkers and office politics, while fire and air signs, which tend to be more social, may be majorly bummed about working from home with no colleagues to talk to.


The good news is that working from home can be a great way to rejuvenate your creativity and career whether it's something you chose for yourself or were required to do. If the thought of sitting in Zoom meetings at home fills you with dread, don't despair, there can still be a positive side to the situation. With some tweaks, you can bring plenty of excitement and connection to your work-from-home experience.

When checking how your sign responds to working from home it can help to remember that your sun sign isn't the only one that has an impact. Your Midheaven (or MC, which you'll need to know your exact time of birth to calculate) is one of the angles in your house and represents your achievements, career, and life path. When you consider this, along with your sun sign, you can get a fuller picture of how working from home might affect you.


Aries need to warm up to it

Initially, Aries may not respond well to working from home. As the first of the zodiac, Aries are born leaders, and some could find themselves in a slump if there's no one around to follow their lead. Their living space will likely seem dull in comparison to a busy office. That said, Aries is quick to adapt and will likely find a way to make the best of the situation in no time. Not only that, but switching up their settings could be a catalyst for growth for Aries, and could help them gain insights that take their career to the next level. 


For Aries to feel like they're making the most of their time working from home, they'll need to set up a solid home office ASAP. Being organized and having the tools they need can help them feel more effective. Aries also need to remind themselves not to get too frustrated if things aren't going as quickly as they'd like. Starting their morning routine with power yoga (or any other form of exercise that has the potential to be both energizing and relaxing) could be a great way to burn off some excess energy and feel more grounded.

Taurus will require a lot of time to adjust

Compared to other signs, Taurus could take longer to adjust to a change in their routine than some, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll dislike working from home. After Taurus has worked through any initial grumpiness about their schedule changing they may actually prefer it. As a super tactile earth sign, Taurus will revel in the comforts around them. Enjoying their favorite breakfast while taking care of business could easily become their new routine. The only thing Taurus will need to look out for is getting a little too comfortable and spending too much time making elaborate meals, going for coffee runs, or giving themselves mani-pedis instead of typing up reports.


For Taurus to have the most enriching time working from home, they'll need to set a schedule quickly, preferably one that prioritizes work before breaks and relaxation. Having a routine to slip into can provide Taurus the comfort and stability they need to function their best. By taking care of work-related tasks first, Taurus will have more time to unwind how they really want to later on in the day.

Gemini could be out of their element

Chatty and gregarious, airy Gemini may feel out of their element in a home office. Gemini lives to communicate, so working from home could seriously limit their ability to connect with others. With no one to even make small talk with, Gemini risks feeling purposeless at home. The good news for free-spirited Gemini is that they may find they enjoy the freedom of working from home, and there can still be many ways to keep in contact. Video chats with coworkers can help you maintain a semblance of normalcy, as can using social media (as long as they don't let it take over their life).


If a Gemini wants to truly enjoy working from home, taking advantage of opportunities to talk to coworkers is essential. It's also important for Gemini to make sure they get out of their house on a regular basis, even if it's just a walk around the block or a trip to the local grocery store. If they can sign up for an exercise class, go to the library, or find another way to get involved in the community, even better. So long as Gemini can find ways to be around others and discuss topics that engage their mind, they will find a way to grow personally and professionally.

Cancer will instantly love it

As the zodiac sign most prone to hermit behavior, the water sign Cancer will likely have no problem working from home. In fact, they may even start to like it too much. Because Cancers prize a comfortable environment and the comfort of those around them, they may get caught up cleaning, cooking, or just generally looking after others around them rather than finishing their work for the day. Or, they may find themselves reaching out to support coworkers who are struggling with a shift to working from home rather than keeping their minds on their own tasks.


To guard against giving too much of their time to things besides work, Cancer will need to set boundaries with others that might be in the home (even if that other is just a pet who wants to play) and with themselves, too. A clear work itinerary written the night before could help them stay on track and remember what to prioritize. Centering breath work before the day starts could also be great for Cancer, as could some gentle tai chi or yoga. Anything that allows Cancer to get in touch with their own body and needs can help them stay focused and healthy as they tackle their work tasks at home.

Leo thrives around others, so WFH might be a challenge

Full of life and fire, Leo needs a spotlight, which may be hard to come by at home. During the first days and weeks of working from their house, Leo may feel despondent while dealing with dull things like responding to emails or poring over spreadsheets. If there's no audience to dazzle, is a Leo even a Leo? However, even though it may be rough going at first, most Leos won't let themselves stay down for long. Social media is likely to become their best friend and could open the doors to new connections that they may not have had before.


If a Leo wants to thrive while working from home, then they'll not only need to prioritize connecting with their coworkers, but they'll also have to find their tribe online. Whether they start a new Instagram dedicated to sharing style tips or post makeup tutorials for their latest eyeliner experiments, sharing their gifts with others online can make all the difference. Along with that, getting more creative with their beauty routine can help them stay centered, and they may even have more time to focus on it without a commute to cut into it.

Virgo adapts better than most signs

As a focused but flexible earth sign, Virgo will likely take working from home in stride. In fact, they may be so focused on their work that they hardly notice the difference. Virogs are also naturally organized, so staying on top of work at home should be smooth sailing. The need for introspection is also present for most Virgos, so spending time away from a busy workplace likely won't bother them, either. Perfectionism, however, could be a pitfall for Virgo. Their natural tendency to overanalyze can be detrimental if they have nothing else to dwell on besides themselves and their work.


Even though working from home may be a breeze for Virgos in general, there are some things they will need to do to guard against getting too caught up in themselves or any problems they might have. Regularly reaching out to coworkers, friends, and family (or at least making sure they respond when others reach out to them!) is important and can help Virgo keep any loneliness that might creep up on them at bay. Carving out time for relaxing activities like a facial or a massage could also be great for helping Virgo get out of their head and reminding them to focus on things other than work.

Libra needs to feel excitement

Although Libras are super adaptable, the quietness of working from home might feel stifling. For many Libras, the best part of their job is the people they work with, so sitting at home with a laptop may be the opposite of energizing for them. Libras also need to be aware of their tendency to procrastinate. Because of their focus on balance and the importance they place on fairness, they may take a long time to weigh out their options before making a decision, which can turn into procrastinating, especially when they are at home and have less external pressure to get things done on a specific timetable.


Even though Libra might feel down at the outset, they can still flourish while working from home. As lovers of beauty, a great workspace can make a big difference for Libra. Taking time to design a Pinterest-worthy home office can boost Libra's mood while they work and also help them feel more excited about what they do. An interesting love life is also important to Libra, and getting cut off from a work crush could be part of what makes working from home hard for them. Doing some extra flirting on dating apps or even going on more dates could help make up for whatever Libra might be missing from the workplace.

Scorpio will flourish in a home office

Scorpios can be natural loners, so this water sign may feel perfectly comfortable working from home. Intelligent and intense, a Scorpio will take their work seriously, no matter where they do it. However, they may not necessarily find working from home an easy transition. Because Scorpios can be so hyper-focused, they may start to take their work a little too seriously, to the point that it could make things tough for them mentally and emotionally. Also, increased isolation may leave them vulnerable to getting stuck in some of their darker thought patterns, like jealousy, regret, and suspicion.


Despite some of the pitfalls a Scorpio might face while working from home, they can still have a great experience with it. Learning to cut themselves slack if things don't always turn out how they want them to right away can make a big difference. Additionally, letting themselves take breaks when they are feeling overwhelmed is important too. Starting their mornings off with positive affirmations can be great for Scorpio, as can connecting with a few close coworkers, family, and friends. This can help a Scorpio maintain balance and the meaningful social connections they need to feel their best.

Sagittarius can find themselves better at home

Adventurous, energetic, and fiery, home may be the last place a Sagittarius wants to work. However, once Sagittarius realizes how much flexibility they can have while working from home, they will likely warm up to the idea. Being at home means that Sag can work at odd hours or interesting locations. They'll have more time for side projects, delving into unexplored interests, or even developing their own business ideas. Once they see how much potential working from home can have for growth, they'll forget they ever hated it.


Sagittarius needs to have new experiences to feel engaged and happy. One way for a Sag to keep things fresh is to try working from different locations, if possible. It could be as simple as working in your local coffee shop or more elaborate, like taking a small road trip and finding a scenic place to work. If taking work out of the house isn't possible, finding ways to carve out more time for travel could help Sagittarius feel like they are making the most of their time working from home.

Capricorn's best laid plans could be interrupted

As a super-ambitious earth sign, Capricorn may struggle with working from home initially, especially if they feel it is derailing their well-laid plans. A lack of access to workplace resources and coworkers may cause a Capricorn to feel on edge. They can be the ultimate achievers, though, and aren't the type to be squeamish about a challenge. In fact, some Capricorns may even like working from home better if they experience fewer distractions at home than they would in a workplace.


What Capricorns will need to be wary of most is burnout. With no set hours at home, goal-oriented Caps might work from early morning until late at night. To prevent this, Capricorns will need to designate break times for themselves. Drinking hot herbal tea and going for brisk walks can be great ways for Capricorn to de-stress, as can setting a time to stop working for the day. Penciling in some time for peace and relaxation, even if it is brief, can calm a Cap's nerves so that they're more refreshed and better able to tackle their goals.

Aquarius will struggle with feeling isolated

Since Aquarius is an air sign with a need to socialize, working from home may feel strange and isolating. However, because Aquarius tend to be rebels, they might actually end up loving working from home, away from the prying eyes of a nit-picky boss or nosy coworkers. In fact, because Aquarius like to follow their own ideas and aren't scared to break the mold, they may already be working from home as a creative freelancer or entrepreneur. Working from home can also free up time for Aquarius to focus on their passions or to connect to their community in other ways, like helping with a local charity.


Focus is key for Aquarius if they want to have an effective and enjoyable time working from home. With so many ideas bouncing around in their head and increased flexibility surrounding work times, Aquarius may find it hard to stay on task or complete projects until right before a deadline. They may also catch themselves losing a sense of balance as they devote more time to projects they care deeply about than the ones they need to do for work. Taking a few minutes to meditate and visualize their daily goals could be an inspiring and centering morning routine for Aquarius.

Pisces can become more artsy than ever

Dreamy Pisces will have no problem with the idea of working from home. In fact, because they can be so incredibly creative, they might look at it as a perfect opportunity to spend more time on their favorite interests, whether it's writing poetry, composing a song, or getting back into photography. That said, just because a Pisces may have a great time working from home doesn't automatically mean it will be good for them. A Pisces could easily get swept up in fantasy land and might catch themselves daydreaming about that novel they're going to write instead of working.


For Pisces to work from home efficiently, they may need to put some extra effort into staying grounded. Having a designated workspace and keeping it organized can be a great visual cue for a Pisces to get going. Keeping themselves stocked up on their go-to snacks can make work a little more enjoyable. Additionally, crafting a work-related vision board could help them feel more engaged with and excited about the projects they need to do.