11 Ways To Wear An Easy-To-Style And Hard-To-Miss Duster This Spring

Even if you didn't know what it was at the time, you've probably seen someone walking around wearing a duster coat. A duster, as the name implies, is just long enough to nearly graze (or dust) the ground and is generally lighter weight than a trench coat. Dusters offer a fun, versatile way to enhance any outfit, and they're especially great in the spring — when it can be warm one minute and chilly the next. In short, dusters are a jacket trend we can't get enough of.

If you're new to the world of dusters, we'd advise against buying a bunch all at once. As with any new wardrobe addition, you'll want to consider how you're going to wear it and what you'll wear it with; otherwise, you'll be stuck with a fabulous coat that never sees the outside of your closet. The good thing about dusters is that they come in enough styles that you shouldn't have a problem finding one that you'll wear nearly 24/7. To help you make the most of your duster debut, we're going to walk you through 11 different ways to style one, so you can be off trendsetting with the best of them.

Add coverage to a crop top

Are you getting ready to go on a tropical vacation? Or maybe a cruise has been calling your name ever since winter hit. Wherever you're donning a crop top, bring a duster along to give you some easy protection from the sun. A duster is also a great vacation accessory to carry around when you're going from the beach to the bar — use it as a cover-up when you're shopping in chilly stores or grabbing lunch from a cafe. Just make sure it's lightweight enough that you won't get hot under it!

Wear a duster over a longer skirt

Think you can't wear a duster coat with a skirt? Think again! A duster pairs wonderfully with a flowy (or fitted) midi- or even a full-length skirt. To make sure you're not drowning in fabric, we recommend pairing a looser duster and skirt with a more form-fitting top to add some shape to the ensemble. When you do pair dusters with fuller skirts, we recommend not making it a monochromatic look — try contrasting colors to add visual interest. However you do it, a duster is our favorite way to elevate your ideal sweater and skirt look.

Add a pop of color to any outfit

When you're shopping for dusters, it's a great idea to grab one in a non-neutral color. Especially if the majority of your wardrobe is made up of neutrals, a duster is a super easy and fun way to add color to an outfit. You don't have to save your colorful duster for a neutral outfit, either — try creating a color-blocking effect by pairing a green duster with a burnt orange top and a pair of brown corduroys for a slightly understated look that's still fun and eye-catching. 

Add dimension to an everyday look

We all have that go-to outfit that works for practically any occasion. For many of us, it's that favorite t-shirt and jeans combo that we can't wear enough. Sometimes, though, wearing the same styles gets boring fast — which is where a duster coat can come into play. Add a duster to that favorite look of yours to give it some dimension and freshness. You could pick a solid duster if you want to keep your outfit's versatility or go for a patterned one if you need some spice in your life.

Add pattern to a plain outfit

Do you ever put on an outfit and just think, eh, this could look better? Well, it probably could, and an easy way to dress it up is with a patterned duster. Patterned dusters add visual interest to an otherwise meh ensemble. To find one that pairs with the outfits you want to embellish, look for color similarities between the outfit and the duster. Trying to find one to pair with a red shirt? Find a patterned duster with hints of red throughout — it'll make your shirt pop and bring the whole outfit together.

Or tone down an already-patterned look

Maybe you have a favorite outfit that's as far from monochromatic as possible — it's full of color and pattern, and you don't know what else to add to it without overwhelming it — you can still add a duster. Pick a solid duster in a neutral color (preferably a color that shows up elsewhere in your outfit) and wear it over your patterned outfit. Just make sure you wear it open so the pattern underneath peeks through. Of course, if you want to be as maximalist as possible, go ahead and add that patterned duster to your patterned outfit. You do you!

Snag a vintage duster for your next formal event

You'll be the star of the show when you arrive at your next gala in a vintage duster, especially if it's in a luxe fabric like velvet or silk. You may be able to find one that closes in the front, so you can wear it solo. If you do have to wear an outfit underneath, we recommend making it understated, so the duster can be the star of the show. Add a string of pearls or pearl stud earrings to really embrace the elegance of the evening. We also suggest matching your shoes to your duster in these situations, as a standout shoe could steal the spotlight from your duster.

Get the peek-a-boo effect of a duster over a mini dress

Business in the back, party in the front — well, in the case of a duster over a dress, anyway. We're obsessed with the stunning peek-a-boo effect of the mini dress in this combo. Matching the duster with shoes, socks, and even a handbag gives you a great opportunity to highlight the main event, which is obviously that short dress you've had sitting in the back of the closet because you don't know what to wear it with. That problem ends the day you get your dress a duster pal. Buy now, thank us later, friend.

Match it with a monochromatic look

Of course, a duster doesn't always have to balance out an outfit. A duster can actually be a great way to create a stunning monochromatic effect with your outfit. To keep it from getting boring, we recommend varying the textures in each piece of your ensemble. A chunky knit sweater would look stunning under a light cotton duster, especially when it's still chilly outside. If total monochrome isn't your thing, add some color through your bag, shoes, or jewelry for a really captivating look.

Belt it to add some shape

Don't be worried about your fine figure getting lost under all the fabric of a duster — belting a duster at the waist can offer a slimming effect to your outfit. When belting a duster, look for one that comes with a rope belt (or a regular belt), as that'll be the easiest way to get your hands on a belt that goes well with your duster. You can always belt a duster that doesn't have a belt attached, but we don't recommend doing this if you can't find a pretty exact color match because that could make it look awkward. 

Wear it sleeveless to stay cool and stylish

Last but not least, we know it's borderline criminal to cover up when those rays of sunshine start to reappear in the spring — when that's the case, opt for a sleeveless duster. A sleeveless duster will let you carry out all of the above duster ideas without worrying about getting too hot in your new favorite outerwear. Sleeveless dusters are great transitional pieces as you head into the summer months, as well. 

Whether you go patterned or plain, neutral or knockout, sleeved or sleeveless, dusters are an essential outfit accessory for all seasons and styles.