Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm: What Happened Since The Product Was On Shark Tank?

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When there's a will, there sure is a way — even with just a couple hundred dollars in your pocket to start. That's all Oliver Zak and Selom Agbitor had when they founded Mad Rabbit, their tattoo aftercare brand. The two became best friends while attending Miami University in Ohio and bonded over their entrepreneurial drive and love for tattoos. After seeing a hole in the market for all-natural tattoo aftercare products, they saw a great opportunity and ran with it. 

Mad Rabbit was officially founded in 2019, the same year Oliver and Selom graduated and began working full-time jobs in finance. In one year, they were already raking in over $1 million in sales from just one product, tattoo balm. Oliver and Selom wanted to take their brand to the next level and get an investor behind it. They appeared on Shark Tank in 2021 with the hope of securing a $500,000 deal for 5% equity. After quickly impressing the sharks with their high sales numbers and inspiring story, they landed a deal of $500,000 for 12% equity from Mark Cuban — an offer they couldn't refuse.  

What inspired Mad Rabbit?

With every amazing idea, there's always an inspiration behind it. For Oliver, the inspiration struck after getting his first tattoo. He was surprised when the tattoo artist recommended petroleum jelly for aftercare and healing, which can actually do more harm than good. Selom had always appreciated the art of tattoos, sharing with the sharks that he had always wanted to be an artist but chose to study finance. The two noticed a lack of high-quality and all-natural tattoo aftercare products, and they wanted to be a part of the solution. Within the first year of launching, Mad Rabbit quickly grew a loyal customer base selling only from their website and marketing their product on social media. 

Oliver and Selom created a tattoo balm that keeps both new and old tattoos looking fresh. They pride themselves on their clean, natural, and vegan ingredients. During the Shark Tank pitch, Oliver explained that there were only about 12 tattoo aftercare competitors, and they were the only all-natural brand in the U.S. With Mad Rabbit, there are no additives or fake substitutes, only real transparency about what goes into the products. Their balm is made from shea butter, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, and calendula oil and with fragrances like lavender, frankincense, cucumber, vanilla, and coconut. These ingredients are meant to keep your tattoos looking their best, even on tattoos that have already started to fade.

Post-Shark Tank success

What started as a college side hustle has blossomed into one of the most successful tattoo aftercare brands on the market. In an update segment on Shark Tank, Oliver and Selom reappeared to share their success after being on the show. Being on Shark Tank allowed their following to grow even more and put them in the spotlight. They secured a deal with Urban Outfitters that put them in 150 stores across the U.S. and Canada. They are in over 200 tattoo parlors and their products are sold in over 100 countries worldwide. The brand was able to thrive even though COVID-19, as they leaned on their online community to support them. 

 At the beginning of 2022, Mad Rabbit became the exclusive tattoo aftercare brand for Inked Magazine, a huge media company covering all things tattoo-related. They also received an additional $4 million in funding from Mark Cuban along with several other investors, and they were able to use the money to expand their product line and marketing. It's estimated that they made over $20 million in 2022. They've already started off this year well, as Oliver and Selom are both featured on Forbes' 30 Under 30 list for 2023, another win for Mad Rabbit. You can primarily find Mad Rabbit products on their website and Amazon. The brand hopes to eventually reach larger retailers like Walmart and Target. 

New Mad Rabbit products

It's clear that Mad Rabbit found a ton of success from their initial product, and they have continued to expand their product list beyond tattoo balm. At the end of 2022, the brand released several new products on their website, all fantastic options for anyone with tattoos. Selom said it best during the Shark Tank pitch: "A work of art is meant to be treasured for years and years. Even Picasso and Da Vinci have had their paintings restored to their vibrant beginnings from years ago. Why not give that same love and care to the art on your body?" 

Mad Rabbit is a brand that truly understands the importance of caring for tattoos. They now have a tattoo balm stick, a hands-free and unscented version of the original balm, making it easier to apply. Their new soothing gel is made to alleviate the itchiness and irritation that often comes with the tattoo healing process. They also began selling sunscreenlotion, and body wash for daily use to keep skin smooth and vibrant all the time, even after a tattoo has healed. Getting a tattoo can be pretty painful, so Mad Rabbit came out with a numbing cream made with lidocaine to make the process a little easier. They kept tattoo artists in mind and created a tattoo glide, which lubricates and protects the client's skin to prepare it for the ink.  

More than just a brand

Mad Rabbit is a brand that uses their success and resources to serve others. They not only put out stellar aftercare products, but they have been able to connect with people through the healing power of tattoos. "Our vision for the brand is that it will someday extend far beyond skincare," Oliver Zak tells Business Wire. Tattoos can truly bring people together and provide a light during dark times, and Mad Rabbit has become a part of that.

In 2021, Mad Rabbit partnered up with Personal Ink (, a program that provides free tattoos to survivors of breast cancer who have had mastectomy surgeries. Their goal is to empower survivors and help them feel confident in their own skin through body art. During breast cancer awareness month, Mad Rabbit donated $10,000 to and encouraged their customers to donate as well. In December of 2022, the brand continued with their philanthropic efforts and raised money for Hope Vs. Cancer. This organization sends out temporary tattoos to children with cancer, aiming to lift their spirits during a difficult time. Within the past couple of years, Mad Rabbit has been able to make a real difference, and there's no doubt that they will keep going above and beyond.