22 Outfits To Wear With Your Uggs For Maximum Comfort

Low-rise jeans, baggy pants, baby tees, excessive layering, butterfly clips, and bejeweled accessories — there's a lot to be grateful for in the current 2000s style revival. But there's one comeback we particularly love: Uggs. That's right, this divisive shoe is back on our Instagram feeds and on some influential pairs of feet, including the Hadid sisters and Kendall Jenner. Some people call them ugly, while others can appreciate the look (we're in this camp), but there's one thing most of us can agree on: Uggs are just plain comfortable, so it's worth having a pair in your closet.

Uggs can look casual or polished, depending on what you pair them with, and today's Ugg outfits are more creative than in decades past. Classic Ugg boots are fairly plain, so they can pair with pretty much anything, from leggings, sweatpants, and jeans (the 2000s way) to miniskirts and tailored trousers. Whether you want to rock them as comfy shoes or you want them to be the star of your overall look, we've rounded up some comfy and chic ways to style Uggs. After all, even if you're just wearing them to run errands, why not look cute while doing them? Find your Ugg outfit inspiration for styling these plush shearling boots.

A super long trench coat

Sophisticated and warm, there's just an unexplainable classy vibe to an extra-long trench coat. Ugg boots add to the warm intention (both physically and looks-wise) of this look but make it feel more casual overall. It's the color coordination, matching the shoes and the coat, that really makes this outfit look more put-together. These classic brown Uggs pair beautifully with the camel trench. For a long black jacket, consider styling with black Uggs to make the outfit look more styled rather than something you just threw on.

An all-black outfit

You can pretty much never go wrong with an all-black outfit, in our opinion. Done right, it looks so chic and cool, done "wrong," it might look a bit plain but still so sleek. This is an all-black Ugg outfit done right, with contrasting textures that give the outfit some dimension. The look brings together a smooth leather jacket and flowy trousers with soft Uggs. These Uggs are a platform style to give the outfit even more edge.

A moto jacket

A moto jacket just oozes cool, especially when paired with a miniskirt. Leather boots or combat boots make sense with this outfit, but if you want to switch it up, throw on some Uggs instead. The Uggs take a bit of rebelliousness out of this outfit, making it perfect if edgy isn't really your thing. Paired with the beanie and legwarmers, this outfit goes for cool and cozy instead of cool and chic.

A balletcore look

If your childhood dancing days coincided with the Ugg era, you might remember slipping on your boots over your tights to run from the dance studio to the car. Uggs really just make sense as a dancer-off-duty shoe. They're comfortable, keep dancers' feet warm, and are spacious (a plus if your feet are sore or covered in blisters). In other words, it wouldn't be surprising to see Uggs on a dancer's feet, so they're a great choice for your balletcore outfits, as well.

Cozy accessories

Uggs are such a good cold-weather shoe because their sheepskin lining keeps feet toasty warm. To make an outfit all the more snuggly, pair Uggs with cozy accessories. The accessories in this photo are as stylish as they are warm: A large knitted scarf, soft earmuffs, and wooly gloves all add warmth and texture to liven up a winter outfit. The cherry on top? The fuzzy bag really pulls this entire look together.

A sweater dress

Sweater weather also means sweater dress weather. Sweater dresses make it possible to wear dresses well into the winter, but they can still be a little chilly. Sheepskin-lined shoes like Uggs can keep you from getting cold while upping the cozy vibe of the outfit, as well. This look is just as suitable for an evening watching movies on the couch or going out with friends. Especially when paired with accessories and sheer tights, it's a sweet girl's day outfit.

Leggings and a baggy sweatshirt

Leggings and Uggs go together like peanut butter and jelly — it's just a classic day-off combination. The casual appeal of this outfit comes from the oversized sweater, crew socks, and of course, the mini Ugg boots. Whether for hanging out around the house, going to classes, or running errands, this Ugg outfit just works.

A leather sherpa jacket

Match a fuzzy jacket and fuzzy shoes by wearing a leather sherpa jacket with a pair of Uggs. We love how this outfit rocks a slipper-style shoe where the sheepskin is on display. It makes the outfit feel more cohesive, with little peeks of shearing from top to bottom that give this simpler look some enviable texture.

A monochrome outfit

A simpler shoe is usually a go-to for a monochrome outfit (the main focus should be on the color, after all). The rather basic silhouette of Uggs doesn't distract from this look but does add some personality with its bright hue. The hot pink shoe takes the monochrome look up a notch, adding a pop of color to this blue moment. We love how this outfit looks so soft from head to toe, from fuzzy scarf to sheepskin slippers.

An extra large scarf

Sure, skinny scarves are having their moment right now, but extra-large scarves are also creeping their way into winter looks. They remind us a bit of the blanket scarves of the 2010s, but these versions are longer and look more modern. When a winter accessory is such a notable part of an outfit, you should really pair it with a wintery shoe, and Uggs fit the bill. A pea coat and knit lounge pants really bring home this cold-weather look.

An oversized blazer and jeans

An oversized blazer and blue jeans are the simplest version of the "cool girl" costume right now. Since this outfit is so classic, it can really pair with any shoe, including Uggs. To achieve this modern silhouette, choose a boxy blazer, a straight or wide-leg jean, and short Ugg boots.

A sweatsuit and puffy vest

We don't even really need to say it — of course sweatpants go with Uggs, it's the quintessential lazy day Ugg outfit. But are you looking for ways to take it up a notch and look more put-together? Pair your Uggs with a matching sweatsuit instead, which automatically makes this super casual outfit look more intentional. A puffy vest over top adds texture and extra warmth.

Jeans and a cardigan

This isn't the first time you've seen Uggs, jeans, and a cardigan, and we doubt it will be your last. This combination just makes sense as a comfortable outfit that is suitable for a range of situations, plus is so easy to just throw on. Uggs have always paired with jeans (though once upon a time it was tucked-in skinny jeans). Make this look trendier by choosing baggier silhouettes like in this photo, with an oversized cardigan and a loose jean that goes over the Ugg boot.

Flared leggings

Do you remember rocking Uggs with your yoga pants? Well, this look has essentially come back around, just with a different name. If you're getting bored of wearing your flared leggings with sneakers, throw on a pair of Uggs instead. It's equally as casual but even warmer. The teddy bear bag and ear muffs make this look even more winter-friendly, and we love that the leggings have a split hem for an eye-catching twist on a plain pant.

A duster coat

Duster coats are so easy to style, and this photo just proves that you can make them work with almost any shoe, including Uggs. This is the look to throw on for chilly or windy days. There's not much room for cold air to hit you in this cozy outfit; you'll be nice and toasty with the long coat and lined Uggs.


Uggs are usually seen as casual shoes, but they definitely don't have to be. Our younger selves would have never thought of pairing Ugg boots with trousers, but it really does look good. We love how chic and fashionable this outfit is with the corset vest and tailored trousers, but the peek-a-boo of the Uggs really adds that casual touch that makes the entire outfit feel more relaxed.

A teddy bear jacket

Part of the appealing look of Uggs comes from their texture — their suede exterior and peek of sheepskin make them look oh-so-soft. Continue this theme in the rest of your outfit by pairing Ugg boots with a teddy bear jacket. This outfit looks like it feels like a big bear hug, so it's perfect for days when you really need that extra comfort.

Bike shorts and a sweatshirt

Uggs are best as fall and winter shoes (your feet might get too hot in other months), but that doesn't mean you can't slip them on in warmer seasons. When it's still too chilly for sandals but warm enough to throw on a pair of shorts, wear Uggs with bike shorts and a sweatshirt. It gives off the same vibe as wearing Uggs with leggings and a sweater, but it won't make you too hot on those warmer days.

An oversized plaid button-up and jeans

Plaid button-ups fit into the same cozy category as Ugg boots, so it makes sense to wear them together. It's a homey and comfortable combination that looks just as nice at the grocery store, the coffee shop, or even on a camping trip. We love how this outfit uses oversized garments to make it feel more masculine, with baggy jeans, a loose white shirt, and a large plaid shirt.

A tonal outfit

When most people picture Uggs, they picture the classic chestnut brown boot color. While this staple color is a crowd favorite, Uggs come in so many other colors, including bright pink as shown by this outfit. Ugg's colorful offerings allow you to add another bright shoe to your collection for wearing with monochrome or tonal outfits.

A mini skirt and sheer tights

Who said Uggs can't be a going-out shoe? If you're headed to a casual night out, wear Uggs with your favorite mini skirt and tights combo. Or if it's not totally appropriate for your plans, this look is a super cute and comfortable choice to wear en route to a pre-party or to get ready with the girls, before changing into your shoes for a night on the town. Might as well save your feet the pain for as long as possible!

An oversized turtleneck

Another cozy combination for staying extra warm, Ugg boots fit just right with an oversized turtleneck. Take some inspiration from this outfit, and go formal on the top with a nicer sweater and jacket and casual on the bottom with sweatpants and mini Uggs. Uggs, jeans, and a turtleneck is also an outfit combination that never gets old.