We Love Men With Scruff, But Preventing Beard Burn Is A Must

Beards are hot. Beards are sexy. Beards are the type of thing that can make anyone with a pulse swoon, walk into doors, or tremble with excitement just at the sight. This isn't an opinion because this isn't an opinion piece. This is a fact — at least according to a 2017 survey by WhatsYourPrice.com where 62.75% of women responded that they are pro facial hair and 43.27% of those who were pro were all for beards. Granted, surveys usually only take a couple thousand participants and form their conclusion from there, but it's still true. Well, true for at least some of us.


But as much as we love beards and the men who sport them, there's no denying that a naked face rubbing against a bearded face is mayhem. Sure, a bearded buddy gets off scot-free on the wounded front, but the same can't be said for those who make out with them. You don't even need a long make-out session with a bearded man or a guy with scruff to end up with an irritated, itchy, rashy face. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, it might just be bad enough to make you want to hide away until the irritation blows over. Which also means putting future make-out sessions on hold — something no one wants to do.

While you may not be able to eliminate beard burn entirely, you can a least take some steps to reduce its negative effects on your gorgeous complexion.


Inquire about his attachment to the beard

You love your partner's beard. You love it so much that you're pretty sure that's why you agreed to the first date, then the second date, and why you eventually moved in with them. Although you know you love them too (right?), you know it's their beard that's the cherry on top of the sundae that is your partner. But because beard burn is not only painful and unsightly, it can even ruin the mood, so you may need to let the beard go. If you're able to do that, then you need to ask your partner if he's ready to do so, also. Can he go out into this world with a naked face?


The best way to tackle this subject is to make it less about you and your face, and more about him and his face. You can do this by suggesting he try a beardless life for a change or tell him you read that beards are over this season. If he doesn't budge or you know, deep down, you'll run for the hills if he shaves, then it's time to get serious about protecting your skin.

Discuss length

Although nothing says uber sexy like a perfectly trimmed beard, the fact is that shorter beard hairs make for even worse beard burns because they're spiky and sharp, unlike longer hair. But the question to ask yourself here is do you want to date someone who has a beard like Gandalf? (Well, do you?) Also, does your partner even want to see if they can pull off the Gandalf look? That might be a "yes" for some, depending on their love of "The Lord of the Rings" and their love for you.


But don't fret about having to get a Gollum costume to complete the look just yet, because not all dudes with long beards look like Gandalf. For example, Jason Momoa has donned a long beard before and looked fantastic. So talk to your partner about length options and how they'll affect his look and your face. He just might be a Jason Momoa in the making, but neither of you knows it because he hasn't tried yet.

Introduce the beard to maintenance

Welcome to beard maintenance 101. We're so glad you're here! If your partner isn't properly cleaning his beard, then that's something he needs to change stat. Standing in the shower and letting the water run over his facial hair simply isn't enough. Also, bar soap? No. What he needs is a cleanser that's specifically for beards, as well as a conditioner that's made for beards. Yes, these things exist and it doesn't stop here.


Once his beard is dry after washing and conditioning it, it's time to apply one of the many beard oils that are available on the market. If looking for an oil that's specific to beards isn't something your partner can get behind, then introduce him to his new BFF: coconut oil. Either you or your partner can rub the oil into his beard, focusing mostly on the ends, as that's the money spot when it comes to protecting your precious face. Although those hairs will never be as soft as a well-conditioned head of hair, you will see and feel some improvements.

Ditch the tongue kiss

You and your partner are not Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. You don't need to deep-throat each other's mouth with your tongues trying to figure out what the other had for lunch. Well, maybe you do. Either way, super open-mouth kisses that are, like, 90% tongue, really rub your face into your partner's beard. In fact, you're smothering that beard with your skin so hard that, afterward, your chin and cheeks will look like a three-year-old kid who went crazy with blush. A great look if you're auditioning for the Barnum & Bailey Circus, but not so good for just an average night out on the town.


If you want to avoid a severe beard burn, then ease up on the tongue by pulling your head back a bit. Try to make your kiss more lip-focused and see how that works for you. You may find that this is the way you've always wanted to kiss. Or you'll realize it's just not hitting the spot and you'll return to your tongue-like ways.

Only make out when you're wearing a sheet mask

One of the best suggestions you will ever get on the topic of beard burn is that you can take a big step in protecting your face by wearing a sheet mask while you kiss. Yes, really! If you and your partner are sitting on the couch and things are starting to get a bit frisky and you know it's going to lead to one of those deliciously fun, drawn-out make-out sessions, then reach for a sheet mask first. Just open up the package, apply the mask to your face as usual, then get to kissing. You may find that you'll have to hold the mask in place so the beard doesn't accidentally throw it on the floor, but you don't need hands to kiss, so you can do this.


This approach may seem ridiculous in theory, but it really isn't. With a sheet mask on your face, you're not just protecting your skin but moisturizing it at the same time. If you're concerned about how silly you might look, remind yourself that people don't kiss with their eyes open. Also, this option is better than a bright orange ski mask. 

Take care of your skin

Even if you already have your skincare technique down to a science, having a partner with a beard is just the thing that's going to demand you really take care of your skin. What this means is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Moisturizing won't completely eliminate or prevent beard burn, but because you're adding extra moisture to your skin, you're amplifying the external barrier of your face's epidermis and it will help in keeping the irritation to a minimum. 


You also want to take a look at the products you're currently using. If you see alcohol listed in any of them, ditch them. Alcohol dries out the skin, making it not only susceptible to beard-induced irritation, but also to increased acne breakouts. Another thing to consider is giving up any exfoliants you might have as part of your skincare routine. Exfoliants, too, dry out the skin, making it a prime target for a beard to aggravate.

Accept it

Style hurts. You know this if you've ever worn a new pair of shoes that gave you blisters after 10 minutes, but you pushed through the night. Or if you've ever worn a dress that was two sizes too small because you loved it so much and they didn't make it in your size.  


What looks fantastic doesn't always feel that way. In some cases, what looks good hurts like heck. So what can you do if your partner's beard is destroying your face every time they lean in for a smooch or two?

If you've both made the steps to better the situation and it's still no bueno, then it might be time to accept it. This doesn't mean you're admitting defeat. It just means you did what you could to remedy the inevitable beard burn, and it didn't work. And that's okay because your partner still has his beard. At the end of the day, that just might be what matters most to both of you.