The Lip Balm Trick That Will Keep Your Lips Hydrated Under Makeup All Day

Dry, chapped lips can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your lipstick. When your lips are dry and flaky, lipstick may slip into the crevices and accentuate the imperfections, resulting in a less polished and professional look. Applying lipstick to dry lips sometimes causes the color to appear uneven or patchy, which will be even more frustrating if you're trying to achieve a bold or vibrant look. No matter what type of makeup you are into, dry and cracked lips are never a beauty trend.

Another way that dry, flaky lips might ruin your lipstick is by causing it to wear off quickly. When your lips are dry, they don't provide a smooth surface for the lipstick to adhere to, which can cause it to rub off or fade faster than it normally would. This surface is especially problematic if wearing long-lasting lipstick designed to stay put for hours. In some cases, dry, chapped lips even cause the lipstick to flake or peel off, leaving you with a messy and unattractive appearance. To avoid these issues, it's essential to keep your lips moisturized and healthy for your lipstick to look as beautiful as possible. One small tool for changing the course of your lipstick application: lip balm. Although simple, lip balm is the key to keeping your lips hydrated, no matter the lipstick.

Why you need to add lip balm before lipstick

Adding lip balm before your lipstick is vital if you seek healthy lips that also look amazing. Because your lips can get dry from all sorts of angles, you must rehydrate and add moisture back to them. Lip balm or chapstick should form part of your beauty routine if you want a flawless application. It's a known fact that not only will lip balm help keep your lips hydrated, but it will improve the lifespan of your lipstick. A balm or chapstick will act as the perfect surface where your lipstick can stick and remain for the entirety of the day. If your lipstick doesn't have an even surface to stick to, it will easily fade and smear. Without lip balm, you'll have to constantly reapply your lipstick and will most likely find dry flakes.

Depending on the lipstick, the product may severely dry your lips. Long-lasting and matte lipsticks are known for drying out the lips and leaving you with cracked skin. Adding balm before your lipstick will help create a protective barrier, almost like a primer. This barrier will keep your lips moisturized while retaining the long-lasting ability of your lipstick. Besides protecting your lips from your lipstick, lip balm can also act as a barrier against environmental elements like cold and wind. These elements are also known for drying out the lips, making lip balm a crucial beauty product in the colder months.

Prep your lips for lipstick

Besides applying lip balm before lipstick, there are other steps to take to prep your lips. Before applying lip balm, you must exfoliate your lips to remove any dead skin you may have. Avoid putting on lip balm on top of flaky lips since this won't resolve the issue. Steer clear of applying excess lip balm or chapstick, as this will create a slippery surface. While the thought is to hydrate your lips as much as possible, blot your lips with a tissue to remove any excess oil. This blotting will help your lipstick stick on better and prevent it from smudging or feathering.

Prior to applying lipstick, try using a lip liner to help guide your lipstick application. Whenever you apply a bold lipstick like red lipstick, you increase the chance of wrong application. Using a lip liner will help you create your lip shape before the lipstick touches the surface. A liner also will prevent feathering throughout the day and create a buffer for any mistakes when putting on your lipstick. Start at the center of your lips and work your way outwards, being careful to stay within the lines of your lip liner. Applying and wearing lipstick is no challenging task. However, a flawless application is always more noticeable and appreciated.